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Hidden Gem: Azad Right

May 27th, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Hip-Hop/Rap |

For a rapper with an interesting background, look no further than talented Los Angeles-based MC, Azad Right. This is a dude I should have jumped on when he hit us up on 4/20 and now over a month later we finally are getting him on the site. Here’s a brief bio on him:

Every once in awhile, someone enters the game with a new perspective which offers an interesting slant on the culture with an opportunity to influence the masses in a positive way. That claim has been made by many before in the past by many a rapper, but tell me if you’ve heard of this before: a Venice, California, son of a divorced-blind poet, classically trained pianist and violinist with a Bachelor’s degree of Iranian descent. Enter Azad Right.

Recently he dropped A Piece of Mine (DOWNLOAD), a free EP with many dope tracks that show true promise from Azad Right. However what caught many other bloggers and my ears was his music video “Spiderwebs”. Below I have included my favorites off the tape, which has exceptional production, top-notch lyricism and overall a must-download for the hip-hop/R&B peeps out there.
Azad Right – A.Z.A.D (Prod. by Jonathan Marquez)
Azad Right – Player’s Club (Prod. by Jonathan Marquez)
Azad Right – I Want It All (Prod. by Professor O)
Watch “Spiderwebs” after the jump, which opens with a unique smooth catchy Coldplay sample before the beat and dope lyricism enter into the picture for a great song.

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