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Sampled Saturday *G-Eazy, Gabriel Stark, Gilbere Forte, Sucka Free CJ, Ethan Jaymes

October 1st, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

All these artists have been featured on BtB before and all have immense talent that will take them places in the future.

G-Eazy put this track out a couple days ago which samples Janis Joplin. I like how he continues to sample classic music that has shaped the music that came after it. Eazy’s a throwback and “Mercedes Benz (The American Dream)” proves his talent and the production skills on this is fire.
Mercedes Benz (The American Dream) ft. Janis Joplin by g-eazy (DOWNLOAD)

Gabriel Stark recently dropped Thursday In Australia, a mixtape which is heavy on freestyle over others beats and some simple sampling. However “Lets Enjoy The Party”, which samples “Hello” by Dragonette & Martin Solveig is real cool. He speeds up the original, throws some sick beats on it, and really shows his rap skills on this banger of an instrumental.

Gabriel Stark – “Lets Enjoy The Party”

Gilbere Forte get’s The Kickdrums production on it and just kills it on the sample he pulls from them. I respect and enjoy both artists and this collaboration packs a punch of awesome music that can’t be ignored. This song is probably a small reason why Forte recently got invited to the 2011 BET Awards.
Gilbere Forte’ feat. The Kickdrums – Hello (DOWNLOAD)

Tons of artists have rapped over it, with Pusha T being the most recent example. However Sucka Free CJ adds simple hip-hop beat and spits fire. This is off Sucka Free’s latest mixtape, Trill Life.
Sucka Free CJ – Dreams (DOWNLOAD)

Lastly we go to Rhode Island rapper Ethan Jaymes with “Reebok Pumps”, which samples Foster The People. I know I know, too many people have sampled/remixed/mashed-up “Pumped Up Kicks”, but this has some added beats to it and Jaymes straight kills it on the beat. This comes off his Breakfast In Rhode Island mixtape, which we sponsored, so you know it’s dope!

Ethan Jaymes – Reebok Pumps

Gabriel Stark – Starky Hendrix *BtB-sponsored mixtape

July 5th, 2011 by | Before Bigs Exclusive, Hip-Hop/Rap |

Two Before the Bigs sponsored mixtapes in one day and also two days away from our one-year anniversary! I promise big things are coming and this is just a tiny part of that.

Rather than give you all my thoughts on this mixtape that we are proud to sponsor from Gabriel Stark, here’s a little something Starky had to say about it:

Starky Hendrix is my finest work to date. It took a couple months to put together but really captures the new sound that my team and I have created.  Thanks to my production team, D. Haskins, Ryan Macgowan, and Trakksounds, I think we’ve really put together something great.  This album is the epitome of the summer and is the love child of Hermoine Granger and Peter Pan. Magic!!!

Download Starky Hendrix

Here’s a couple of my favorite songs off the project.
Gabriel Stark – Don’t Let Me Go
Gabriel Stark – Tonight

Tracklist after the jump, my favorites are underlined.


Gabriel Stark – “Good Night”

June 6th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

Gabriel Stark personally sent us over his awesome new summer track called “Good Night” which is produced by Ryan Macgowan. This is another single off his upcoming album, Starky Hendrix, which drops on July 4th. Gabe informs us about the song saying:

“I wanted to capture the essence of a Summer night and express some of the thoughts that come to mind at the end of a day. Something laid back that you can listen to ALL SUMMER LONG!!!”

Definitely check out this track. Enjoy!

Gabriel Stark – Beautiful *1st leak off Starky Hendrix

May 17th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

1st single off Starky Hendrix, Gabriel Stark‘s forthcoming mixtape to come out in early July and SPONSORED BY US! Yes, we are sponsoring a new mixtape, our 2nd tape we are sponsoring after Theodore Grams Great Job! 3, which you should download if you haven’t already.

“Beautiful” samples one of my favorite Train songs, “Meet Virginia”. After getting the mixtape from Starky back in late March, this has been one of my favorites and I’m proud to leak it.
Gabriel Stark – Beautiful

mixtapes you missed pt 1 *Frank Ocean, Gabriel Stark, Guy Harrison, J. Nolan, Mickey Factz

March 21st, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B |

Best way for me to give you a ton of music I should’ve blogged about that I’m finally doing is by posting my favorite songs from mixtapes I have been meaning to blog about. Then I realized I had a ton of mixtapes that I needed to blog about, so I eliminated mixtapes not from 2011 and mixtapes from major label artists (except under the radar MC Mickey Factz).

Here’s pt. 1 of mixtapes you might have missed:

First we got Frank Ocean, the R&B member of Odd Future who dropped his mixtape/free album in late February titled, nostalgia/ultra. Frank Ocean is a rising R&B artist who may have the brightest future of OFWGKTA and in this mixtape he showcases his vocal ability in sampling some great tracks and some original tracks as well. My two favorites off the mixtape:
Frank Ocean – strawberry swing
Frank Ocean – nature feels
Next we got Hip-Hop/R&B artist Gabriel Stark, who surprised me with how much quality came out of his debut mixtape, T.G.I.S (Thank God It’s Starky). I like almost all the tracks on his mixtape but will give you my 3 favorites instead.
Gabriel Stark – Lay
Gabriel Stark – 5950
Gabriel Stark – Times Are Changing
I only stumbled on hip-hop/alternative artist Guy Harrison‘s mixtape because of an automated direct message he sent me on twitter when I started following him. I downloaded the mixtape since I had already had a really good song from him before and was impressed with his rapping ability and the production from his mixtape, The Deadline. My two favorites:
Guy Harrison – Big Time
Guy Harrison – Brotherly (Feat. Wes)
Next we got rapper J.Nolan with a mixtape he released in late January/early February, The Loose Files. I’m a big fan of this mixtape because of the instrumentals and overall production plus J. Nolan’s rapping is solid, nothing special, but it flows well over the production.
J.Nolan – Corazon (prod. Yung B Da Producer)
J.Nolan – On My Own(prod. Corey Pow)
J.Nolan – Get Out The Game(prod. Frontier)

I saved the best for last with Mickey Factz. Best not only because he has loads of potential but because here are my favorite songs from his last two projects, the re-release of his most note-worthy project Heaven’s Fallout (re-release is from 2011 but original is 4 years ago). Below is 4 tracks from that: 2 songs that were re-released and 2 new tracks he released this year.
Mickey Factz – Robot Rock feat. Steve-O
Mickey Factz – Access Granted
Mickey Factz – Bonus. Distressed
Mickey Factz – Bonus. Back In Time
Last week Mickey Factz released his latest mixtape, Love Lust Loss. I thought the project was solid but compared to Heaven’s Fallout, it’s more alternative and sounds a bit like Theophilus London production in the songs. Here’s my 2 favorites from that:
Mickey Factz – A Train Final Mix
Mickey Factz – Trinity

I know giving you 6 different mixtapes is a lot but hopefully you download all these mixtapes or at least the 16 songs above. I hope this great music gets you through your week. Let me know which artist you like the most.

Hip-Hop from late 2010 that you might have missed

January 26th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap |

If you didn’t know about Gucci Mane getting the face tattoo and if didn’t know about the girl who followed in his footsteps and got a face tattoo as well, I’m glad to present this to you. If you already knew about it, I hope you at least enjoy this funny picture courtesty of

Taking another gamble here and going to bet that you haven’t listened to more than one of these hip-hop songs that came out in late 2010. The instrumentals caught my eye ear and then the rapping came in and impressed me further.

Guy Harrison – 3am Visions (Prod. By MiGGZ)
MOD SUN – Where Were You (prod by MOD SUN) (Oasis sample)
CurT@!n$ – Maniac ft. Kendrick Lamar & Chace Infinite
Gabriel Stark – Mr. 2011 (Winner’s Spirit)
To download: *PC: Right-click : Mac: Control-click

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