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Preview: The six must-see musicians performing at Pacific Festival 2014!

August 14th, 2014 by | Alternative/Indie, Chill/Jam/Reggae, Concert/Festival Review, Dance, Disco, Electro, Electronic Dance Music, Electronic Rock, Electropop, House, synthpop |

This Saturday August 16 marks the 3rd annual Pacific Festival which will be held at The Dunes in Newport Beach, California. It’s a great location with DJs and bands performing on or near the beach, there should be beautiful weather present and hopefully a laid back fun ambiance in what should be a very fun one-day music festival. This will be my third time attending the Southern California festival in which I’ve discovered some real talented artists. Here’s the set times:

Below are the six acts I’m most excited to see on Saturday (purchase tickets here)! (more…)

Dance Remix *Moby, Proper Villians, Soundpusher, Cobra Starship, Lightwaves

June 30th, 2011 by | Ambient, Dance, Remix |

Usually I list the artists that get remixed but decided to list the artists that remix the songs in the post title.

First we go with Moby who remixed electronic pop artist Holy Ghost!‘s “Wait & See”. I have never been a fan of Moby, too many people influenced the idea to me that he’s not someone to like so I have never sought out his music. Happy this stumbled its way to my iTunes.
Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (Moby Remix)
Next we go with Proper Villains remix of Dev‘s “Dancing In The Dark”. Proper Villains adds some dope instrumentals to add just another element to a song I normally wouldn’t like but the remix is banging.
Dev – Dancing In The Dark (Proper Villains Remix)
Does anybody know how Na Palm has over 225,000 facebook fans!?! That’s so many from a musician whose stuff I haven’t really heard on the radio, haven’t seen anything from him on TV and haven’t heard of any worldwide tour. Either way, The Soundpusher Club-Step Edit to “Two Days Straight” turns this into a banger that needs to be played in the clubs.
Na Palm – Two Days Straight [The Soundpusher Club-Step Edit]
Cobra Starship decides to remix a Chromeo song. I like the instrumentals they add, really adds more of an 80’s electro-pop feel to it. Mostly I’m a fan of the Daft Punk-sounding hook but the instrumentals are so smooth.
Chromeo – Hot Mess (Cobra Starship Remix)
Lastly one of my favorite up-and-coming musicians in Australia, Strange Talk, got remixed by Lightwaves. I love the original and the remix has some solid additions, nothing too special but if you like the original, you will really like this. If you like remixes, there’s a good chance you will like this. If you like to dance, this is a fairly solid tune to groove to.
Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Lightwaves Remix)

ElectroPop *Theme Park, Delorean, When Saints Go Machine, LectroLips, Holy Ghost!

June 7th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Electropop |

First artist is called Theme Park which is a really fun place to go to, much like the song “Milk”. It’s got an indie electro-pop feel, but it’s relaxed, fun instrumentals and a nice hipster dancing song. Facebook / Twitter

Next we got Delorean, who are blowing up quick with their lounge electro-pop. I’m a super fan of the instrumentals and the lyrics are simple enough to have trouble not liking. Here’s “Deli” which I have heard in at least 2-3 hip-hop samples. Facebook

“When Saints Go Marching” was my favorite easy song to play on piano when I played back in high school. When Saints Go Machine is an indie electro-pop group with high-pitched vocals, interesting instrumentals and a chill synth-pop sound. Facebook / Twitter

LectroLips were first featured here back in the Spring in one of our first editions of our soundcloud’s best feature. Their latest song “Voyeur” is unusual, sounds a bit like industrial electro-pop, lyrics similar to some of those spoken word songs by Madonna. Listen before you download. Facebook / Twitter

Lastly let’s throw up some Holy Ghost! who have a synth-pop sound that reminds me of the 80’s but which of the above songs doesn’t remind you of the 1980’s electro-pop music scene. But hey, history repeats itself. Facebook / Twitter

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