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Shinobi NInja & MIckey Avalon live at The Roxy

May 16th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Concert/Festival Review, Hip-Hop/Rap, Remix, Reviews, Rock |

This past Saturday (May 14), Shinobi Ninja and Mickey Avalon performed at The Roxy theater in Los Angeles. I only had a couple favorites from each group and left with the same favorite songs from each artist.

Got to the venue at 10 pm, thinking I was going to be about 10-15 minutes late for Shinobi Ninja‘s set, which didn’t start until 10:15 and ended at about 10:45. They started it off with an upbeat song, showcasing each of the band members talents. Shinobi Ninja stands out with a female rapper/singer/dancer Baby G, who reminds me of a shorter Nicki Minaj. They also have twin brothers on guitar and bass, a DJ, a white rapper (Duke Sims) and a drummer.

I was intrigued by the dynamics of the band and their mix of genres mentioned on their facebook page. However I was left thinking this band is heavy on hard rock, with forgettable rapping yet solid stage presence. I could tell only several in the crowd actually knew Shinobi Ninja’s music and when Shinobi Ninja mentioned playing at lots of high schools, I was a fairly turned off.

Shinobi Ninja’s strength would have to be their remix/covers. They played original stuff for the first 20 minutes, which wasn’t enjoyable with screamo/hard rock/metal and gave me a sense that (A) they are heaving on hard rock with some screaming and average rapping or (B) the sound engineer didn’t do a great job as it was hard to hear most of the vocals.

After the first 20 minutes, Shinobi said they were going to take it to the next level, so they busted out one of the dopest covers, Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”. This got the crowd pumped and for the last five minutes after that, they did cover/remixes to some familiar rock and hip-hop like Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” and a Nas song.

On a scale of 1-5, I would give the show a 2 with the recommendation that if you like hard rock, tolerate average rapping and enjoy a mix of sounds, this band is for you. Below is my favorite track, “This Is How We Do It”.
Shinobi Ninja – This Is How We Do It
Read more for my shorter review on Mickey Avalon.
Next came the headliner, Mickey Avalon, who immediately brought out the douche bag in me and many of the fans attending the event. I knew this show was for the d-bags and people who are all about GTL when I saw a guy in his 30’s with bleached blond hair, a bandanna on his head and weird sunglasses that he wore indoors.

However Mickey Avalon is a quality performer, with sexy girls on stage and getting the crowd pumped. I enjoyed his music without overly judging how fucked up on drugs he was. On his 2nd or 3rd song, he messed up on some of the rhymes, so he told the DJ to go to the next track.

Mickey Avalon had several enjoyable tracks, good stage presence and the crowd was into some of it; my overall rating for him would be a 3.5 out of 5. I would recommend Mickey Avalon if you like hearing lyrics about prostitutes, drugs and sex, and if some of your favorite artists are LMFAO, 3OH!3, Flo Rida and Pitbull. Also if you want to see some real tools or you are a tool, this is the artist to see. Here’s my favorite Avalon track, “Jane Fonda”.
MIckey Avalon – Jane Fonda

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