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Sampled Saturday: KJ Hines, G-Eazy, Crossover Kidz, iSH, YYou

January 21st, 2012 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

New edition of Sampled Saturday features some BtB regulars and a couple of newcomers to the site. All these were released in December 2011 as we catch up to the awesome music that 2012 will bring us.

First comes KJ Hines who samples Zed’s Dead smanger “Coffee Break”. I love how “Coffee Break” opens with the old school sample, then breaks into the electronic sound of Zed. The rapping is fairly on-point, with a solid flow from KJ, an up-and-comer to keep an eye out for.
KJ Hines – Coffee Break Remix (Prod By. Street Educated Productions) by KJHinesOfficial

Next comes rapper G-Eazy who has been gaining lots of steam for his sampling of songs that NO OTHER RAPPERS touch. In “Lost In Translation”, he samples the Japanese Pop song, “PonPonPon”, once again providing solid flow over killer production with excellent use of sampling. However I want to see G-Eazy make more original music which could potentially elevate him to a status similar to Hoodie Allen. DOWNLOAD “Lost In Translation”
Lost In Translation by g-eazy

Next comes Crossover Kidz, a duo that I want to see touring opening for The Dean’s List as they both come from Berklee College and have top-notch underrated production. In “Thrill of It”, they sampled, you guessed it, Empire of The Sun‘s “Walking On A Dream”. I love the original so it’s hard to ignore the Crossover Kidz sample of it. “Thrill of It” is off their latest project Grow Up, Kidz, which you can stream here. Download “Thrill of It”.

I’m a huge fan of iSH, having put his song “Tomorrow They Will” on BYNH 2 back in December 2010. He’s progressed much since then and I always look forward to more from the Toronto MC. In “So Long” he samples Carousel‘s “Here Now” and it really is a must-download, the original the the iSH version as well. This is off iSH‘s upcoming Long Days, Short Nights project.

Lastly is a newcomer to BtB, YYou. In “Take Me Home Tonight” he samples the Eddie Money classic of the same name. I love the original so it’s hard to ignore this as well, although I love the original a lot more as I think YYou can improve upon his rapping. This song is off YYou‘s OTF album, which you can stream and download here.
YYou – Take Me Home Tonight (prod. by Jonathan Lee) by Yyoulives

Sampled Saturday: Kid Riz, BLUEfiveone, Jay Fresh, IanJ

January 14th, 2012 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

Wow we haven’t done this in a while, mostly because on Saturday I’m busy doing something else. Anyways, the latest Sampled Saturday are songs from November 2011 but next week’s Sampled Saturday are going to be new bangers!

First we got a Red Hot Chili Peppers sample from Kid Riz. Kid Riz flips RHCP’s “Can’t Stop”, utilizing the banging guitar riff for the beat and weaving in the chorus from the RHCP classic. It’s a must-listen if you like hip-hop and RHCP.
 Kid Riz – Right On Cue by

So if you haven’t heard, The Five One broke up in 2011 and formed two seperate music entities from the breakup: RDGLDGRN and BLUEfiveone. RDGLDGRN has an alternative sound with a little less hip-hop but with a better quality production behind it. BLUEfiveone‘s sound right now has been rapping over sampled beats from other artists. Out of all his releases, my favorite was how he flipped Paramore and the guitar mixed with the beat is real smooth. It’s a solid song but I’m not sold on BLUEfiveone just yet until hearing some original material.
Keeping November – BLUEfiveone x Paramore by BLUEfiveone

Next comes a rapper who has support from Pretty Lights music with his remix/freestyles he’s doing. His name is Jay Fresh, and in this “Otis” remix by SuperVision, Jay Fresh proves he’s a must-watch rapper with superior rap skills over a banging quality remix from SuperVision.
 Otis (Jay Fresh + SuperVision Remix) by thejayfresco

Lastly here’s the party pop track to get you in the mood to party. IanJ samples some awesome sounding yet generic beat, raps alright over it and has a solid party vibe through the song. I dig it and look forward to more hip-pop tracks from IanJ.
Hang Over (From You) by ItsIanJ

Sampled Saturday *Jay Fresh, Jacob Es, Aziz, Alex Frecon, Theo Martins

November 19th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

A couple new artists to BtB and a few that have been featured on the site multiple times and will get featured many more times with where it seems there music is heading.

First we got a newbie on the site, Jay Fresh, who collaborated with the Pretty Lights record label, specifically producer/DJ SuperVision, to create “Amazing”, which samples Pretty Lights. Its got a chill hip-hop vibe and shows the potential of skater turned rapper Jay Fresh, who has much more planned with Pretty Lights work. “Amazing” will be off Jay Fresh‘s upcoming, The Delta Project, which is Jay Fresh vs Pretty Lights. Watch the music video here.
Jay Fresh – Amazing – “The Delta Project” Jay Fresh Vs Pretty Lights by thejayfresco

Next comes Jacob Es with “In The City” off his upcoming project Piece of Mind, dropping real soon. If you are not familiar, this song samples the 1960s hit “Summer In The City” from Lovin’ Spoonful. Loving the sample, really digging his rap and overall looking forward to this upcoming project Jacob Es has been touting lately.

DOWNLOAD Jacob Es – In The City

Next comes Brandies University student-athlete Aziz with “Wind Blows” which samples the indie/alternative chill song from Yukon Blonde. D-Why first sampled this song back in mid-September and Aziz took a crack at it, releasing the song on September 19. Personally, I think the Aziz one has slightly improved production and better rapping. However you be the judge and comment below on your favorite use of the sample.

DOWNLOAD Aziz – Wind Blows

Next comes Alex Frecon who released his debut EP in late August, which included the Passion Pit sampled “I’ll Stay”. I can’t ignore a Passion Pit sample because they are amazing and although Alex Frecon can’t be described as amazing, I’m digging the production and the rapping is solid.
I’ll Stay by AlexFrecon

Lastly one of my favorite artists in this post, Theo Martins, who recently moved to LA to better focus on his budding music career. This dude is very talented, not only with the amazing sampled production he has shown in the past but his rapping is dope too! In this, he samples Foster the People (not Pumped Up Kicks!). The production is so catchy utilizing FTP and his rapping gives the original another direction not entirely touched on yet.
Theo Martins – For Helena

Sampled Saturday *G-Eazy, Gabriel Stark, Gilbere Forte, Sucka Free CJ, Ethan Jaymes

October 1st, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

All these artists have been featured on BtB before and all have immense talent that will take them places in the future.

G-Eazy put this track out a couple days ago which samples Janis Joplin. I like how he continues to sample classic music that has shaped the music that came after it. Eazy’s a throwback and “Mercedes Benz (The American Dream)” proves his talent and the production skills on this is fire.
Mercedes Benz (The American Dream) ft. Janis Joplin by g-eazy (DOWNLOAD)

Gabriel Stark recently dropped Thursday In Australia, a mixtape which is heavy on freestyle over others beats and some simple sampling. However “Lets Enjoy The Party”, which samples “Hello” by Dragonette & Martin Solveig is real cool. He speeds up the original, throws some sick beats on it, and really shows his rap skills on this banger of an instrumental.

Gabriel Stark – “Lets Enjoy The Party”

Gilbere Forte get’s The Kickdrums production on it and just kills it on the sample he pulls from them. I respect and enjoy both artists and this collaboration packs a punch of awesome music that can’t be ignored. This song is probably a small reason why Forte recently got invited to the 2011 BET Awards.
Gilbere Forte’ feat. The Kickdrums – Hello (DOWNLOAD)

Tons of artists have rapped over it, with Pusha T being the most recent example. However Sucka Free CJ adds simple hip-hop beat and spits fire. This is off Sucka Free’s latest mixtape, Trill Life.
Sucka Free CJ – Dreams (DOWNLOAD)

Lastly we go to Rhode Island rapper Ethan Jaymes with “Reebok Pumps”, which samples Foster The People. I know I know, too many people have sampled/remixed/mashed-up “Pumped Up Kicks”, but this has some added beats to it and Jaymes straight kills it on the beat. This comes off his Breakfast In Rhode Island mixtape, which we sponsored, so you know it’s dope!

Ethan Jaymes – Reebok Pumps

Sampled Saturday *Flo Rida, Clinton Sparks, A Cultivator, Cypher Clique, Josh Bonney

August 27th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Remix, Sampled Saturday |

Haven’t done one of these Sampled Saturday editions in a while so here goes five fairly new songs that sample other songs to create something new and different.

First let’s go with Clinton Sparks who sampled The Cars “Just What I Needed”. I love the original, I kind of like Clinton’s new take on it with “She’s A Pro”. “She’s A Pro” has a catchy club-pop sound that can be played anywhere to start the party.

Flo Rida is probably the catchiest, most pop sounding hip-hop artist out there today. You could argue Pitbull as well but in terms of having a slightly more rap sound Flo Rida brings it with “Good Feeling” which is produced by Avicii and samples his “Levels” song. Immediately I downloaded this when I heard the Avicii was on this and Flo’s rapping doesn’t really hurt in how much of a banger the original is.

Next let’s go to a more old school sample with A Cultivator‘s “This World”. Not sure the artist being sampled and I don’t know much about A Cultivator except the rapping can be improved but I can’t knock the soulful sample.

Next we got Cypher Clique with “Say I” which samples Daniel Beddingfield. Sampling a pop song and turning it into an upbeat hip-hop song, I like!

Lastly comes an artist featured on a previous Sampled Saturday. This time Josh Bonney samples M.I.A. giving his hip-hop an alternative feel that some may like and some may dismiss.

If you want more samples, check out, a pretty good resource on what song gets sampled and the song that is sampling.

Sampled Saturday *Justin W, Matt Clarke, Nicky Rage, Upper West, Warm Brew

July 2nd, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

Another edition of Sampled Saturday and this week we got samples ranging from Britney Spears, Tom Petty, Avicii, Peter Pan and Billy Preaston.

First Justin W mixes up Britney Spears latest hit, rapping over a dubstep beat with some vocals riffs from Spears. Overall this is one of my favorites from Justin W and his production and rap skills seem to improve with each new song.
Justin W – It Never Ends (freestyle)
Next we go to Boston rapper Matt Clarke with “Free Fallin”. This is produced by Plan Z, rapping is alright but I mostly enjoy this song because of the chill Tom Petty sample. “Free Fallin” is off Clarke’s latest mixtape, Blank Check (DOWNLOAD).
Matt Clarke – Free Fallin (Prod. by Plan Z)
Avicii sample, I couldn’t refuse posting this. This is the only song from Nicky Rage that I like and that’s solely because of the Avicii beat. It’s banging and the rap added to it doesn’t take away much from the beat.
Nicky Rage – Summertime Feelin’
Next comes probably the best sample using a song from Peter Pan! Love Upper West‘s creativity with the sample. “I Won’t Grow Up” from Upper West reminds me of Fortune Family and I look forward to more from the group.
Upper West – I Won’t Grow Up
Lastly comes a Billy Preaston sample. “Nothin From Nothin” comes from LA hip-hop group Warm Brew who has a chill flow. This is probably my favorite from the group and off their last project, Warm Brew EP (DOWNLOAD).
Warm Brew – Nothin from Nothin

Sampled Saturday *Phil Ade, David Dallas, Logic & Stranger Day

June 4th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

This week’s sampled saturday features hip-hop that samples Coldplay, Motown and electr0-pop.

First let’s go with the biggest act and the latest song from Phil Ade. “Speed of Sound” samples the Coldplay song of the same name. The beat is mostly intact with some added instrumentals and the rapping replacing the Chris Martin vocals makes for an interesting take on the original.
Phil Ade – Speed of Sound
Next we take a chill pill with David Dallas‘ “Sideline” featuring Che Fu. Super relaxing weekend chill old school sounding hip-hop with the R&B/soul sample.
David Dallas – Sideline (ft Che Fu)
Logic takes on a smooth electronic sample in “Nothing But A Hero”. I like the instrumental a lot, the rapping is solid, overall a dope sound.
Logic – Nothing But A Hero (Remix)
Lastly my favorite Southern white rapper, Stranger Day is out with a new one, sampling Gold Panda with “Marriage”. Again, I’m a huge fan of the beat, rapping is ok.
Gold Panda – Marriage (Stranger Day Rap Edit)

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Sample Saturday *Mac Miller, Kid QC, Boro, Pmac, Bei Maejor

May 28th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Sampled Saturday |

Another edition of Sampled Saturday and today I’m hitting you with five hip-hop songs with various samples which I will list with each song you are familiar how they have given the song a different direction.

First I will give you the song from one of the most popular white rappers out there, Mac Miller. He has released several tracks since Best Day Ever, some of them have been weak but his sample of The Temper Trap‘s “Love Lost” is pretty cool. They didn’t really change up the original much except with Mac jumping on the vocals instead.
Mac Miller – Love Lost (prod. Black Diamond)
What I like about Kid QC is that he uses samples a lot but doesn’t take away what we like from the original while adding something fresh with his rapping. Here QC samples my favorite disco music from the Bee Gees.
Kid QC – Staying Alive (Prod. by Young Surf)
Next comes a chill hip-hop songs that samples my favorite crooner, Michael Buble. Boro is an emerging  talent, I’m not sure I’m a fan yet but all I know is I got big respect for him for sampling Buble.
Boro ft. Michael Buble – Home (Prod. Urban Noize)
I have heard this Three Dog Night song sampled many times, yet always slightly different in how its used. Here Pmac uses “One” to create a chill hip-hop track with a sick hook using the original.
Pmac – One
Last song is more of an Pop freestyle over one of the best Third Eye Blind songs ever! Although Bei Maejor uses “Semi-Charmed Life” to showcase his vocals, I love the instrumentals so much. I mean, come on, it’s Third Eye Blind, if you don’t like Third Eye Blind, you need to check your ears.
Bei Maejor – Something Else
Hope everybody is having a great 3 day weekend!

Sampled Saturday *Josh Bonney, JAMS, Phil Ade, 90’s Finest, Luke Christopher

May 21st, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Sampled Saturday |

Below is five songs from up-and-coming artists that have used a non-hip-hop sample to form something new, fresh and different from the original they sampled.

First we start off with the latest song, “Gimme The Beat” by Josh Bonney. I didn’t expect much out of the song until I heard the first 10 seconds and I knew this was going to be a chill hip-hop song that actually samples classic rock, real cool. Follow Josh Bonney on: facebook / twitter
Josh Bonney – Gimme The Beat (Feat. Benjy Johnson)
Next we got JAMS, which is a tough artist name to find info on but I finally did. “Puppy Chow” samples “Crave You” from Flight Facilities, a song that has been sampled by Hoodie Allen, G-Eazy and many others but JAMS song sounds different with less of a remix on the original and more showing his talent for rhyming. Follow JAMS on: facebook / twitter
JAMS – Puppy Chow
The most accomplished artist in this post is DMV-area MC Phil Ade. To remind you, DMV means they are from the Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia area. In “Second Chance” Phil Ade goes over producer Mark Henry’s flip of Peter Bjorn and John‘s “Second Chance”. I love the indie rock sample and Phil Ade kills it on the rhyme. Follow Phil Ade on: facebook / twitter
Phil Ade – Second Chance
90’s Finest latest sample gets a big feature from emerging MC Hendersin. Getting Hendersin on the track improves the rhyming, the electro-pop sample turns the song into an electro/hip-hop track which has a nice upbeat sound. Follow 90’s Finest on facebook / twitter
90’s Finest – I Press Triggers Ft. Hendersin
Lastly we end with the most chill yet unusual sample in this post. Luke Christopher samples a melody used in parts of one of my favorite 2011 films, The Social Network and really makes something special. “The Social Network” just stands out as a track. Follow Luke Christopher on: facebook / twitter
Luke Christopher – The Social Network
Official music videos from Josh Bonney and Luke Christopher after the jump. (more…)

Sampled Saturday *Huey, Henny, The Tripp, Ferragamo, Truth Himself

April 16th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

Another edition of Sampled Saturday and I’m giving this a fresh label as all of these songs have come out within the last month all are hip-hop yet sample non hip-hop songs in mostly the pop genre. Take a listen, guarantee you fall in love with at least one of these songs.

First I gotta hit you with The Tripp‘s “Pure Creation” which samples parts of the score and dialogue in the film, Inception. Shout out to GMAD on the find, loving the simple piano & hi-hat beat. One of the few chill songs I really appreciate because it sounds different.

When someone samples Queen, it’s fairly impossible for me to dislike the song. Carlos Ferragamo raps over this dope instrumental pretty well. Ferragamo was featured on an e-dubble Freestyle Friday song (FF #33) and I’m glad e-dubble’s manager hit me up with Carlos’ latest project, Shades of Blue.

Next we got Truth Himself rapping over one of my favorite songs I heard on KROQ where I immediately said, I got to find out who is performing this song. Truth Himself samples The Temper Trap‘s hit single, “Sweet Disposition” which is heard in a million films so hearing this hip-hop over the song is a dope change of pace.
Truth Himself – The Best of Me

Next we got Henny rapping over UK pop singer Daniel Bedingfield‘s “Gotta Get Thru This”. He keeps the foundation of the instrumental, throws in a simple beat and raps his ass of to make for a chill yet popping hip-hop song.

Lastly, here’s one of the newest songs from my favorite West Virginia rapper, Huey Mack. Actually Huey Mack is the only rapper I like from West Virginia (sorry Novi Novak). In this he samples La Roux (who hasn’t) but it’s a dope song, which I mostly enjoy because he took an electro pop song and turned it into a hip-hop jam with a La Roux hook.
Huey Mack – Looking at The Sky [Ft. La Roux]

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