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Goone – Take Me Away x S*ck My Dick

December 11th, 2010 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop |

When you hear the name Goone, I’m sure you already dismiss the artist. However Goone (AKA Marc Goone) puts out some decent music and here are a couple of his recent releases.

Above is “Take Me Away” featuring Drew32. Good hook, solid beat, overall an enjoyable track to pre-game to. Download

“Suck My Dick” is his latest release. Not really a fan of the title and but it’s party hip-hop and the beat is really good. Download

Goone is currently finishing up a track with Mike Stud, coming out next week and is finishing up his debut mixtape, “Grapefruit Starship”. Why is it called “Grapefruit Starship”… find out after the jump from Goone.We were all sitting around smoking, and the name just popped in my head.  My roommate and future swag dick superstar rapper O.V. had been thinking for weeks about what to call his first mixtape, and he finally thought he came up with a dope name.  He’s like, “Check this, I got it!  I’ma call my mixtape ‘Fuck 15 Minutes,'” and I’m like “Oh yeah?  I’ma call mine Grapefruit Starship” and it just kinda stuck.

I’m probably one of the most random people you’ll ever meet, so the name fits.
Grapefruit is my first all original mixtape, so it’s almost like my first album.  As I’ve written and recorded the songs off it in the last several months, I’ve started to find my own sound.  I really like making feel good music, but I’ve got a huge variety in types of tracks on there.  You’ll hear a little pop, a little hip hop, a little electro, even a little r&b.  Even with the wide variety of sounds, I still tried to incorporate my unique sound throughout it all.
I’m not gonna say this mixtape will change the world, but it will make your girl wanna see me naked.

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