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Rock *Gary Clark Jr., Brown Shoe, The Dirty Nil, Surfer Blood Stone Darling

October 19th, 2011 by | Rock |

We usually post up-and-coming rock music about 1-3 times a week so your feedback on this is appreciated. Our blog doesn’t focus on one genre and sometimes that’s a good thing but sometimes I understand it can be tiresome for some of our followers who prefer only a few different types of music. Personally I need diversity in music, just as in with the world I live in so here’s five rock songs from a diverse set of musicians.

First comes Gary Clark Jr. with “Don’t Owe You A Thang” that reminds me of the rock/soul most popularly heard from The Black Keys. This dude Gary’s got it going on though and definitely carves his own sound with his latest song.
Gary Clark Jr.- Don’t Owe You A Thang

“‘Late Nights’ is a song about being in that all-too-desperate situation in which you just can’t give enough stimulation, adulation or attention to appease your short term lover. It’s like trying to get a firm grip on a hologram — the tighter you squeeze, the more you know it’s not real.” — Guitarist Aaron Baggaley

Damn I love how the song sounds erratic and jilted yet when it gets to the chorus, it all bangs together and brings real feeling to the song. Vocals sound like a more polished Rivers Cuamo in this garage rock song from The Dirty Nil.

One of our bloggers told me about this new Surfer Blood song back in September and I just held on to it to get a better listen. “Miranda” has a fuzz-pop sound that reminds me of their debut album, Astro Coast.
Surfer Blood – Miranda

Last comes a Stone Darling, an all-female folk-rock group from Los Angeles. When you get over somebody, listen to “I Stopped Missing You Today”, probably won’t make you feel much better about yourself but maybe you like the song.

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