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Hidden Gem: Mystika Music *hip-hop collective

May 24th, 2012 by | Hidden Gem, Hip-Hop/Rap |

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Everybody who loves music of any genre loves finding the hidden gems. Recently I have come accross Mystika Music, a production company originally started by the Hip-hop group The Problemaddicts. Mystika Music has a line up of some super talented artists including; The Problemaddicts, Moke & Tone, Vorheez, Team Genius, & DJ Theory. Vorheez, member of The Problemaddicts has recently started working on his first solo album. The first single “Agoraphobia” dropped within the last month and impressed me enough to start giving all artists on the Mystika Music label a listen. Vorheez has a unique flow thats backed up with incredible lyrics. Make sure to check out Mystika Music’s Facebook page and also their Soundcloud page.

-HipHopisLove (Follow me for hot new music @HipHopisLove)

pixel Hidden Gem: Mystika Music *hip hop collective

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