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The White Panda and BrownJoe Zalesky live at Key Club

July 5th, 2011 by | Before Bigs Exclusive, Concert/Festival Review, Mashup, Remix, Reviews |

I saw three artists on July 3rd but honestly I only remember two of them, The White Panda and BrownJoe Zalesky, as the pre-4th of July Pandamonium show was off the hook at The Key Club Hollywood.

Unfortunately I missed AudioDax opening and don’t remember the 3rd act, Electrolightz but I do remember hearing and raging to some awesome sets from DJ BrownJoe Zalesky and The White Panda.

I get to The Key Club at first disappointed for missing AudioDax, and also getting there so early I would be left seeing the filler acts leading to the headliner. However, BrownJoe Zalesky came on and really started the party with his DJ mix which included a few originals, some mashups and mostly some dope remixes.

What impressed me the most is BrownJoe only started DJing seriously in late 2010 and has already done several shows with The White Panda, did a show with Steve Aoki (view the highlights here: BrownJoe is the guy with Van City on the back of his tee and it’s his mix in the video!) and many more in the future! I’m still getting more tracks from him, but until now, here’s a Passion Pit remix that’s a BtB Exclusive!
Passion Pit – The Reeling (Brownjoe Remix)
Next came Electrolightz which I don’t remember much of as I was partying it up with BrownJoe after his set and mostly talking about music including what to expect with The White Panda.

Being pretty wasted by the time The White Panda came on, I mostly remember jumping up and down with my hands in the air and singing along to the catchy lyrics The White Panda always seems to find the right fit with, instrumental-wise. However, the only difference between The White Panda live and not live isn’t in the music but rather the fact that you are raging/partying much more seeing them live than listening to their music some other way. Here’s my new favorite (“Foolish Monsters”) and their most recent mashup (“Ignite Cherie”) that they played in their hour-long set.
Foolish Monsters
Ignite Cherie

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