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Danny Brown X Bruiser Brigade

September 19th, 2012 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

It’s no secret that Danny Brown is basically on his way to becoming the most famous rapper in the world — and maybe the greatest — but his crew, the Bruiser Brigade, has a ton to do with that. Producer/DJ Skywlkr and hypemen Dopehead and Trplblck have all been featured extensively on Brown’s music, as well as his live shows.

While Brown confirmed today that the full-length Bruiser Brigade record, “Boxes” will be coming soon, the crew dropped a four-track EP this morning. The EP features the new track, “Errthang,” as well as a redone version of Dopehead’s track, “Jooky.” It also features banged-out remixes of each by Lockah and my personal favorite, Ryan Hemsworth.

You can download and stream the new EP below.



Ryan Hemsworth – Slowed Summer X Hyperbolic Chamber Music

August 1st, 2012 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Mashup |

Ryan Hemsworth gets my vote for producer/artist of the summer of 2012. Or at the very least he gets tied with Danny Brown and Party Supplies. Either way, it’s pretty good company to be in.

The Nova Scotia producer had his breakout moment a few months ago, producing the 22-minute opus to pimping, Hyperbolic Chamber Music, curated by Brooklyn clothing designer, Mishka. The beat is reminiscent of cheesy-1980’s smooth R&B, but there is nothing actually cheesy about the track. The Hemsworth beat with 20+ underground rappers on it makes for the perfect extended mix to drive to the beach with the windows down. My friends and I and have been doing it at least once a week.

With the theme of summer in mind, Hemsworth just dropped his latest mixtape, the aptly-titled, Slowed Summer. While being more of  just a mash-up mix than HCM, Slowed Summer brings the chill vibes (and some Ludacris samples!!!).

You can follow Hemsworth on Twitter and check out some of his older material on BandCamp.

Nick Manes is a music journalist and blogger based in Grand Rapids, MI.


A-Trak – Ray Ban Vision remix ft Donnis, Pill, Danny Brown

April 10th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

A-Trak has been holding on this for a while, but he just released the remix to his song “Ray Ban Vision” off the Fools Gold Records Compilation. The original song had only CyHi on it, but the remix features additional verses by Donnis, Pill, and Danny Brown. The beat is crazy and each rapper goes hard. A-Trak talks about the fusion of rap and club/dance music, and I think “Ray Ban Vision” does exactly that.

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