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Josh Hoke Releases New Album “Ghosts and Glory”

January 29th, 2013 by | Alternative/Indie |

Have you ever played an album over and over and not been sick of it? From Waiting Here through Into the Night, Josh Hoke gives us just that feeling. His new album “Ghosts and Glory” will leave you wanting–begging for more.

Hailing from Portland, originally a Midwestern man, Josh’s rough, soulful voice paired with his guitar is reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Iron and Wine.

If you are anywhere near Portland over the next couple of days there are a few things you do not want to miss. You can catch Josh on KZME 107.1 FM Thursday around 12 noon and also at his album release show that night 8 PM at the Secret Society.

Take a listen to a few songs off his new album, and enjoy!


Seattle band releases new EP with 17-piece orchestra

November 2nd, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop |

Sometimes greatness is subtle; sometimes it reveals itself most brilliantly through its simplicity. Sitting with a cup of coffee (or some good whiskey) and watching the rain fall outside is coupled perfectly by the music of Kris Orlowski, a Seattelite who is slowly but surely turning heads and making himself known; and it’s no doubt why with a voice like his.

And if listening to his voice alone isn’t enough, his vulnerability and unguarded, palpable lyrics are sure to move you. He speaks from the soul about life below the surface, things we wish we heard more of.

On that note (literally), Andrew Joslyn is also a Seattle musician and fully loaded with talent. He has been playing violin since he was 5 and graduated from Berklee College of music with a Masters in Music Business. Now a seasoned performer, composer, and arranger, he has worked with some of the most iconic Northwest musicians and beyond, a few recently being Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Orlowski and Joslyn have teamed up in order to release a five-song orchestral folk rock record. Pieces We Are is now available on iTunes and you better go get it. Here are a few songs off the EP:

Notable Upcoming Release Shows:
-Hotel Café, Los Angeles (Nov. 9th)
-Hotel Utah, San Francisco (Nov. 10th)
-Williamsburg Knitting Factory, Brooklyn (Dec. 7th)
-NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall (Dec. 8th)


WRITER Release ‘Brotherface’ And Stream Album In Its Entirety‏

November 2nd, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Rock, synthpop, Techno |

From “Head to Toe” to “Dry Hands” you will not find me pressing pause while listening to WRITER‘s new LP Brotherface. Hailing from Brooklyn, brothers James and Andy Ralph have a sort of fuzzy, psychedelic sound that is much more than your average two-guys-standing-on-stage-with-guitars. They are a unique combination of ghetto-tech meets garage-rock with remnants of Young Buffalo and Of Mice & Men.

All ten tracks on the LP bring something new to the table in order to keep you listening and keep you on your feet. The songs are briefer than most, but artfully so, as to not be too repetitious  like many bands unfortunately are these days.

The end of “Barefoot Art” features a shout chorus of just the boys with a tambourine which is the perfect example of their ness. Their layered sounds and defined structure will keep you hooked and leave you wanting more.

But for now, download their cover of Santigold‘s “Desperate Youth”, and when you are finished with that, stream the new album here courtesy of Spinner.

The band has also created a 28-minute visual stream, tailored to each individual track:

Skipping Girl Vinegar Debut US Album “Keep Calm Carry the Monkey” Out Today‏

October 22nd, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop |

Following their much talked about showcases at CMJ this past week in New York, Skipping Girl Vinegar‘s critically acclaimed debut US album ‘Keep Calm Carry the Monkey’ is released digitally today! This is SGV’s sophomore album and was written across two continents and recorded on the Victorian coasts. Full of dreamy soundscapes, haunting melodies of heartache and hope, and layered with deep intricacies SGV render the human connection of love and loss.

These up-and-coming indie darlings are comprised of siblings Mark and Sare Lang and their respective childhood friends Chris Helm, Amanthi Lynch, Kelly Lane, and Scott Mullane. They have been noted by the Sydney Telegraph as the “most impressive DIY band in OZ.”

Take a listen to their track “You Can” off their new album:

Review: Ben Howard at The Neptune in Seattle

October 3rd, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Concert/Festival Review |

Last night Seattle gave a very warm welcome to Ben Howard along with Marcus Foster and Gill Landry. The Neptune was packed as the doors opened and you could feel the anxiousness of the crowd.

Gill Landry, also known by the stage name of Frank Lemon, was the first to perform. Donning a “Footloose”-esque cap he sang alone on stage just him and his guitar. His voice was deep and gorgeous. Landry was literally channelling Johnny Cash as he went from just his guitar to whipping out his harmonica. “You live in a very strange town,” Landry laughed as he transitioned between songs, “It’s nice to know it hasn’t changed.”  Not only did he impress the crowd with his musical abilities, he gave everyone a good laugh. His last song was about a girl he met at FolkLife  here in Seattle. He said, “She was from the Yak. Montana. She had a pet bear. I’ve never met anyone with a pet bear.”

Next up was Marcus Foster. Born and raised in Southwest London his accent was prevalent and obviously made all the girls (and guys) swoon.  His opening song brought goosebumps. Holy hell that guy can sing. The crowd was hooked. His growling folksy style is remnant to Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. Jack Standen came on stage and accompanied Foster with keys. Their harmonies were unbelievable. Foster is about to release a new EP The Last House. Recorded in a barn in Sussex, England, it is his most diverse release to date. Judging by the activity around his merch table after the show, he was definitely a new (if not already) favorite to Seattle.

Obviously the reason we were all there was for the one, the only  Ben Howard. He gave a gloomy, chilling, enchanting entrance. Fog was billowing on the stage while he finger picked his guitar. The thing with Howard is that he has got it all together. The way he looks you in the eye (it seems) when he is on stage; his lyrics; the combination of instruments and harmonies. Everything about his music is about 100 times better live. He is the perfect combination of Bob Dylan and Bon Iver. Howard is a creative musical genius but he swears he’s just like the rest of us. He said that a couple of days ago he was miserable. The crowd started “awwing” and he cut them off saying “No, no. Life is a mixture of ups and downs. Its not always fun.” But of course he said it in his thick lustrous accent.

This show was definitely one of the best live performances I have ever seen. I highly recommend that everyone and their mother not only start listening to these musicians but also see them live! It will change your life.

Check out a few favorites:

Yelle: the French Lady GaGa

October 3rd, 2012 by | Dance, Electropop, Music Video |

Julie Budet, Jean-François Perrier, and Tanguy Destable are Yelle, a French electro-pop band that first came about on MySpace in September 2005. Since then they have recorded two albums: Pop Up and Safari Disco Club which was just released last March 2011. Budet often resembles Lady Gaga in images and music videos with the extreme makeup, hair, and costumes. However her music is a bit different. Not only is it in a foreign language (which almost makes it more fun), but the style is way more electro.

If you haven’t heard of them already, give them a listen.

Check out their music video, “Ce Jeu”, below. (more…)

Cemeteries to release LP just in time for Halloween

October 2nd, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Ambient, Electropop, Pop, synthpop |

Mr. Kyle J. Reigle otherwise known as Cemeteries will soon be on the same level as Youth Lagoon and other artists like How to Dress Well and Neon Indian as he has joined Lefse Records and will be releasing his new album The Wilderness on October 23.

Cemeteries is goth-pop minus black eyeliner and capes. Reigle looked to vintage horror films for tenderness for inspiration. The Wilderness is a dancing death knell of arresting funereal organs and chilling synths.

Cemeteries is the somewhat depressing yet mildly hopeful ambiance playing over the radio while driving through the woods. It is a comfort. A whisper. A chill.

Recorded in six months in the spare room of Reigle’s apartment, The Wilderness seeks comfort in the unknown of the woods after determining the evil once kept there has followed us to the city. Cemeteries explores a curiosity in darkness that poses the question, “what if it’s safer out there among the owls and coyotes?”


Check him out:


Introducing: The Exchange

September 10th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie |

Nowadays music is relatively all the same contextually speaking. Here’s a band that is striving to break that. With uplifting lyrics that moves listeners closer to each other and to healing, The Exchange is bridging the gap between audience and stage, creating a community of hope.

Mikey Moore, Gregor Uvila, and Britt and Jack Espinosa create an atmosphere that everyone wants to be apart of. Their live show is even more so of that with guitar swings, jumping and unbridled energy.

Their newest song “Tell Me Your Story” is all about truly giving an ear to the hurts of those around us. Their faith and optimism beckons celebration.

Check them out and give them a listen.

If you like what you hear go ahead and vote for them to win Seattle’s Local Music Project on Spirit 105.3. (more…)

Slightly Stoopid come to Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ

August 28th, 2012 by | Chill/Jam/Reggae, Concert/Festival Review, Reviews |

After being announced three times, the band made their public appearance looking a little dazed. Walking onstage at precisely 4:20 there was a potent smell of sweat and greens dangling in the studio. Slightly Stoopid, the chillest bluesy-reggae band you’ll ever know somehow managed to fit 8 guys up on stage and all of their instruments (including one trumpet, two saxophones, electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and bongos).

Hailing from San Diego this band has the best baby making music. They themselves warned us that it was about to get hot and heavy. They started playing and immediately the crowd was swaying and there was smoke in the air. Whatever problems people came in with, they left them at the door. These guys are the ish. They have got so much talent. And this was only their soundcheck. It was very obvious how laid back and easy going they are, not just by the sound of their tunes. They were wearing snap backs and T-shirts.

When we all thought it couldn’t get any better, Iration came on stage for the last song and drove the crowd insane. The best. During this, there was a trumpet solo in which a line of Usher’s “Yeah” and “Hard Knock Life” were improvised.

Dreads everywhere. Secondhand smoke. Everyone’s happy. You cannot complain. All I can say is talent has no age limit for sure.

If you haven’t seen Slightly Stoopid yet, or don’t listen to their music, you’re really stoopid.

Make sure to check out their album Top of the World which debuted as #1 on iTunes and catch them on their Fall tour until the end of October!


Introducing: Clarke Edward Andros

August 15th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Chill/Jam/Reggae |

What’s better than a banjo? Someone who knows how to play! Clarke Edward Andros does just that saying that he’s guilty of an “Americana induced smile” whenever he plays. It’s through this instrument that he feels he has found his style.

When he was 13 he discovered the guitar and has not yet been able to put it down–aside from his banjo. Just a few years ago he realized that poetry was a rad way to journal his thoughts, and started  writing folk songs with a few friends. Since then his music has been featured in a student film called Kids On the Run

Clarke is currently working on writing and producing songs for his upcoming album and is also working on a music video set to drop this Fall.

His raw acoustic essence is reminiscent of The Tallest Man On Earth and Bob Dylan. Check him out for yourself:

“Wild Horses”

“Pain to Life”

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