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Stockers! – Vanish *indie rock

December 29th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Rock |

Stockers! are a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Their sound is a vibrant mix of bright and catchy guitar melodies backed by intransigent strict drum and bass lines and personal vocals. These remote and reverberating sounds blended with hard pumping rhythms will show you colorful pictures about life you may never seen before.

I would compare their sound to Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix. Here’s a 4-song set from Stockers! My favorite is “Vanish”, which you can download here.


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Satellite Stories – Family *Catchy like Phoenix!

June 21st, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop, Rock |

New single from my favorite music group from Finland, Satellite Stories. Haven’t blogged about them or heard much from them since Fall 2010 so I was fairly excited when I got an email from their people this morning with their new single, “Family”.

Here’s a little of what the band had to say about the song:

It could be described as our most Phoenix-influenced song yet with touches of Wombats-meets-Vampire Weekend.

“Family” starts off rocking, then settles in with some sick guitar riffs, easy to follow lyrics and very catchy hooks. Seriously I don’t know many other indie rock/pop groups with hooks as catchy as Satellite Stories.
Satellite Stories – Family by satellitestories
Download “Family” (right click save as or control-click)
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Hidden Gem: Satellite Stories

September 23rd, 2010 by | Alternative/Indie, Hidden Gem, Pop, Rock |

This indie rock/pop quartet comes from Finland. They sound like Two Door Cinema Club mixed with Vampire Weekend but in a catchy indie party sound. I like ’em, they are young, but have potential to make some hits.  Satellite Stories – Helsinki Art Scene by satellitestories  Satellite Stories – Kids Arent Safe In The Metro by satellitestories 
Download “Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro” (control-click to DL)

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