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Zedd – Slam The Door (Original Mix)

December 30th, 2011 by | Electro |

Zedd‘s new track is absolutely filthy. With snippets from the popular Winnebago Man videos along with some crazy electro beats, this is a straight BANGER. Listen & Download Below!

Click to Download : Zedd – Slam The Door (Original Mix)

KJ Hines – “Up & Down” (Prod. By Dwight “Skrapp” Reynolds) + Music Video

December 30th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video |

I don’t know much about KJ Hines. However I got this track sent to me with the visuals the other day and was very impressed. “Up & Down” explains the positives and negatives in life. KJ has great flow and his producer Dwight “Skrapp” Reynolds does an amazing job on the boards, creating an awesome beat. This kid has potential, it will be interesting to see how he matures and progresses as an artist. Enjoy!

Download: KJ Hines – “Up & Down” (Prod. Dwight “Skrapp” Reynolds) 


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coco morier – Journey To The Center of the World

December 29th, 2011 by | Electropop, Pop |

Nicole Morier, who you might know from Electrocute, has a new project by the name of coco morier. Nicole is based out of LA and has several notable collaborations throughout the years such as writing with Miike Snow,  Junkie XL, Tom Jones, and Britney Spears and playing lead guitar in Charlotte Gainsbourg‘s very first touring band in 2010.

Recently coco morier released her first single, “Journey To The Center of the World”, which has an electronic pop sound that screams pop radio hit. I think once this gets remixed, it will become on the radio, much like once Mike Posner‘s “Cooler Than Me” got remixed by Gigamesh.

Listen and DOWNLOAD “Journey To The Center of the World”.
Journey to the Center of the World by Coco Morier

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Stockers! – Vanish *indie rock

December 29th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Rock |

Stockers! are a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Their sound is a vibrant mix of bright and catchy guitar melodies backed by intransigent strict drum and bass lines and personal vocals. These remote and reverberating sounds blended with hard pumping rhythms will show you colorful pictures about life you may never seen before.

I would compare their sound to Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix. Here’s a 4-song set from Stockers! My favorite is “Vanish”, which you can download here.


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Hidden Gem: U Nu *electronic and organic sounds combined!

December 29th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hidden Gem |

U Nu wanted to share with us an experimental music project that he put together over the last few months. That project is U Nu (pronounced: oo – noo). Here’s a little bit more about him:

The reason I think that the music I’m making is unique is because there are very few artists out there who show an interest in packaging different genres of music together. U Nu combines the best electronic and organic sounds out there, drawing elements from the indie rock and electronic world, while not shying away from hip hop beats, latin rhythms, instrumental freakouts, beatboxing, and sampling a guy scratching his beard (among other things).

I released my first album “Summer of Rain“. The album is entirely composed, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered by me. AND I did all of the artwork myself. So? Enticed?

Currently in the works for U Nu are project including a collaborative re-mixtape about the lives of Australian aborigines, a singing and beatbox EP, and an all-acoustic EP.

Below listen and download his latest work, Summer of Rain. My three favorites include “Ocean Under Lakeshore Drive”, “July23 or This is the End” and “Mind the Gap”.

For more on U Nu, follow him on facebook and twitter

DJ Burnout – The End Is Near EP

December 29th, 2011 by | Dubstep, Electro, House, Mashup, Techno, Trance |

The End Is Near is a 3 track EP that not only sums up the past years in music, but also prepares us for 2012 and the world ending. The tracks are all different, using many, many samples. There is something for everyone on this EP and these tracks will definitely encourage a RAGE!!! If you like, show some love on the DJ Burnout Facebook Page!

You can download the whole EP HERE!

Best You’ve Never Heard 5 *exclusive seasonal playlist!

December 28th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Before Bigs Exclusive, Daily Mix, Dance, Dubstep, Electro, Electronic Dance Music, Electronic Rock, Electropop, Hip-Hop/Rap, House, Pop, R&B, Remix, Rock, synthpop |

We are proud to present our 5th edition of Best You’ve Never Heard, which features 18 songs from up-and-coming artists in a variety of genres that we love. We set stricter guidelines this time in choosing emerging musical talents, only selecting artists who, as of December 28 2011, have less than 5,000 facebook fans. We also made sure to select artists that very little to none of our friends liked and knew about, to further strengthen the idea that these 18 tracks are the Best You’ve Never Heard.

Without further ado, DOWNLOAD Best You’ve Never Heard 5 (Alternate DOWNLOAD). Stream the 18 track playlist/mix below.

Click more for the full tracklisting, including links to previous features on the artists featured on Best You’ve Never Heard 5. Shout out to Hunter Reece for the cover art!

Rich Kid Sound System – Hey! Young Girl! x Synthetic Love (Q Freestyle)

December 28th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop |

Two new songs from Rich Kid Sound System which are the next installment as part of their “BEACH DAY” Wednesday releases building up to the release of their “No Cheers for Pioneers EP” (No official release date).

“Hey! Young Girl!” once again shows that RKSS never has a problem coming up with a catchy hook and fun instrumentals.
Hey! Young Girl! by Rich Kid Sound System

“Q Freestyle Synthetic Love” is a 1-minute freestyle from Q+W0LFC0AT of RKSS.
Q Freestyle Synthetic Love by Rich Kid Sound System

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Introducing: D.Worthy

December 27th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

The Christmas hangover is still upon us. Whether you are back at work or not, people are still caught in the holiday spirit. However, one rapper got me out of it for a moment with his awesome sound.

D.Worthy originally from Cleveland but relocated to Vancouver, Washington is a rapper with awesome flow over great beats. His music is catchy and though he is still very new to the game, expect him to make a splash! Below are his best tracks. Enjoy!

“Upscale” (Prod. RicandThadeus)

“Relax and Relate” (Prod. IllMuzik)

“Blue Sky” (Prod. No I.D.)

“Patience Is A Virtue (Prod. Johnny Juliano)






Introducing EQ *hip-hop/R&B from NOVA

December 27th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B |

EQ is a rapper from Richmond, Virginia who is bringing back real hip-hop. From his facebook page:

While his flow is definitely heavily influenced by New York rappers and the modern lyrical underground, the mix of singing transitions between verses and evidence he’s provided showing he’s no novice at R&B gives EQ a unique edge that separates him from artists in the vicinity of his style.

Here’s his latest song, “Somebody Told Me”, which has a smooth R&B hook with solidly dope hip-hop flow over what sounds like an old school beat flipped into something new.

DOWNLOAD “Somebody Told Me”

Watch the official music video to “Somebody Told Me” below.

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