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OnCue – Don’t Fall For That (prod. Justin W.)

August 29th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

New OnCue with production from Justin W. Seriously feeling the flow, the beat for and overall chill track. This is off OnCue’s upcoming project, Can’t Wait, coming soon!
Don’t Fall For That (prod. Justin W.) by OnCue

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Sampled Saturday *Justin W, Matt Clarke, Nicky Rage, Upper West, Warm Brew

July 2nd, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

Another edition of Sampled Saturday and this week we got samples ranging from Britney Spears, Tom Petty, Avicii, Peter Pan and Billy Preaston.

First Justin W mixes up Britney Spears latest hit, rapping over a dubstep beat with some vocals riffs from Spears. Overall this is one of my favorites from Justin W and his production and rap skills seem to improve with each new song.
Justin W – It Never Ends (freestyle)
Next we go to Boston rapper Matt Clarke with “Free Fallin”. This is produced by Plan Z, rapping is alright but I mostly enjoy this song because of the chill Tom Petty sample. “Free Fallin” is off Clarke’s latest mixtape, Blank Check (DOWNLOAD).
Matt Clarke – Free Fallin (Prod. by Plan Z)
Avicii sample, I couldn’t refuse posting this. This is the only song from Nicky Rage that I like and that’s solely because of the Avicii beat. It’s banging and the rap added to it doesn’t take away much from the beat.
Nicky Rage – Summertime Feelin’
Next comes probably the best sample using a song from Peter Pan! Love Upper West‘s creativity with the sample. “I Won’t Grow Up” from Upper West reminds me of Fortune Family and I look forward to more from the group.
Upper West – I Won’t Grow Up
Lastly comes a Billy Preaston sample. “Nothin From Nothin” comes from LA hip-hop group Warm Brew who has a chill flow. This is probably my favorite from the group and off their last project, Warm Brew EP (DOWNLOAD).
Warm Brew – Nothin from Nothin

Justin W ft. OnCue – Rain On Me *MUST DOWNLOAD

May 11th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

I love Justin W‘s production skills. He’s a highly underrated producer and in almost all of his songs, the first thing you think is, what unusual, interesting and enjoyable instrumentals. His rapping may not always be the best, but you have to admit his production is unique among up-and-comers. However what makes this track a five-star on my iTunes and just tops this track off to become really great is OnCue rapping on it.
Justin W – Rain On Me (feat. OnCue)
I highly respect whichever artist reached out to the other to collaborate on this track, it’s a must download!

Soundcloud’s best: March *T.I.M.E., Justin W, The Rubbish Zoo, Left Step Band

March 31st, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Soundcloud's Best |

I think this month was a bit better in terms of quantity with five tracks that I certify 4-stars on my iTunes. Yes I put star ratings on all songs, with 1 stars usually finding the trash and 4-stars and above getting blog attention.

First comes T.I.M.E., an alternative hip-hop group from DC & Richmond, Virginia. They got a soulful sound and reminds me of The Roots. Below is “Da Astronaut” and if you want more of their music, check out their soundcloud.

Next we got Justin W with “I Can’t Sleep” featuring Uno Hype. If there’s one guarantee with Justin W, it’s that the production value of his songs are top notch which is noteworthy since he’s producing most of his own songs. The beat bumps, the flow is good, the hook is solid. Follow Justin W on facebook and twitter.

Sorry to spotlight the same artist in one post but Justin W sent me this in early March, and I didn’t think he would send me two great tracks in one month but I have been proven wrong. “Awesome Sound”, dope production, flow is good and catchy hook. Plus the vocals getting stretched out and turned into part of the instrumentals is clever.

The Rubbish Zoo are an alternative band from Wyoming who recently moved to LA. They have an alternative sound similar to Mouth’s Cradle but not electronic and with great instrumentals that keep you into the song. Look forward to more from these cowboys.

Lastly comes UK Left Step Band, who calls their music “wild style”, which is pretty accurate to me. They are influenced by reggae, dub and old school ska. They have a truly unique sound and interesting instrumentals. Follow LSB on facebook and twitter.

Mixtapes you might have missed *Erik Paul, Kid Sister, Justin W, QuESt

February 13th, 2011 by | Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B, Remix |

I feel a little bad bunching four mixtapes into one post but the mixtapes below don’t stand out as amazing however have some songs that are really enjoyable that people may not have heard before. I listed them below in order of preference (least favorite to most favorite).

Erik Paul released his latest mixtape, The EPiphany, around mid January to some solid reviews. However the mixtape didn’t make it on datpiff. Erik Paul has a hip-pop feel, with catchy hooks, decent rapping, but has potential to improve as he develops his niche more.
Erik Paul – Insult 2 Injury [Ft. Olu]
Erik Paul – I’da Told You Anything
Next is Kid Sister, whose latest mixtape, Kiss Kiss Kiss, was mixed by Nick Catchdubs and released through Fools Gold Records. I like Kid Sister in doses, can’t listen to her music all the time but with the music from her mixtape, you can listen and enjoy it a lot at a club or dance party. Here’s two of my favorites.
Kid Sister – Lookout Weekend f. Nina Sky
Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)
Justin W is an artist to keep an eye out for, because track to track you hear differences and wonder what direction Justin W will take next based on the current material we have seen from him. His latest mixtape, Gone ‘Til November, has solid rapping, really good hooks but what I like most is the instrumentals with almost every song.
Here’s my two favorites off the mixtape.
JUSTIN W – Cloud 9
JUSTIN W – Lost In The Night
Lastly, one of the most underrated mixtapes that dropped in early 2011 was from Miami MC QuESt. I’m a big fan of QuESt because of The Reason: A Defense Mechanism, his latest mixtape that has a very relaxed vibe with his chill rap, great production and overall dope lyricism. I only see QuESt getting better and this mixtape is a big reason why.
Here’s my two favorites from QuESt.
Today (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
Were Going Down (Prod. By Ace2euce)

Hidden Gem: Justin W

January 14th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B |

I knew about rapper and producer Justin W at least a month now thanks to Hype Floats, but hadn’t really enjoyed his tracks until recently. Justin W has a unique style and it’s hard to compare his music to many other aritsts although you can tell he has the potential to become a mainstream star.

I took notice when he produced a song called “I’m On It” featuring Triple J, which has a crazy good beat. Then I did a little research and found there are a couple more I like from Maryland-born artist Justin W.
JUSTIN W – I’m On It ft. Triple J & Mike Cantrell
JUSTIN W – Without A Fight
JUSTIN W – Get Off

For more on Justin W, check out his twitter.

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