Review: Urban Cone at Bardot *electric catchy pop

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Monday night I caught the recently signed to Interscope band Urban Cone as they rocked the intimate stage at Bardot in front of a small but packed house in Hollywood. They were so damn catchy with their infectious electro-pop, I enjoyed just about every song they performed in their short but jam-packed set.   Last week they released the catchy pop hit, "Old School" which should be all over pop/top 40 radio stations and garnering tons of streams online. They've been making catchy alternative electro pop tracks for years and it seems with a major label backing, they could finally break out in the US as they continue to gain recognition, they clearly have what it takes and as they got a fun sound that's hard not to like. Stream or watch my 4 favorites they performed live below, "Old School", "Sadness Disease" and "Come Back To Me" and "Urban Photograph". If you like what you heard above, check out their Photographs and Memories album, released back in 2015. I can't wait for more from Urban Cone as I think they will be major players in 2017! Follow Urban Cone on social media: facebook twitter instagram YouTube

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