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Introducing: Zak! Downtown

September 26th, 2010 by | Before Bigs Exclusive, Hip-Hop/Rap |

Got a new artist out of lower Manhattan who is supported by Joakim Noah and Reason Clothing. The video above is for a song off his upcoming mixtape, Stuck To The Sidewalk, coming out in a couple weeks.

If you want more of Zak! Downtown’s music, check out his homepage. Read more to see a brief Q&A; I did with Zak! Downtown.

How did you come up with the name ZAK! Downtown?

Well.. Firstly my name is Zak. My mother named me that and people always mess it up, spell it Zach or Zack. So I came up with ZAK! So it has more pop and resonates! And downtown.. Because I was born and raised in the best part of the best city in the whole world. Downtown Manhattan. The city is everything I represent.

Tell me about you and Joakim Noah? How did you two meet?

My older brother and Joakim were great friends growing up. When I started making music he always listened to it and loved it. When I got more serious about making music his people started pushing me a little more to help in whatever way. He’s like an older brother to me.

How did your partnership form with Reason Clothing?

I think growing up in New York City, everyone always wants to acheive something great. The Reason guys are a little older than me so when I was in highschool I kind of looked to them. I thought it was so cool that two high school kids could succesfully run a clothing company, and furthur more, a clothing company that represented New York so well. Similiary to Joakim, they heard my music, heard something in it so wanted to help me out.

Can you tell me about your “Buy None Get One Free” tracks?

Those two mixtapes were just some samplers that I put out so people could start listening. One is hip-hop oriented tape got a gritty sound to it. The other is a dance mixtape. I love rapping on any beat, I think my versatility is what makes me interesting. Ill rap on anything!

What should we expect off your upcoming mixtape?

I’ve been putting a lot .. I mean A LOT of work in to this. Its a debut mixtape, got to come hard. Got some good features on it. Its almost all original tracks. I’ve been working with some local, young producers who all have unique sounds. (Big shout out to my guy Dj Fresh Direct) This mixtape is going to be a full story, not just 14 random tracks. It represents everything that’s been going on and it sounds crazy! Can’t wait to release it, should be out in October 2010.

And after that I’ve got some really good collaborations coming but I’m not going to name drop. But its been a long time coming.

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