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Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 2 *dope remixes/mashups

April 1st, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Hip-Hop/Rap, Mashup, Remix |

tumblr liu1qtpcJJ1qg1w3xo1 500 Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 2 *dope remixes/mashupsOne mashup off this mixtape, immediately got me jumping on the internet and doing a post on this mixtape. Once I heard “The Jackson Pit” I knew I had to blog about Xaphoon Jones new mixtape, Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 2, which illroots was fortunate to get the exclusivity on. Download

This mixtape is full of remixes, mashups and songs that can be considered a mix of both while having a couple originally produced material by Xaphoon Jones (of Chiddy Bang if you didn’t know), who I have to say is pretty much amazing.

There’s at least 8 songs I love on this must-download mixtape, but here’s three.
Xaphoon Jones – My Whole Entire Unit Is Serious (mo)
Xaphoon Jones – The Jackson Pit (Jackson 5 vs Passion Pit) Must DL mashup!
J. Cole – Blow Up (Xaphoon Jones ColeStep Remix)
back 600x600 Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 2 *dope remixes/mashupsJust because Chiddy Bang hasn’t released any original material in a little while doesn’t mean you should sleep on them. I expect a big year from them and once CB’s debut drops, musicians will be all over Xaphoon Jones asking for his production.

If you like this mixtape, I highly recommend checking out Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Pt. 1!

pixel Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 2 *dope remixes/mashups

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