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Beat Connection: Music for the Soundtrack of Your Life

December 1st, 2011 by | Dance, Electropop, Hidden Gem |

Beat Connection are what I always wanted chillwave to be. With most music of their genre I feel like I get lost in the songs. Not lost as in I am so deep in the thoughts provoked by said music, lost as in I sometimes forget what the hell I’m listening to and turn it off.

But the first time I listened to Beat Connection‘s EP, Surf Noir, I put it on and 30 minutes later, I realized I hadn’t once thought of stopping it. In a time where it’s hard to get someone to listen to just one whole song, this Pacific Northwest duo have made an eight track EP that is fantastic from start to finish.

Jumping from the Daft Punk vibe of “Theme From Yours Truly”, to the blissed-out opening track “Sunburn”. My personal favorite, “Silver Screen” is a track that can’t help but make you feel like it’s summer and the sun is shining down on you. Since I like Beat Connection and live in Seattle, it’s a feeling that is both hard to come by and highly necessary this time of the year.

Stream Beat Connection‘s Surf Noir below.
Surf Noir by Beat Connection

Click more to watch their music video for “Silver Screen”, done by Seattle based creative agency, Dumb Eyes (more…)

Get Hot and Bothered with MAKE OUT *punk/new wave/indie rock

November 14th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Music Video, New Wave, Rock |

305244_241651472550877_139813192734706_666468_625066418_n Like the firecrackers lit in the beginning of their newest video for “You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone,” MAKE OUT (yes, all caps) explode with short bursts of raucous guitar pop that aims to hit squarely in the pleasure center of your brain. They emerged out of the ashes of dearly departed Danish dance pop band Junior Senior when Jesper Mortensen (the Junior in Junior Senior) moved to New York City and met Leah Hennessey (step-daughter of The New York Doll’s David Johansen). The sound they created is a refreshing contrast to a lot of music out today– songs that unpretentiously surge with a rush of pure pop mixed with bratty punk grit and New Wave synths. They have only a three-song EP and a single to their name, making their total musical output thus far clock in at just under 9 minutes, but it’s enough to leave me begging for my next fix of MAKE OUT. Stream/download my personal favorite track, “I Don’t Want Anybody That Wants Me”. Below, watch the band tear up the streets of New York, smashing and throwing just about everything in their wake in the video for their newest single “You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone”.


Hidden Gem: Champagne Champagne *seattle hip-hop duo

November 14th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

I first saw Champagne Champagne three years ago at a house show in our hometown Seattle. They spent the better part of the show hanging from the crossbeams, jumping into the audience, and spraying champagne all over everyone and it blew my mind. I had never heard anything quite like it before and I’ve been a fan ever since. I saw them two months ago at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival and it was as though they took that basement party energy, and found a way to amplify it to work on a stage in front of a thousand people.

While the two MC’s, Pearl Dragon and Sir Thomas Grey, tore up the stage and got the crowd going crazy, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and former Blood Brothers drummer Mark Gajadhar, played the keyboard, guitar, drums, and trigged samples, many times switch around between all four mid song. Their production ranges anywhere from classic RZA-esc Wu-Tang with “Champagne Loves Your Brain”, to an atmospheric dream on “Molly Ringwald”, to disco revival with “What’s Your Fantasy”.

They’re about to embark on a month long, nationwide tour with another Seattle MC Macklemore.

Molly Ringwald by Champagne Champagne

Soda & Pop Rocks by Champagne Champagne

– David, Brite Futures


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