Sturgill Simpson at The Wiltern *my first "country" concert!

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So I'm honored to share that I attended my first "country" concert as I saw alternative/folk country artist, Sturgill Simpson slay at The Wiltern last Wednesday! Even though he is considered a country music artist, he jammed out for over 2 hours performing large chunks of his discography which includes covers to Led Zepellin, The Allman Brothers, Nirvana and much more! As my first so-called "country" concert there's some things I need to share with you about it below. When my 3 friends and I got to The Wiltern, Sturgill Simpson had already been performing for about 10-20 minutes and yet it felt like we didn't miss anything except maybe him introducing himself and his band. Another thing I noticed when I got there is how many white dudes in button downs were there, that was the majority of the crowd, white males in their 20's and 30's and most of them wore patterned button-downs which is funny because I also am in my 20s, white male, and wore a button down, go figure! What was awesome about this show is the various forms of drunk and/or high people were. We saw at least two-three individuals stumble to the floor and one guy who stepped on my friends foot several times, had no recollection of it, and also hugged my friend and high-fived him. It was really weird, a bit distracting, but all in good fun as he was enjoying the concert just as much as my friends and I! Another awesome thing about a country music concert is how everybody cheers, hoots and hollers during any part of any song they really enjoy! I heard so much wooing and people yelling "YEAH" that I started doing it myself and guess what? IT FELT GREAT! The company of people at country music shows is so wholesome, positive and down to earth. There was a 7 foot dude standing in front of me (alright I'm exaggerating but he was huge), and while I tried to gain better site by getting around him, eventually we were standing side by side and I knew he didn't mean to block my vision, he was just grooving to the music! So you must be wondering how was Sturgill Simpson?!? I have to say it was one of the top 5 BEST CONCERTS I've been to this year and I've seen Paul Simon,  Neil Young, Walk The Moon, The Lumineers, Weezer and probably over 15-20 other shows this year from recording artists in a variety of genres! Sturgill Simpson kicks ass! He jammed out for over 2 hours on a week night, performed country covers of classic rock songs and his band really jammed out well with him. Not only that, but the crowd was feeling it and that helped me feel how special and awesome it was to be at this show. I highly recommend seeing Sturgill Simpson live if you want a long, fun concert experience with other fun like-minded individuals. I have many favorite songs but here's a few of my favorites below.

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