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Sampled Saturday: 90′s Finest, IanJ, and K.O. Kid

April 2nd, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

2011 NCAA Tournament Final Four Odds Sampled Saturday: 90s Finest, IanJ, and K.O. Kid
No doubt, you were watching the NCAA Final Four today since the NCAA tournament has been pretty awesome and I doubt that won’t end until Monday, when the national championship is. March Madness to April Awesome-ness I guess.

Anyways, I like these hip-hop artists mostly in how they use the song they are sampling to take their song in another direction. Honestly the samples are the nicest, sometimes just rapping over the original but in some of the songs below, you can see how they transform the original into their own.

Read more if you want ten dope hip-hop tracks that sample mostly non hip-hop songs.

 Sampled Saturday: 90s Finest, IanJ, and K.O. KidFirst artist is Seattle hip-hop group 90′s Finest. I was raised in the 90′s so I got respect for that, especially since their music doesn’t sound like it’s from the 90′s either. Follow on: facebook / twitter
90′s Finest – Do the Dance (Justice remix)
90′s Finest – Hello Seattle (Owl City sample)
90′s Finest – Don’t Stop (prod. adam1time) (Journey sample)
ianj Sampled Saturday: 90s Finest, IanJ, and K.O. KidNext we got Louisville rapper IanJ who thrives off the dope non-hip-hop songs he samples to take his songs in a different direction. This artist interests me the most since I haven’t heard many other rappers sample the songs he does and he doesn’t just rap over the song, he creates something new. Shout out to GMAD on the find. Follow on: facebook / twitter
IanJ – You’ve Changed
IanJ – Run This
IanJ – Home
IanJ – She Told Me
chromoe Sampled Saturday: 90s Finest, IanJ, and K.O. KidLastly comes hip-hop duo K.O. Kid, where they incorporate their hip-hop into past indie songs. Not as much sampling as the first two, rather just rapping over older indie music, kind of way behind but on the samples but they create a smooth hip-hop sound. Shouts to GMAD for this find. Follow on: facebook
K.O. Kid – Just Got Started [Ft. The Whitest Boy Alive]
K.O. Kid – Momma’s Boy (Remix) [Ft. Chromeo]
K.O. Kid – Crave You [Ft. Giselle] (Remix)

pixel Sampled Saturday: 90s Finest, IanJ, and K.O. Kid

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