Hidden Gem: Tors *folk harmonies like British Fleet Foxes

Short link https://tfn.tw/9yl/
It's folk music Friday and I got a fantastic up-and-coming UK band in Tors. If you like Fleet Foxes then read on as this four-piece band from the UK have excellent pitch and harmonies with their sonic abilities in single "Merry Go Round". Stream it below and watch their live video for it as well. Their new EP Merry Go Round aims to bring together the sound that they have developing over the last 12 months into one elegantly curated five-track release. Featuring their harmony-rich singles ‘Now We Fall’ and ‘Hold Me’ and the title track ‘Merry Go Round’, Tors demonstrate a strong and undeniable diverse repertoire of new material. Stream "Now We Fall" and "Hold Me" below.

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