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Debut song: DAE – Where We’re Going *indie pop fun

May 22nd, 2014 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop |

Wow after hearing “Where We’re Going” from newcomer indie-pop duo DAE, featuring Zachary Heiligman aka producer Reazon (former member of Foster The People) and emerging female vocalist Lwam, this is a duo you need to pay attention to! I’ve spoken at length with Zachary on his music and believe DAE will be cooking up some hit releases in the near future!

DAE just hit us up with their debut release, “Where We’re Going” and it’s upbeat, catchy fun indie pop that is real easy to sing along to! Stream it below and follow DAE on facebook!

Download the song below!

Hidden Gem: Wildcat! Wildcat! *electronic R&B/indie pop

July 15th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Electropop, Hidden Gem, Music Video, Pop, R&B |

Wildcat! Wildcat! has a sound that is really different from other acts out there, I can’tquite think of an act to compare them with as they have this real alternative sound that can be best described as  indie electronic pop R&B.

However, I’d prefer to let the music speak for itself and Buzzbands.LA does a pretty good review on them., so stream and download their three releases, “The Chief”, “End Of The World Everyday” and “Mr. Quiche”.

If you dig the music above, watch the official video to “Mr. Quiche” and some links to keep up with Wildcat! Wildcat! (more…)

Jhameel – A Maiden Calling *must-listen indie pop

May 29th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop |

Jhameel‘s latest song is “A Maiden Calling” — a fluttering, ethereal indie-pop track, which follows Jhameel as he is inextricably drawn to a maiden’s mysterious siren-like call. The track is the third installment of the five part series Are You Free

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Jhameel – Are You Free *must-download indie pop!

May 17th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop |

I’m really excited to let you know that Jhameel has just released the title track from his new music series Are You Free.  Are You Free will be released in the same groundbreaking manner as Waves (one new single per week for five weeks), while taking his indie-pop sound in a more mature and anthemic direction.

“Are You Free” is an atomic release of fiery emotions, thrown over a distorted, groovy beat. Bolstered by Jhameel‘s sweeping pop-infused vocals, the track hits hard musically and lyrically. Listen and download “Are You Free” below.

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Free Album: Shadows on Stars self-titled debut *must-download

April 3rd, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Alternative/Indie, Pop |

About 10 days ago Shadows on Stars released their self-titled debut album, Shadows on Stars (DOWNLOAD). Listening to this indie pop duo’s debut, I enjoy just about every song and see tons of potential in this group! Seriously listen from the beginning to the end of this album and tell me their isn’t a track that you don’t like! I love all the tracks and Shadows on Stars seems like the perfect group to take the nation by storm with their fun yet emotive indie pop.

Listen and download Shadows on Stars below.

Video+MP3: We Stole The Kids – All In My Head *electronic pop hop

March 6th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Pop |

Here’s something fresh and new. We Stole The Kids is a 6 piece Electrindie/Pop/Hip Hop band from New York This is their debut FreEP’s first video and single, “All In My Head”.

Here’s a little something from MC/vocalist August Coupe:

My band We Stole The Kids released our first video off our debut EP “Late Night Episode”. Our sound is a mixture of indie-pop, and alt hip-hop and we have built all of our media from $0.00 and pride ourselves on our grassroots beginning.


Introducing Josh and Mer *Portland Indie-Pop duo

January 24th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop |

Soon after meeting in their home state of Oregon, Josh Schroeder and Meredith Adelaide discovered that they share common ideas about music, art, life, and their love of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. This connection fostered a creative match that quickly evolved into a musical project as Josh and Mer. Their debut album, Planet Music, was recorded with producer Jason Carter (Frank Black, Pete Yorn, Art Brut) and evokes a dreamy, experimental indie rock sound.

The Portland duo furthered their artistic vision by filming and photographing elements of their collaborative process. “We each bring something to the table that we otherwise couldn’t do alone, and I think that’s why it works,” says Josh, while Meredith adds, “We’re always trying to one-up each other with concepts, visuals, and sounds.

Josh and Mer are delighted to share their first single, “From The Sea,” with us today. DOWNLOAD “From The Sea”. Stream below!

Follow Josh and Mer on facebook, soundcloud and twitter.

Hidden Gem: Jhameel *Indie-Pop

September 12th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hidden Gem, Pop |

Jhameel is an up-and-coming indie pop artist out of San Francisco. Here’s what his manager wrote to us:

Jhameel creates passionate music that stands out, leading with powerfully sung, soulful melodies which are backed by instrumentation inspired by truly eclectic sources (Prince, MGMT).  It’s the kind of genre defying modern music that is perfect for Before the Bigs. Not to mention, he plays every single instrument on his records himself!

Here’s my four most recent favorites from Jhameel.
Jhameel Sample Set by jhameel
Follow Jhameel on facebook and twitter.

Hidden Gem: SAMUEL *ubpeat indie pop

August 10th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hidden Gem, Pop |

Indie Pop artist SAMUEL is back with some new songs, specifically three new songs. I’m a big fan of “Still Here” and “Champagne Kisses” and kind of like “Nowhere Town”. We featured SAMUEL back in September on our first edition of Best You Never Heard, which also featured many acts that are big hits now. I think this Summer and beyond you will hear a lot more from SAMUEL and I’m excited what the future has in store for him.

So here’s “Nowhere Town”, “Still Here” and “Champagne Kisses”.
SAMUEL – Nowhere Town off his new project Trains To Wanderland

Still Here by SAMUEL

Champagne Kisses by SAMUEL

Follow Samuel on facebook and twitter if you like his music.

Hidden Gem: The Bynars *Boston Synth-Pop

June 27th, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Pop, synthpop |

The Bynars reached out to us in Mid-May, I listened to their stuff within a couple weeks later and decided I would do a blog post because of their catchy sound. Although The Bynars can be categorized as synth-pop, the Boston band has some grooving rock elements which shouldn’t turn you off to their music if you don’t like pop.

In their e-mail to us they attached their last three singles off their self-titled album. I really like all the songs they have sent me so here are their last three singles. Check out their full album on bandcamp.
The Bynars – Can You Hear It
The Bynars – How Does It Feel to Be in Love
The Bynars – Asking Your Mom for Money

If you like The Bynars music, follow them on facebook and twitter.

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