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Video: Dave Patten – This Ledge

April 4th, 2014 by | Music Video, Pop |

My favorite Philly singer/songwriter Dave Patten is back with a new video, “This Ledge”. It’s a smooth track, not my favorite from him as it’s a little more laid back than his other material but I absolutely love the storytelling in all his videos and this video is no exception to how easy it is for Dave Patten to turn his songs into intricate short stories. The best way to describe Dave Patten‘s music is “feel good pop” because even if the story starts out negative, it always ends up becoming positive and uplifting as you can tell when you reach past the 3 minute mark in the song, but don’t skip ahead or the story is ruined!

“This Ledge” is off Patten’s EP, “Off This Ledge” (iTunes). Watch “This Ledge” below.

Video: Dave Patten – We Gotta Go *another feel good pop video

March 13th, 2012 by | Music Video |

Here’s another feel good pop song/video from Dave Patten. Well this isn’t so feel good lyrically but Patten always seems to find a feel good sound that anybody can get into. Dave recently turned 24 and in honor of that, released a video for “We Gotta Go” off his latest release, Gone.

Watch the video below and purchase his debut release Gone on iTunes. (more…)

Dave Patten – Gone (album) *feel good music

March 2nd, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Pop |

Dave Patten is out with his new album, Gone (iTunes / Amazon), which was released earlier this week.

It’s 13 tracks, all produced by Dave, except: The One (featuring Meek Mill, produced by Jahlil Beats) and Believe Me (featuring Meek Mill, produced by Sap).

There are songs of fun, songs of frustration, songs of humor and songs of heartbreak. There’s even a dubstep influenced type track on here. Several of these songs have been featured on Before Bigs in the past (“Just for Me“, “Miserable“, “Come Over” and “Believe Me” as we are big fans and believers in Dave Patten‘s potential. This album is a must-listen and will prove to you that Patten will be heard on national airwaves this year!

Stream and DOWNLOAD my favorite song from Gone, “Believe Me”.

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Video: Dave Patten – Just For Me

February 16th, 2012 by | Music Video, Pop |

Just For Me is the first single from Dave Patten‘s upcoming album Gone, which will be released on February 28, 2012. The video is fun and upbeat from skyping with the girl he likes, to band rehearsal, to rooftop celebration and it would not be a Dave Patten video without having a lot of beautiful women in it.

As he sings “here’s to never giving up…” it not only focuses on going after the love you want, but can also be applied to life. If you have a dream that makes you happy, then you should give your all to achieving it and making it yours.

Dave once again produces the song himself and even throws a twist into it adding a new dimension of sound to his arsenal of variety. Patten continues to make feel-good pop music that almost everybody can enjoy.

Watch the official video to “Just For Me” below.

Dave Patten – Just For Me *single off upcoming album!

January 12th, 2012 by | Dubstep, Pop |

2011 was a good year for Philadelphia artist Dave Patten and he’s going to be working even harder in 2012. “Just For Me” is the first single from Dave’s upcoming album Gone, which will be released in Spring.

As he sings “here’s to never giving up…” it not only focuses on going after the love you want, but can also be applied to life. If you have a dream that makes you happy, then you should give your all to achieving it and making it yours.

Dave once again produces the song himself and even throws a twist into it adding a new dimension of sound to his arsenal of variety. Is this my favorite Dave Patten? Probably not, but it’s among my top 5 favorites.

DOWNLOAD Dave Patten “Just For Me”

As with all Dave Patten releases, you can expect a video on the way and it’s actually going to be shot this weekend, so we will make sure you all have it when it’s done!

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Dave Patten – Misérable *Music Video/Mini-Movie

October 4th, 2011 by | Music Video |

“Misérable” is the epic revenge tale of a heart-shattered accountant (*Dave Patten*), whose fianceé is murdered in cold blood by Philly’s most notorious crime Boss (*David Ricks*).  Left for dead, Patten makes a deal with the devil through the unlikely appearance of an old witch doctor (*Kevin Brown*).

This video gave me chills to watch, amazing production from Dave Patten who not only wrote and directed this music video, but edited it, produced it and did a bunch of other stuff to make this into an excellent mini-movie/music video to his latest song, “Misérable”. The song, the video, the way everything comes together to tell the story is just so dope, there isn’t a second wasted in this 10 minute video, which is a must-watch.

Download the single “Misérable” on iTunes.

Check out these awesome pictures from the video after the jump. (more…)

Prospect of the Week: Dave Patten

September 1st, 2011 by | Music Video, Prospect of the Week |

We haven’t done this in forever prospect of the week thing since 2010 but Dave Patten earns it for the latest music video. I learned about some big feats about Patten this week that really shows how this guy has become a budding star in the music industry. Here’s some of what his manager sent me:

It’s been a busy year for Dave Patten and the momentum is only picking up. His song “How Good (featuring Meek Mill)” was one of the most requested songs on Philly radio this summer and his buzz and exposure continues to grow.

His songs have been featured on VH1 and MTV.

He kicks off his Exposure Tour, September 1st at World Café Live (Philadelphia). The tour lasts through November.

Now Dave Patten delivers the first of many new projects with “Come Over”.

Dave Patten – Come Over

Official music video after the jump. (more…)

Official Music Video: Tayyib Ali – “Live on the Road” (featuring Dave Patten)

August 10th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video |

Tayyib Ali recently dropped the visuals for “Live on the Road” (featuring Dave Patten) which is off his Sophomore mixtape, Keystone State of Mind. This is a solid music video to an awesome track which discusses life on being on the road, touring various cities and gaining popularity and fame in the process. Enjoy!

Download: Tayyib Ali – “Live on the Road” (featuring Dave Patten)


Hip-Pop *Radical Something, AudioDax, Allen Mask, Lou Williams, Shwayze & Cisco

August 9th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop |

Five fairly new hip-pop songs from artists on a variety of levels in terms of popularity.

First we go with chill-hop-pop trio Radical Something. It’s hard to define this group but chill is a word that would almost always be used to describe them. Check out a song about my favorite state in the world, “California”.

Radical Something – “California”

AudioDax recently released Pop Rocks (DOWNLOAD), which is full of hip-pop songs. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the mixtape, “Careful Time” has smooth instrumentals, a mix of solid vocals and rapping. Overall a real catchy song.

AudioDax – Careful Time

Next comes a newcomer to BtB, Allen Mask. His song “Radio” is real catchy, rapping is solid, beat is a little basic but overall the hook is fun and gets you dancing.

Allen Mask – Radio ft. SimTraks

Lou Williams, point guard of the Philadelphia 76ers decided to make music while the NBA lockout continues. He pairs up with Dave Patten to create “Slow It Down”. Lou’s rapping is better than Ron Artest’s, Dave Patten‘s hook is fire, overall a fun song and I’m a big fan of the instrumentals and Patten’s vocals.

Lou Williams – Slow It Down ft. Dave Patten

Lastly we go with the most mainstream artists in this post with Shwayze & Cisco. In June they released “Summertime Music” which is a perfect title as this Summer jam is radio-friendly but also real chill for Summer. In terms of chill-hop, these guys are at the top of the game.

Shwayze & Cisco – Summertime Music

Dave Patten – Melt (video)

May 9th, 2011 by | Music Video |

Dave Patten released his latest music video for “Melt”, one of his singles off Exposure, his latest album which you can check out on iTunes or download on mediafire (I don’t expect this link to be available long though).

Here’s “Melt” and as a bonus, “Won’t Give Up” ft. Fese. Music video to “Melt” after the jump, loving how smooth this track is.
Dave Patten – Melt
Dave Patten – Won’t Give Up feat. Fese

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