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S artists: Guide to SXSW 2011

March 15th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock |

I’m more than half-way through the best songs on the SXSW 2011 Torrent. Today is just S artists performing in SXSW which is quite a lot so I had to single out the S’s.

First we got Satchel Grande, who are a funk/soul/pop band from Omaha, Nebraska. I love the funky retro, the smooth instrumentals. This band reminds me a bit of Chromeo but more funk/soul.
Satchel Grande – Transition Haircut
Canadian band Sex With Strangers has an upbeat indie rock/pop feel. They have a really interesting sound and I like them because the sounds that come out of “New City Anthem” are unpredictable in a sense and the build up is great. 5-star!
Sex With Strangers – New City Anthem
If you want some good old fashioned rock & roll, The Sheepdogs are what you need. This song should be on the Rock Band video game.
The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know
Sims of alternative/hip-hop group Doomtree has some swagged out instrumentals in “Burn It Down”. The rapping is pretty good too but what I like most is how this song is so upbeat with dope instrumentals.
Sims – Burn it Down
One of my new favorite artists I have discovered through downloading the 700+ song SXSW 2011 Torrent is Snob Scrilla aka Sean Ray. He was born in the States, moved to Australia when he was young and today is one of the more popular singer-songwriting musicians there. His sound is a mix of indie, hip-hop and electronic. “Heartbreak Scorsese” reminds me of a future hit single from B.o.B. 5-star!!!
Snob Scrilla – Heartbreak Scorsese
Snowdroppers is a 1920’s Australian slang term for cocaine addicts. This is also the name of Australian rock group The Snowdroppers. “Do The Stomp” is one of those rock songs that would get everybody dancing if they heard it live.
The Snowdroppers – Do The Stomp
Something Fierce is an punk band from Houston. The vocals are good, the instrumentals are really good and adding that all up makes “Empty Screens” a pretty good song.
Something Fierce – Empty Screens
Sore Losers are an alternative/hip-hop group from Dallas. “The Deadly Intro” is officially the best song with intro in the title, honorable mention is The XX though. The instrumentals in this song are crazy and I look forward to more from these guys.
Sore Losers – The Deadly Intro
Lastly we got The Stripminers who remind me of Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters with a nice male/female vocal dynamic. I like the upbeat pace and rocking instrumentals.
The Stripminers – No Luck

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