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Review: Weapons of Audio, Das Tapes at Hotel Cafe

December 7th, 2011 by | Concert/Festival Review |

This was one of those shows where the sound engineer was a big reason why it became a bust. However it was Weapons of Audio‘s last show in LA before they returned home to Atlanta and I discovered another dynamic brother duo that night in Das Tapes. Two sets of brothers performed in Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on November 27, and even though they didn’t sound too great because of the venue’s sound person, they still proved why they are two legit bands to keep an eye on.

First Weapons of Audio performed and rocked the stage even though Jeremy on guitar sometimes couldn’t be heard with his guitar and only his vocals. Their smash hit, “Night Light” got a little ruined because of the sound engineer but it’s still my favorite song. However keep an eye out for a new song I just heard from the band called “Soak Up The Sun”, its a song that will instantly get in the top 10 on Hypem and hipsters and indie/alternative rock/pop fans will rejoice as the synthesized soul duo WOA continually shows they can expand their sound and further make themselves stand out from the rest. Here’s my favorite song, “Night Light”.


Lastly I heard almost all of Das Tapes set. The vocals didn’t sound the best live and I believe this is a band that needs to put on a spectacular show like Empire of the Sun or Ghostland Observatory to mask their synthesized vocals and all the other various noises they make. This is a brother duo that mixes electronic music with various other banging elements. If you see them perform live, you will be intrigued and possibly seek out their music to download. They are fairly new to the scene, so with time, these guys will only get better and will be headlining shows across the country in 2-3 years. Here’s my favorite from Das Tapes, “Black Ferrari”, and another hit I love, “Dynomite”.
Black Ferrari (Single) by Das Tapes DOWNLOAD

Dynomite by Das Tapes DOWNLOAD

We got some live video footage of Das Tapes performing at Hotel Cafe that night. Click more to watch it!

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