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(P-R artists) Guide to SXSW 2011

March 14th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock |

There’s so many great artists that start with a P or R that this post only contains artists whose name starts with either of those letters. 12 artists and songs below, let’s gooooo!

First we got Peelander-Z’s track “Go! Rio!”. Reminds of old punk rock with a modern flair to it. I love the energy in this song, reminds me of Bouncing Souls, basically rock to party to.
Peelander-Z – Go! Rio!
Next we got some international flavor with Poirier’s Latin rap track “Que Viva” featuring Boogat. The beat techno bass beat is dope, the lyricism sounds pretty good even though I don’t understand much of it.
Poirier – Que Viva feat. Boogat
I don’t know much about Prof except that “Animal” is a weird but catchy rap song. I don’t understand the chorus at all but this chill rap song just gets to me. 5-star!
Prof – Animal
Colombia’s Profetas have a latin hip-hop/R&B sound. Again I don’t understand much of the lyrics with the Spanish but this is a good dance track. Baila Baila Baila!
Profetas – Baila
Canadian indie rock band Rah Rah have a great interesting rocking sound with good lyrics and remind me of Lights On, a band we featured in BYNH pt. 1.
Rah Rah – Arrows
Random Axe is a collaboration rap group with Sean Price, Black Milk and Guilty Simpson. I have always enjoyed Black Milk’s production in his songs, Sean Price is pretty good and overall this is like an underground Slaughterhouse.
Random Axe – Monster Babies
RAS aka Riders Against the Storm is a hip-hop/soul duo who are married featuring JBro (husband) and Tiger Lily (wife). “Is It?” is a great political hip-hop track with dopeness from JBro rapping and Tiger Lily with the singing.
(RAS) Riders Against the Storm – IS IT?
A great name for a musician that wants to bring back some of the good old alternative rock with some modern swag would be The Refreshments, an Arizona band. If they sound a little familiar, that’s because they did the theme song for TV show King of the Hill.
The Refreshments – A Bands Gotta Do What A bands Gotta Do
Rheteric Ramirez has some interesting hip-hop that seems to have influences from a variety of hip-hop around the world. That’s just my feeling from the song.
Rheteric Ramirez – Hard Feelings
Rich Aucoin is cool because he’s got a youthful chorus mixed into his electro-pop. I guess this would be considered indie electro-pop, a genre we have featured several times.
Rich Aucoin – Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E
Roach Gigz is a popular underground rapper from the Bay Area. His rapping is surprisingly really good, the beat is pretty good and overall I can jump around to his music.
Roach Gigz – Can I Rap
Lastly we got Rockwell Knuckles “Silly Human” in which he samples a Rick James song, flipping it and throwing in some other beats to create such a catchy instrumental. I could easily see this song on the radio if a bigger rapper went in over the song.
Rockwell Knuckles – Silly Human

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