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Hidden Gem – John Brown’s Body

April 5th, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Music Video |

To a lot of people, reggae began and ended with the legendary Bob Marley. No doubt he’s a legend, but John Brown’s Body, the self-described “Future Roots” group out of the northeast, is making sure Reggae does not stop there. JBB pays homage to those who came before while at the same they are taking Reggae to new places. JBB’s sound is so authentic that one often forgets that the group is actually from America and not from somewhere like Kingston, Jamaica. Check out some tracks to hear what I’m talking about:

To witness John Brown Body‘s evolution of reggae music, one simply can check out their last two bodies of work: Amplify and Re-Amplify, a remix collection of the previous album. There are tons of bands playing music you can chill out to, but no one is taking reggae music to this level.

Even though this is reggae music, John Brown’s Body is not all about keeping it mellow on the beach. The group can get a little dark and move into some heavy territories, especially in a live setting where they often stretch out their songs to the limits. They can seamlessly transition from light poppy stuff to extended bass-heavy dub jams while all the while maintaining their unique style and sound.

The group is 8 people deep, with a singer, guitar, drums, keys, bass, and a full horn section. It’s the perfect recipe to get you groovin’. Live JBB brings tons of energy and even with the band membership close to the double digits, they are still comfortable extending every one of their songs into unexplored territory. These dudes can rock out.

JBB just embarked on a massive spring tour, and I highly recommend catching them when they come to a city near you. You can find the dates on their Facebook. I for one will certainly be there on April 8th in Denver when they co-headline with New Zealand’s Katchafire.

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