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Introducing The Jersey Shore Band

January 4th, 2011 by | Rock |

I caught your attention when I mentioned Jersey Shore didn’t I? This band is not actually called “The Jersey Shore Band”, they are The South Jersey Seashore Lifeguard Convention Band.

The instrumentals are dope, not too sure about the lyrics, but overall it’s a catchy song from the laid back rock band.
The Red Eye
If you like the song and want to hear the story of how The South Jersey Seashore Lifeguard Convention Band was formed, click read more.

The South Jersey Seashore Lifeguard Convention Band was founded on a magical spring evening in the year 2000 by 4 idiots. My friend Steve was taking a recording class at NYU at the time, and my friends John and Jay and I had some songs we’d been working on, so Steve invited us into the studio to record. We ended up recording about 18 songs that night, most of which are completely fucking terrible, but it was the greatest night of my life. I felt like I had a purpose for the first time in my life; I felt like I had been saved from a sea of uncertainty. So when Steve suggested we call ourselves “The South Jersey Seashore Band” (no idea why) I suggested we add “Lifeguard Convention” and the name stuck, despite the fact that none of us are from South Jersey, or lifeguards.

I’d say our music is honest and heartfelt rock and roll. Whether it’s upbeat, melancholy, weird, silly, whatever, it all comes directly from our sincere love for making music. So we’re just gonna keep on doing that and having fun with it.

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