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Skrillex Sunday! *mashups, remix and Skrillex original!

June 19th, 2011 by | Dance, Dubstep, Mashup, Remix |

Skrillex versus Lil’ Jon. The White Panda straight killin’ it once again. Can’t wait to see these guys live, must be a big party when they bust out these upbeat bangin’ mashups.
Foolish Monsters by whitepandamusic
Next we go with a Skrillex original with “Ruffneck”. Dubstep banger!

Twin Atlantic has a solid song “What Is Light? What Is Laughter?” which Skrillex remixes. It’s a little long at 6 minutes but Skrillex turns an indie pop/rock tune into more of an electronica banger so I’m down for the raging. Am I the only one who thought Enrique Iglesias was on the vocals?

Lastly, Willanthropic does a mashup with The Who versus J-Kwon versus Skrillex versus Dorrough. A classic rock band versus two rappers who are one-hit wonders versus a DJ who is considered dubstep when he’s really much better and much more than just dubstep. Forgot to mention that Willanthropic takes a funny ass quote from the hilarious Adam Sandler comedy Billy Madison.

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