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Hidden Gem: Moving Castles *Punk Rock/Pop

November 22nd, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Rock |

They may call themselves Moving Castles—and no doubt they’ll be out touring the U.S. soon—but for now, the high energy art-pop influenced band is firmly planted on the thriving indie scene in Austin, Texas.

Moving Castles’ vibe is slightly snarky, sometimes aggressive pop with very personal lyrics. “This EP shows what we can do on our own with absolutely no budget,” frontman, guitarist and main songwriter John Eric says. “It shows that I can write and record great songs without the help of an outside producer. I intentionally left some rough edges on this recording. We wanted it to sound like a band playing together in a room with a lot of energy.”

Stream the five-track EP below. My three favorites include “Black Dress”, “Heroin” and “Warhol”, all must-downloads in my book, especially if you dig punk/rock/pop type music. Download the project on their bandcamp and look out for them to make a splash and become one of the buzzed-about local bands during SXSW next March!
Twin Daggers EP by MovingCastles

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