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Mixtape: Kinetics & One Love – With A Little Help From My Friends

July 11th, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Hip-Hop/Rap |

New mixtape from rap pop duo Kinetics & One Love, With A Little Help From My Friends. Stream and download each track below.

Kinetics & One Love – Cross-Fading Back To Normal *remix/mashup project

May 8th, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Hip-Hop/Rap, Mashup, Remix |

What do you get when you mix songs off Kinetics & One Love‘s 2009 album, Fading Back to Normal, with hits like Kanye’s “Runaway” and M83’s “Midnight City”? A sick explosion of the hottest pop and hip hop tunes mixed with the gritty rap that is K&OL’s trademark.

Cross-fading Back To Normal is the epic remix project K&OL have just completed and lemme tell you, each mash-up/remix is a total eargasm.

Download the entire mixtape FOR FREE here!

Download Mixtape

My favorite song is Track 9 off Cross-fading, a mash-up of “Midnight City” with K&OL’s “Dazed and Confused”.

Video: Kinetics & One Love – Sign Language ft. Vita Chambers & Orchestra)

April 27th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Pop |

It’s been awhile since I’ve guest blogged for BeforeBigs but I’m stoked to be back and giving you guys the latest info on one of my favorite rap duos, Kinetics & One Love. I think the reason I dig these guys so much is because they’re more than just rappers: these dudes are straight up ballers. Having met as students at Cornell University and forming a collaboration out of a mutual passion for music, they soon after created the chorus to B.o.B’s smash hit “Airplanes” which reached No. 2 on the iTune’s singles chart just days after its release. Since then, the gifted pair has been consistently turning out songs under the Warner Music Group label that blow my mind both soundwise and lyrically.

In an industry that has become over saturated with all these wannabe’s who spit about how they ball so hard and all I hear is “blah blah blah,” Kinetics & One Love brings something to the stage that is so real and so raw. Their lyrics are deep and from the heart – the gut if you will – and coupled with metaphors that are provocative and make you think about the deeper things in life.

With all that being said, I was beyond stoked when Kinetics & One Love officially released the music video for the orchestral version of their song “Sign Language.” I distinctly remember saying to myself, “this needs to be the future of rap.” The video also features performances by Vita Chambers of Universal Republic Records and the Shattered Glass Chamber Orchestra.

Download the mp3 to this song here. Watch the video below. (more…)

Remix Battle: Lana Del Rey “Video Games” *Kinetics & One Love vs The RedLand

April 15th, 2012 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Remix, Remix Battle |

These aren’t just two remixes to Lana Del Rey but in both songs they sample her song “Video Games”, turning it into a hip-hop song with quality production and solid rhymes.

Listen to both songs from Kinetics & One Love and newcomers The RedLand below and vote on which you like more! (more…)

Video: Kinetics & One Love – Butterfly Effect *must-watch

March 31st, 2012 by | Music Video |

New Kinetics & One Love video that I highly recommend watching. It’s for their song, “Butterfly Effect” which has this chill-hop vibe with real inquisitive lyrics about how everything that happens to us, even unfortunate events, could have unintended and even fortunate consequences later on down the line.

“Butterfly Effect” is off Kinetics last mixtape, What Model Are You?. Watch this interesting video to “Butterfly Effect” below. (more…)

Hidden Gem: De-Lor

November 2nd, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Music Video, Pop |

De-Lor is probably the next major pop star that not a ton of people know about. He’s got more potential than Frank Ocean, doesn’t have nearly as much support as The Weeknd, but his songs are catchy, fun and more enjoyable than the previous two artists I mentioned.

Swedish pop artist De-Lor put out his debut mixtape titled J’adore (DOWNLOAD) that he’s worked very hard on and features Kinetics & One Love and Sex Ray Vision. Below are my five favorites off the MUST-DOWNLOAD debut mixtape from De-Lor.

DOWNLOAD De-Lor – Cruel

DOWNLOAD De-Lor – Bedouin

DOWNLOAD De-Lor – Your Body

DOWNLOAD De-Lor – Out of My League (ft. Kinetics & One Love)

DOWNLOAD De-Lor – You Got It All (Ali Vera Remix Skiss)

Most recently De-Lor put out a music video of the smash hit, “That We Loved”, remixed by Sex Ray Vision to be a banger that everybody needs to hear. It’s a 5-star on my iTunes and for good reason. Watch the music video below.

Official Music Video: Kinetics & One Love – “Will You Be Remembered?” (featuring Missy Modell)

June 9th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video |

[youtube 6mogJ9lnPpo]

Last week, Kinetics & One Love dropped the visuals for “Will You Be Remembered?” (featuring Missy Modell). This is a very well done music video which includes Jamal Woolard, the actor who played Biggie in the feature film Notorious. Though Kinetics & One Love are more well known for their song writing for other artists, they have made great tracks of their own and have great visuals to back it up. Enjoy!

Download: Kinetics & One Love – “Will You Be Remembered?” (featuring Missy Modell)

Kinetics & One Love – Happy Hour (The Office Theme Song Remix)

May 7th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Remix |

It’s been a while since we have heard from Kinetics & One Love, but the are back with “Happy Hour”, which is an awesome remix of the Office Theme Song. This song discusses their lives in the real-world and how it differs greatly from college life. It was also an appropriate time to come out with this track just a few days after Steve Carrel left the widely popular television series. Enjoy this track!

Hot Tottie Remix – Daily Mash

November 4th, 2010 by | Mashup, Remix |

Kinetics & One Love did a remix/mashup to Usher’s Hot Tottie.

Hot Tottie (Remix Feat. Kinetics & One Love & Jay-Z)

More of a remix than mashup, with the mashup part’s most evident in the intro and outro.

Found the song courtesy GMAD.

Kinetics & One Love – “Break Up Sex” (Ranidu Remix)

October 14th, 2010 by | Dance, Pop |


Kinetics & One Love came out with yet another new song. It is called “Break Up Sex” (Ranidu Remix) and it is quite catchy and has constant radio play written all over it. Enjoy!

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