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James Egbert – Isle of Capri

July 14th, 2011 by | Dance, House, Techno |

Shouts to ThisSongIsSick for promoting James Egbert, a sick producer out of Denver. He deserves all the accolades he’s been getting throughout the blogosphere. His latest single “Isle of Capri” is a full-on electronic dance party and this dude has serious skills. He drops eargasmic sounds as he builds the track up to a huge crescendo…and BOOM. The drop is massive. ThisSongIsSick compares Mr. Egbert to Porter Robinson, which I think is a great comparison. There’s some house, whomps, and funky synth beats. He combines all of the subgenres of techno into a great, original style, and absolutely kills the track. There’s also a tropical vibe to the whole song, which is what I imagine I beach party in Ibiza sounds like.

Follow Mr. Egbert on Twitter, and if you’re in Colorado, get to Global Dance Fest this weekend a little early and watch this dude open up the main stage on Friday.

Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks (Skeet Skeet Remix)

June 29th, 2011 by | Dance, House, Remix |

Thanks to This Song Is Sick for posting this song. It’s sick… By now, you should’ve heard “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People, and you should realize how awesome it is. This time, Skeet Skeet takes the song, adds some more party to it, and inserts sick drops in the middle. He turned the song from an upbeat indie jam to a serious club song.

For more sick jams, follow Skeet Skeet on Twitter.

David Guetta & Afrojack – Pandemonium (ft. Carmen)

June 28th, 2011 by | Dance, Electronic Tuesday, House |

Carmen on vocals which is solid but the production from Afrojack & David Guetta is top-notch and really turns this into a house banger!

Skrillex Remixes Snoop Doggs – “Sensual Seduction”

February 4th, 2011 by | Dance, Dubstep, House, Remix |

Skirllex is already everyone’s favorite new dubstep DJ. He has come out with a lot of great remixes in recent months and here is another one for ya’ll. Here is changes up Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction”, making it better and more heart pounding. Enjoy!

Download: “Sensual Seduction” (Skrillex Remix)

Hidden Gem: Video Violence *Electro House Dubstep

February 3rd, 2011 by | Dubstep, Electro, Hidden Gem, House, Music Video |

[youtube y4eWPuyT2ik]

I’ll be honest, I have never heard of electronic DJ Video Violence until he himself sent me his tracks and I gotta say, I’m very impressed. He brings in a lot of dubstep in his tracks adding in some awesome sounds in the mix. Here is some information on the upcoming album, Medulla Oblongata, complements of his official website

“The medulla oblongata is the lower half of the brainstem. In discussions of neurology and similar contexts where no ambiguity will result, it is often referred to as simply the medulla. The medulla contains the cardiac, respiratory, vomiting  and vasomotor centers and deals with autonomic functions, such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. The region between the anterior median sulcus and the anterolateral sulcus is occupied by an elevation on either side known as the pyramid of medulla oblongata. You got V running around your brain.”

I don’t know much about this DJ but I know that Video Violence will blow up in the very near future. Enjoy some of his tracks below!

Video Violence – “The Machine”

Gravitonas – “Religious” (Video Violence Dub Remix)

Listen to more of his tracks at his official website and become a fan on his Official Facebook page

Benny Benassi – Cinema (Ft. Gary Go) (Skrillex Remix) *A Must Listen New Club Banger

January 29th, 2011 by | Dance, Dubstep, House, Remix |

Many will say that Skrillex has become the biggest thing in electronic music recently. Benny Benassi is working on a new album and one of the upcoming singles “Cinema” (featuring Gary Go) has just become remixed by Skrillex and it’s a straight club banger. Definitely play this tonight when you all are out partying. Enjoy!

Download: Benny Benassi – “Cinema” (featuring Gary Go) (Skrillex Remix)

Loggy – “The Dream” *A Must Listen Electro/Hip-Hop Jam

January 25th, 2011 by | Electro, Hip-Hop/Rap |

[youtube Ge8Y5xJe-X8]

Loggy is back and with a new club hit called “The Dream”. The California rapper recorded this track on a trip to a L.A. and  has now taken his talents to the next level with this one. He too has changed it up quite a bit doing what a lot of hip-hop artists have been doing recently, which is adding a club/dubstep/house feel to their tracks which I love and am taking full advantage of. This track was produced by sirThomas with Ana Villafane on the hook, adding a catchy feel to the track. Look out for more Loggy tracks in the near future.

Download: Loggy – “The Dream”

(too big) for hidden gem: Bag Raiders

January 23rd, 2011 by | Electro, Electropop, House, Remix |

I discovered Bag Raiders near the end of 2010, got some time to do some research on them and found they are pretty popular around the world. This Aussie electro/house duo has over 13,000 fans on facebook, has released several EP’s and released their self-titled debut album in October 2010.

Below are a few of my favorite songs from Bag Raiders including a remix which they have become known for. Although they have an electro/house style, there is vocals, which I always love in electronica music and their music has a nice upbeat dance feel to it.

Bag Riaders – Sunlight (November 2010 single + my personal fav)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (2009 hit single)

Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Bag Raiders Remix)

Split Second – Illmerica (Party Rock Remix)

January 19th, 2011 by | Dance, Electro, Hip-Hop/Rap, House |

Boston alternative electronic hip-hop band Split Second is back with a special music saga, Skub Til Taget, which is Danish for Push The Roof. Here’s what Jared from Split Second said:

Each Wednesday for the next five weeks we will be releasing one song from the saga. “Illmerica” is the Episode Two of the saga, with Innocence (which we dropped awhile ago) being Episode One.The songs will consist of house/dubstep remixes. Meanwhile we’ll be working on the next full mixtape, which will have songs such as Blood Diamond on it, of original sounds which will be out shortly. We’re have a lot of new material so hope people are ready for it.

Illmerica (Party Rock Remix) (right-click to download)

Wolfgang Gartner is the beat that is used in “Illmerica” that Split Second has done a swell job rapping over and mixing up a bit. Can’t wait for the next song in their saga.

If your a fan of Split Second, follow them on facebook and download their FREE iPhone app!

Hidden Gem: Empdy

January 11th, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, House |

I first heard of empdy from an email I received a few days ago. He is an electronic DJ from the United Kingdom and I have loved what I have heard. His songs bring a lot of diverse, fast paced instrumentals different from what we normally hear out of DJ’s and he sings a little on top of it. My three favorite by him are “Let Me In”, “Have Fun” (featuring Felman & China Fox), and “Good Bye” (featuring Ben Levin) off his recent album, Everybody Gets Down In the End.

Buy Everybody Gets Down In the End, album (name your price which can be set at $0).

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