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Festival Review: Lollapalooza 2011 (Friday, August 5th)

August 9th, 2011 by | Concert/Festival Review, Dance, House, Reviews, Rock |

World famous music festival, Lollapalooza celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in Chicago’s Grant Park and with style. It was my first one ever and I will definitely be returning again next year. With 125+ acts performing in the span of three full days, it was impossible see them all.  However, the amount of awesome DJ’s, rappers, bands, I saw was quite a legendary experience which I will never forget.

Day 1: (Skrillix, Afrojack, Ratatat, & Coldplay)

On Friday, my flight from Los Angeles to Chicago was delayed about an hour. I didn’t get into town until 3:30 PM. By the time I dropped my stuff off at my buddies apartment and arrived at Grant Park, it was already 6:40 in the evening. That being said, I only saw four acts. However, they happened to be Skrillix, Afrojack, Ratatat, and Coldplay.

I would have loved to have seen acts like Foster The People, Young the Giant, Girl Talk, and Muse on Friday as well, but you can’t see them all.

Skrillix and Afrojack played at the famous “Perry’s” stage at Lolla which is heavily influenced by electronic/house music. When Skrillix played “Kill Everybody”, the crowd went nuts. The same went for Afrojack’s “Pop On Acid” which you know was raging. That being said, I felt it was appropriate to include these in this post.

Skrillix – “Kill Everybody” (Download)

Afrojack – “Pop On Acid” (Download)

Right after Afrojack, I made my way over to the Google+ stage to see Ratatat rock out. I only saw three songs of theirs because Coldplay was performing at the exact same time and I wanted to see them live as well. I cut my last hour on Friday between both acts and they were incredible. I have always been a big fan of Ratatat, but after seeing them live, especially when they played “Loud Pipes”, I discovered a whole new love for the duo.

Ratatat – “Loud Pipes” (Download)

When I went to the Budlight stage to see Coldplay, I was amazed at their stage presence and ability to flow smoothly between tracks. “Clocks” which was one of their first big hits and one of my personal favorite tracks of theres was performed near the end of their gig. What a way to complete the first day of Lolla.

Coldplay – “Clocks” (Download)

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