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Hidden Gem: KillaGraham *dubstep remixes

March 8th, 2011 by | Dubstep, Hidden Gem, Remix |

I was almost about to write BANGER in the post title but that would have made me feel like I had just paid for sex. Not because KillaGraham’s music is dope but I hate using that word to describe good music. However if that word is in your dictionary to describe a really good song, then it would be appropriate for DJ KillaGraham’s remixes.

KillaGraham’s remixes are dope and here’s two songs he throws some awesome dubstep into. Shout out to Vacay Waves.
First KillaGraham throws dubstep onto a “Cudi Zone”. It’s hard to remix Kid Cudi and make it sound bad but their are very few dubstep remixes to Cudi I pay attention to and this is one of those few dope ones. Download

Next KillaGraham throws dubstep onto one of the easiest Weezer songs to play in Rockband, “Say It Ain’t So”. I will never forgot I did guitar and vocals at the same time to this song. It was on easy mode but still, that was one of my finer moments in multi-tasking in video games. Download

For more DJ KillaGraham remixes and original tracks, check out his soundcloud.

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