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Bombs and Bottles – Money 3.0 + Exclusive Remix contest!

May 11th, 2012 by | Before Bigs Exclusive, Dubstep, Pop |

Today Bombs & Bottles released a brand new track called “Money 3.0” Below; you will find links for streaming and downloading this track. It is available for exclusive download off of the Bombs & Bottles Facebook page.

“Money 3.0” is a dubstep-pop track and sounds so different from much of the other music out there as B&B is able to blend the dubstep production with a pop/R&B hybrid vocalization that is real interesting. Listen and download below.

Bombs and Bottles is also providing fans access to visuals from his recent show at UPENN. The track is titled “Numb & Young” and the video signifies the launch of his month-long remix contest. Fans will have the opportunity to access audio stems to Bombs and Bottles track “Pre-Game” exclusively off of his facebook page.

The contest is open to everyone and we encourage rappers, vocalists, DJ’s and others to participate. The rules are listed below and the winner of the contest will be included on an upcoming Bombs and Bottles release as well as win access to “5” homemade synth patches.

Bombs and Bottles – “The Heist” EP *must-listen project!

February 14th, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Electropop, R&B |

This is a must-download electronic R&B project from up-and-comer Bombs and Bottles. Download “The Heist” EP from Bombs and Bottles facebook.

Previous: Avicii – “Levels” (Bombs and Bottles remix)

Remix battle: “Levels” *Bombs and Bottles vs TYR

January 14th, 2012 by | Dance, Dubstep, Electro, Remix, Remix Battle |

Another edition of remix battle and this time its for a song that has been remixed and mashed way way way too much. However, it’s hard to ignore when Avicii‘s “Levels” plays as it’s such a great song and the remixing/mashing it can’t make it much worse, right?

First here’s the Moombah-Electro remix from Bombs and Bottles. His song “When The Lights Go Out” was featured on Best You Never Heard 5 and he’s a real talented individual not just with remixes but original tunes as well.
 Avicii – Levels (Bombs and Bottles Remix) by Bombs and Bottles

Next here’s a “Levels” remix from TYR which has an electro/dubstep feel to it.
Avicii – Levels (TYR Remix) by TYR

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Best You’ve Never Heard 5 *exclusive seasonal playlist!

December 28th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Before Bigs Exclusive, Daily Mix, Dance, Dubstep, Electro, Electronic Dance Music, Electronic Rock, Electropop, Hip-Hop/Rap, House, Pop, R&B, Remix, Rock, synthpop |

We are proud to present our 5th edition of Best You’ve Never Heard, which features 18 songs from up-and-coming artists in a variety of genres that we love. We set stricter guidelines this time in choosing emerging musical talents, only selecting artists who, as of December 28 2011, have less than 5,000 facebook fans. We also made sure to select artists that very little to none of our friends liked and knew about, to further strengthen the idea that these 18 tracks are the Best You’ve Never Heard.

Without further ado, DOWNLOAD Best You’ve Never Heard 5 (Alternate DOWNLOAD). Stream the 18 track playlist/mix below.

Click more for the full tracklisting, including links to previous features on the artists featured on Best You’ve Never Heard 5. Shout out to Hunter Reece for the cover art!

Hidden Gem: Bombs & Bottles *Electro-Pop artist/DJ/producer

October 27th, 2011 by | Dubstep, Electropop, Hidden Gem, House |

There’s a young electro-pop Artist/DJ/Producer by the name of Bombs & Bottles from New York City. He just released his 5-track EP titled “Tonight”. The EP chronicles a night out on the town from both a man and woman’s perspective, their chase through the club and a passionate fling at the end of the night and encompasses many musical genres from House, Pop, Electro, and Dubstep to name a few.

Below is the single released early this month from Bombs & Bottles, “When The Lights Go Out”, his best track which has an R&B/Dubstep feel that is certified 5-star on my iTunes. The production is so banging, this song is proof that Bombs & Bottles has serious potential for mainstream success.

Here’s the full playlist to listen and download from the five track EP, Tonight.
Tonight by Bombs and Bottles

If you like Bombs & Bottles, follow him on facebook and twitter.

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