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Before the Bigs Radio: BtB Podcast Episode 1: Top 14 songs of 2014

January 14th, 2015 by | Miscellaneous |

Before the Bigs Podcast Ep 1

So I’m definitely a little late on a top 14 tracks of 2014 list but better late than never right? Also this is my first episode of a new format we will be reporting awesome music, through podcasting! After four and a half years, writing about music has lost its luster and I’m excited to transition in talking about music and broadcasting it on soundcloud and in partnership with Radio KSCR. So below is the Soundcloud link of episode 1 of the podcast which is 1 hour and 10 minutes long, mostly music and me talking about why I love each of these songs as well as the 14 track playlist on Soundcloud as well if you don’t feel like listening to me.
Stream my podcast on RADIO KSCR

Top 14 tracks of 2014 playlist only:

To listen to it live on Radio KSCR, tune in at noon PST on Wednesday’s to hear my podcast or stream it on our Soundcloud whenever! Comment on your favorite songs below!

Hidden Gem: Trouble Andrew *Brooklyn Crunk Rock

March 2nd, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Rock |

Figuring out what to post tonight among all the music I got that I need to post was tough. I realized it’s time to introduce you to Trouble Andrew. I discovered Trouble Andrew on a facebook event page for another artists’ mixtape release party, googled him and now were here.

He’s got a catchy punk rock feel, actually it’s coined crunk rock to more specifically describe Trouble Andre. Trouble Andrew aka Trevor Andrew is based in Brooklyn, is married to Santogold and has a fun punk rock sound that reminds me of a little darker sounding New Kingdom if I had to compare to a current band.

However Trouble Andrew has a sort of neo-punk style with influences from early punk rock. Trust me that after Trouble Andrew performs at SXSW next week, you will hear a lot of other music media sites give him some positive reviews.

About 10 months ago, Trouble Andrew released Trouble Gang Mixtape, a 29-track project featuring an incredible range of collaborators including Lil Jon, Santogold, Diplo, Curren$y, Ninjasonik and much more. The mixtape has some rock, R&B, and some solid hip-hop as well. Before you download the mixtape, listen and download these three and if you like those, then listen and download Trouble Gang Mixtape on soundcloud.
06 Condition.
09 Cadillac

For more on Trouble Andrew, follow on facebook and twitter. If you really like him, check out his website for more music, videos and upcoming performances.

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