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About to Pop: Collin McLoughlin *must-listen artist!

April 24th, 2012 by | Disco, Pop, R&B |

An artist I feel is about to become a huge mainstream act touring the country is Collin McLoughlin, a pop/R&B artist who mostly has covered/remixed other people’s music but about a month ago released a real interesting original song. Then earlier this week, he released a vocal edit to the Madeon song, “Icarus”. Listen and download both of these songs below.

Sex Ray Vision update *Collin McLoughlin, 3 remixes and 1 electro-house original

December 2nd, 2011 by | Dubstep, Electro, House, Remix |

We got 5 new bangers from my favorite Northern California music duo, Sex Ray Vision. These guy have more potential than LMFAO, 3Oh!3 and other duos that attempt to mix electronic dance music with various other elements like hip-hop and pop.

Their latest song is actually by Collin McLoughlin, “Is It Love”, but is produced by Sex Ray VisionCollin McLoughlin is the type of artist who likes to release lots of remixes and covers for free but never releases any original material. Well one of his first forays into original produced material comes from Sex Ray Vision and is an electronic house pop banger that NEEDS to be on the radio! MUST-DOWNLOAD track!
Collin McLoughlin – Is It Love (Prod. by Sex Ray Vision) by sexrayvision

Before the Collin McLoughlin song, Sex Ray Vision decided to release a few remixes, giving tracks from Kelly Clarkson, Coldplay and Foster the People a new type of sound. The Kelly Clarkson and Coldplay tunes are electro-house/dubstep remixes while the FTP “Pumped Up Kicks” remix is more of just an electro-house remix.
Mr. Know It All (Sex Ray Vision Dubstep Remix) by sexrayvision

Paradise (Sex Ray Vision Remix) by sexrayvision

Pumped Up Kicks (Sex Ray Vision Remix) by sexrayvision

Lastly about 3 weeks ago, Sex Ray Vision released an electro-house banger titled, “Forcefield”. This is a certified 5-star must-download BANGER.
Forcefield by sexrayvision

Cover songs *Justin Baron, Local Natives, Collin McLoughlin, Mumford & King Fantastic

August 3rd, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Pop, Remix, Rock |

Haven’t busted out a cover song post in a while but here’s five dope covers ranging from gangsta rap to rock/pop to a classic by Simon & Garfunkel. Let us know which cover song you like the most!

Justin Baron is a newcomer that I found out about a week ago with his cover of OneRepublic‘s “Good Life”. I love that he takes it in a different direction with more emphasis on the piano and vocals.
OneRepublic – Good Life (Cover) by JustinBaron

A few months ago, LA indie/alternative band Local Natives performed one of Simon & Garfunkel‘s classics, “Cecilia”. I’m a huge fan of the original song as it is so when I heard the cover, it was hard to ignore how awesome it is to hear it covered. Loving the instrumentals and the group vocals.
Local Natives – Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

Once again Collin McLoughlin continues with the cover song. He’s such a talented vocalist and solid composer with these covers yet and hearing him perform cover after cover makes me question his song-writing ability and originality. Collin if you are reading this, please release an original soon! Listen and download “Stereo Hearts mashup” which mixes “Lazy” by Bruno Mars and “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Hereos. 5-star!
Stereo Hearts Mashup by CollinMcLoughlin

So this cover is a year old but I only heard it within the last couple months. Hard to deny Mumford & Sons being one of the best folk rock bands today and Vampire Weekend being equally talented in whatever genre you want to stick them in. Loving the banjo and folk rock guitars in the song plus the vocals stand out with Marcus Mumford’s vocals. Download
Cousins (Vampire Weekend Cover)- Mumford & Sons

Lastly my favorite electronic hip-hop duo King Fantastic put this song out a while ago covering Ice T with “Colors”. It only popped up on soundcloud a month ago and I had no doubt in my mind I would blog about this with some other dope covers. This is the only hip-hop song in the post, loving the instrumentals, rapping is dope, overall a quality song if you are into gangsta rap and/or like the electronic.
King Fantastic – Colors (Ice T Cover)

If you want a better idea how talented Justin Baron is with his “Good Life” cover, check out the youtube video after the jump and watch his “Cooler Than Me” Mike Posner cover too!

Covers by Collin McLoughlin, PK, Mat Musto, My Double My Brother & Eric Holljes

June 11th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop, R&B, Rock |

Five covers that take the original song and turn it into a more acoustic turn with emphasis on vocals and rock and/or pop instrumentals including a tiny bit folk maybe. Anyway time for familiar songs covered by awesomely talented artists.

First is Collin McLoughlin who I am always on the fence with. Some of his songs I really like and others are boring to me. However in doing an acoustic cover of Swedish House Mafia‘s “Save The World Tonight”, I look forward to more from Collin and can’t wait for some original tracks from the R&B/pop artist.

Next we go with a group who had a great song in 2010 with “London” which we featured on BYNH 1 last summer. Recently PK did a cover of Kid Cudi‘s “Up Up and Away”. It’s got a chill acoustic indie rock melody and I mostly like it because they are covering Cudders! I pulled the audio from a video they did of the cover so the quality isn’t top-notch. Watch the music video on youtube.

We featured Mat Musto on here for the first time earlier this month. Recently he dropped a cover to Lady Gaga‘s latest hit, “Born This Way”. Musto goes real chill acoustic here, which is really cool since Lady Gaga is almost the opposite with her upbeat radio-friendly pop tracks.

A cover of Phoenix… fuck yes, sign me up! At the time the band who did this cover was called The Fragrance but has since changed their name to My Double, My Brother. I like this indie rock version, still a bigger fan of the original but a cover/remix/mashup or whatever using Phoenix is awesome! Here’s the video of My Double, My Brother performing it live.

Last track is the slowest, shows tons of talent and is a cover to an artist who was one of my favorites, Mike Posner. Anyways, Eric Holljes, who recorded several tracks with Posner while he was at Duke and who also is in Delta Rae, has tremendous talent. I’m surprised it took him this long to do the cover of this song but maybe he wanted to wait til the radio stopped playing the Gilgamesh remix of Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me”.

Covers *Aloe Blacc, Bad Rabbits, Collin McLoughlin, John Legend, Adele

May 8th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop, R&B, Remix, Rock |

I have been pushing this back and continually forgetting about doing a covers post. Well know I got too many covers to post, so here’s five that have come out within the last few months worth listening to. Above is a picture of Bad Rabbits who recently embarked on a “Cover Sessions” feature. Below is the third cover in their series.

Aloe Blacc decided to do a cover/mashup with my favorite Jay-Z song, “99 Problems” with Kanye West‘s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”. Aloe Blacc is hands-down one of the best up-and-coming R&B/soul artists and I love his vocals in this, giving the song a retro soul feel. It’s ironic because each of these originals sample retro funk/soul material.
Aloe Blacc – 99 Problems x Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Next my favorite genre-blending funk, pop, R&B, rock band, Bad Rabbits, cover one of Smashing Pumpkins greatest songs and one of those songs I hate to hear on a Sunday because it reminds me of a new work week, much like any Bush song. Loving the instrumentals, vocals are better than I expected, personally I enjoy the cover more than the original.
Bad Rabbits – 1979
For some reason Collin McLoughlin is putting out more remixes/covers than originals which is cool but I want to see more originality before declaring me being a bigger fan of him than say Mike Posner. Here Collin cover’s Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean‘s “Nature Feels” which samples MGMT’s “Electric Feel”. When your doing a song over MGMT instrumentals, there’s a real good chance the song is going to be fantastic.
Collin McLoughlin – Nature Feels
Probably have all heard this but if you haven’t downloaded this yet, here’s John Legend‘s cover of Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep”. Love how John Legend uses hardly anything to support his powerful vocals.
John Legend – Rolling In The Deep
And on that note, let’s finish today’s covers with Adele‘s cover of The Strokes first mainstream hit, “Last Nite”. I still prefer the original, but this is still really good as Adele is one of the most under-appreciated musicians out there.
Adele – Last Nite

Hendersin – Livin My Life ft. Serge Didenko x Against All Odds x Watch Me Now ft. Collin McLoughlin

January 29th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

Hendersin is a must watch hip-hop artist in 2011. In the video above, a bunch of music industry dynamites are giving Hendersin shout outs. His mixtape, Detour, drops tomorrow January 30 and after watching the video above, I’m convinced that it’s “certified FIRE” according to my homeboy Chris of

Here’s a few songs that are going to be on the upcoming mixtape.
Hendersin – Livin My Life ft. Serge Didenko (original featured on BYNH II)
Hendersin – Against All Odds
Hendersin – Watch Me Now ft. Collin McLoughlin

Follow Hendersin on facebook and twitter and come back here tomorrow for the full Detour mixtape.

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