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Video: Dragonette – Let It Go

May 5th, 2012 by | Dance, Electropop, Music Video, Pop |

It’s Saturday night and it’s time to have fun. Get up off your feet, and make sure to sing and dance along to Dragonette‘s latest music video for single, “Let It Go”. (more…)

Dragonette Pre-Party Jamz #1 + “Let It Go” (original & remixes)

April 14th, 2012 by | Daily Mix, Dance, Electropop, Remix |

Got a new mix for y’all, this one dropped earlier this week from rising Canadian electro-pop band Dragonette. This is 30+ minute mixtape of Pre Party Jamz to help get you ready while you do your hair & put on your duds. Created by Joel Stouffer, drummer of Dragonnette.

By the way, Dragonette recently released a banging new single that is sure to get play all over the world as it’s so CATCHY! Listen to “Let It Go” and the awesome remixes to the single below. (more…)

dj brownjoe – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites remix + many more!

August 25th, 2011 by | Dance, House, Mashup, Remix |

Three new tracks from my favorite DJ in Vancouver, DJ Brownjoe. Once he changes his DJ name to something more catchy and appealing, this kid from the great white north is going to blow up. He’s opened for Steve Aoki and The White Panda and is doing some stuff with female pop/electronic duo Nervo as well.

Last week he sent me three new bangers he just finished including a remix to the Skrillex track, “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. He stripes the song down, pretty much taking out the dubstep, giving it a more dance/house feel that everybody can groove to.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (DJ Brownjoe remix)

Next he made a progressive house DJ set that I saw him begin to create back in July with “Bite Me”. It’s got catchy electronic piano instrumentals, synths are banging  and reminds me of many other great progressive house tracks out there today.

DJ Brownjoe – Bite Me (Van Kay remix)

DJ Brownjoe created an interesting mashup-remix. He takes Dragonette‘s vocals in “Hello”, then remixes the Alesso remix to Alex Kenji, Starkillers & Nadia Ali‘s track, “Pressure”. However he keeps parts of the vocals from Nadia Ali in “Pressure” as if Nadia Ali and Dragonette are having a sing-off! 5-star banger!
DJ Brownjoe – Hello Pressure (feat. Dragonette & Nadia Ali)

I love Alesso‘s remix to “Pressure” so I’ve decided to include that since it’s thirsty Thursday and this is an excellent club banger to bring the party noise.

Alex Kenji, Starkillers & Nadia Ali – Pressure (Alesso Remix)

Martin Solveig – Smash (album)

June 21st, 2011 by | Dance, House |

On June 6, Martin Solveig released, Smash, a dope electro/house and pop album that has so many dope tracks for dancing to.

Solveig get’s some talented musicians on the vocals in this album including Dragonette, Dev, Thomas Mars (lead singer of Phoenix) and Kele (lead singer of Bloc Party). We already gave you “Ready 2 Go” featuring Kele and gave you the smash hit “Hello” so here’s five songs from Smash (Amazon) to get your night started right!
Martin Solveig – The Night Out Ft. Thomas Mars *Must-download*
Martin Solveig – Can’t Stop (feat. Dragonette)
Martin Solveig – We Came to Smash (feat. Dev)
Martin Solveig – Big In Japan (feat. Dragonette)
Martin Solveig – Get Away From You


Electronic Tuesdays *Shapes of Light, Jamie XX, Dan Castro

April 26th, 2011 by | Dance, Dubstep, Electronic Tuesday |

Finals are coming up, the college world is a mess, and we’re all trying to make it in this rat race. So! Without further ado (read: before I go to the library!)…

Last night, I went to a Wolfgang Gartner concert, an American producer and DJ who was actually nominated for a Grammy! I was pleasantly surprised at his opening acts. Of course, Hot Pink Delorean has been an up and coming name (a dance music trio from Boston), but there were other DJs who threw down. In honor of them and the producers trying to make it in this world, I present the following…

Shapes of Light is an up and coming duo made up of AJB and NRL. They’re from Boston, and recently came in 2nd place in a remix competition held by Together Boston (legit – the remix was “My Favourite”). They’ve got a lot of stuff coming up, and having heard them in huge sub-woofers, I highly recommend you embrace ’em.
Hot Pink Delorean – My Favourite (Shapes of Light Remix)
Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Shapes of Light Remix)

As for some other producers making names for themselves, Jamie XX is all over the internet. He’s got more a chill, relaxed sound, but his remixes are very clean and always interesting to listen to. Also, Dan Castro has made it onto the Beatport Top 10 (Beatport is the HOME to all electronica EDM music).

Jamie XX:
FaltyDL – Hip Love (Jamie xx Remix)
Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle) (Childish Gambino rapped on this)

Dan Castro:
The Mistress (Dan Castro Remix)
Don Diablo – Animale (Dan Castro Remix) [feat. Dragonette]:
Don Diablo – Animale (Dan Castro Remix) ft. Dragonette

And there’s your Electronic Tuesday! Lots of love, and jam out,
Sarah (: (ChinUp Music)

Why are we whispering ReVox *Animale – Don Diablo ft. Dragonette

March 2nd, 2011 by | Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Remix |

The collaboration between iSH & Don Diablo better known as Why are we Whispering in which they remix electro-Pop songs adding a little hip-hop from iSH and more electronica from Don Diablo.

Below is their latest remix to Don Diablo/Dragonette’s 2010 EuroPop hit, “Animale”. This latest Why are we Whispering remix still keeps in tact the best parts of the original “Animale” while adding some good verses from iSH and Don Diablo remixing it a bit while keeping Dragonette’s pop vocals. I continue to love the collaboration and so far Why are we Whispering hasn’t disappointed at all. Download
Don Diablo ft. Dragonette – Animale (Why Are We Whispering ReVox)
By the way, if your in the UK, cop this song now, since the track won’t be released in the UK until April 10th. However the UK record label gave iSH and Don Diablo the clearance to share this exclusive remix for free!

iSH + Don Diablo = Why are we whispering? *must DL

January 26th, 2011 by | Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop |

This is a MUST DOWNLOAD. One of my favorite up-and-coming artists, iSH, collaborates with one of the hottest DJ/Producers around the world, Don Diablo, to form “Why are we whispering”. First song Don Diablo/iSH remix is “Hello” by Martin Solveig & Dragonette.

My statement for the original “Hello” is “this song can be on the radio”. After iSH spits some dope verses and Don Diablo jumps on to remix the track, now the statement becomes “this song NEEDS to be on the radio”.
Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello (Why are we whispering Remix)

Don Diablo ft Dragonette – Animale

November 18th, 2010 by | 24KT KidLivin, Music Video |

Here’s a new video from two great artists in todays Electronic Dance scene – Don Diablo and Dragonette. This stellar video portrays the electronic dance scene in a clever way. Check out the awesome irony in their new video, but most of all enjoy their song!

24KT KidLivin

Not so Hidden Gem: Dragonette

November 4th, 2010 by | Dubstep, Electro, Electropop, Music Video, Remix |

[youtube tVEwuyDRWk8]

Dragonette is a Canadian ElectroPop group that started in 2005. They have released two albums and two EPs, most recently dropping their Mixin to Thrill EP in August 2010. Above is the music video for a song that should be on the radio!

The reason I’m writing about them is Dragonette was recently featured in two electronica songs: “Hello” with Martin Solveig, and “Animale” with Don Diablo. I like both these tracks and wouldn’t be surprised to see “Hello” on the radio very soon.

Hello (Original Mix)


Bonus: I’m still on the fence whether I like the original “Animale” or the Datsik remix which is more dubstep/electro.

Animale (Datsik Remix)

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