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Hidden Gem: Tors *folk harmonies like British Fleet Foxes

May 12th, 2017 by | Alternative/Indie, Chill/Jam/Reggae, Hidden Gem, Music Video |

It’s folk music Friday and I got a fantastic up-and-coming UK band in Tors. If you like Fleet Foxes then read on as this four-piece band from the UK have excellent pitch and harmonies with their sonic abilities in single “Merry Go Round”.

Stream it below and watch their live video for it as well.


(video) Ferraby Lionheart – Harry And Bess

February 2nd, 2011 by | 24KT KidLivin, Alternative/Indie, Music Video |

As what looks like “The Day After Tomorrow” has begun to sweep the nation, we have found that by listening to summery, sunshiny type tunes, it is much easier to look past the ice storms banging at your window and the vast amounts of snow pilling at your front door.

With that in mind, here’s the perfect song/video to kick off your “pretend it’s summer while your house is being burred by cold wetness and your roof might cave in from all the snow stay inside and lounge around party.”

….And yes, this video does feature Rainn Wilson (Dwight) from The Office. Rumor is singer-songwriter Lionheart and Wilson met through their shared Baha’i Faith.

24KT KidLivin

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