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Skrillex Sunday! *mashups, remix and Skrillex original!

June 19th, 2011 by | Dance, Dubstep, Mashup, Remix |

Skrillex versus Lil’ Jon. The White Panda straight killin’ it once again. Can’t wait to see these guys live, must be a big party when they bust out these upbeat bangin’ mashups.
Foolish Monsters by whitepandamusic
Next we go with a Skrillex original with “Ruffneck”. Dubstep banger!

Twin Atlantic has a solid song “What Is Light? What Is Laughter?” which Skrillex remixes. It’s a little long at 6 minutes but Skrillex turns an indie pop/rock tune into more of an electronica banger so I’m down for the raging. Am I the only one who thought Enrique Iglesias was on the vocals?

Lastly, Willanthropic does a mashup with The Who versus J-Kwon versus Skrillex versus Dorrough. A classic rock band versus two rappers who are one-hit wonders versus a DJ who is considered dubstep when he’s really much better and much more than just dubstep. Forgot to mention that Willanthropic takes a funny ass quote from the hilarious Adam Sandler comedy Billy Madison.

Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke ft. Lil Jon – Turbulence *electro/house

June 4th, 2011 by | Dance, House |

I can’t believe we didn’t blog about this yet! Are you ready for some “Turbulence”. I have a new-found appreciation for Lil Jon because of how well he did on that Donald Trump reality show, Celebrity Apprentice. Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki craft electro/house magic with “Turbulence”! Download

Oh wait, there’s a music video for this, watch after the jump! (more…)

DJ Bahler – Waste No Water (mashup mixtape)

April 7th, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Mashup |

DJ Bahler recently dropped his latest mashup mixtape, Waste No Water (Download) which is prelude to his bigger project, Free The Snares. Nonetheless, this mixtape is really good and when he told me that some of the songs were actually ones that didn’t make his next mixtape, I was shocked at how good most of the mashups were knowing they were “leftovers”.

I love how all of his mashups pick up into an upbeat mix of sounds. Here’s my favorites.
DJ Bahler – Fakes On A Plane
DJ Bahler – The Wicked Neva Rest
DJ Bahler – El Lobo Y La Luna
If your like me and you want to know the samples in the song, DJ Bahler has provided a sampled tracklisting.

Hidden Gem: Trouble Andrew *Brooklyn Crunk Rock

March 2nd, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Rock |

Figuring out what to post tonight among all the music I got that I need to post was tough. I realized it’s time to introduce you to Trouble Andrew. I discovered Trouble Andrew on a facebook event page for another artists’ mixtape release party, googled him and now were here.

He’s got a catchy punk rock feel, actually it’s coined crunk rock to more specifically describe Trouble Andre. Trouble Andrew aka Trevor Andrew is based in Brooklyn, is married to Santogold and has a fun punk rock sound that reminds me of a little darker sounding New Kingdom if I had to compare to a current band.

However Trouble Andrew has a sort of neo-punk style with influences from early punk rock. Trust me that after Trouble Andrew performs at SXSW next week, you will hear a lot of other music media sites give him some positive reviews.

About 10 months ago, Trouble Andrew released Trouble Gang Mixtape, a 29-track project featuring an incredible range of collaborators including Lil Jon, Santogold, Diplo, Curren$y, Ninjasonik and much more. The mixtape has some rock, R&B, and some solid hip-hop as well. Before you download the mixtape, listen and download these three and if you like those, then listen and download Trouble Gang Mixtape on soundcloud.
06 Condition.
09 Cadillac

For more on Trouble Andrew, follow on facebook and twitter. If you really like him, check out his website for more music, videos and upcoming performances.

Remixes with Childish Gambino

February 24th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Remix |

Two songs with Childish Gambino in the remix. The first came out this week and is a Cheap Thrills remix to his song “Let Me Dope You” featuring Body Language. The relaxing beats and synths Cheap Thrills added is a perfect compliment to Childish Gambino’s rapping. Listen closely for Lil Jon‘s lyrics from “Damn” by YoungBloodZ inserted into the chorus.

2nd song you probably heard if your an avid blogger or read tons of music blogs or check out In “Rolling in the Deep” Jamie XX remix (of The XX) by Adele, Childish Gambino jumps on the last verses and really turns the song into something special. Skip to around 2:35 in the song for Childish Gambino rapping.

Hidden Gem: Whole-Z *absolute banger remixes

January 30th, 2011 by | Dubstep, Electro, Hidden Gem, Remix |

Whole-Z hails from Burlington, Vermont and makes absolutely dope BANGER remixes. Spotted his “Phantom of the Opera” remix on TSIS a couple days ago and that became a MUST POST song and is a MUST DOWNLOAD.

Love that Whole-Z decided to sample a showtunes and a dark show-tune with Phantom of the Opera, throwing in dubstep as well. Plus Whole-Z put in Lil’ Jon saying what he’s famous for to make for a dope remix.
Phantom of the Opera (Whole-Z Remix ft. Lil’ Jon)
Earlier today a friend posted a video featuring Whole-Z remix the indie single, “Home” by Edward Sharpe. Another catchy dope remix from Whole-Z which you can listen to below. Download “Home”
Home (Whole-Z Remix)
I can’t wait for the next remix from Whole-Z an suggest to follow on facebook and check out his soundcloud if you like him.

Daily Mash – Dr. Dre vs Miley Cyrus

October 16th, 2010 by | Mashup |

I love the Biggie vs Miley Cyrus mashup so much I had to post the Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg vs Miley Cyrus one. This also includes Lil Jon saying what we all expect, “YEAH”.  The Next Episode (dj pinto remix)–Miley Cirus vs. Dr. Dre 
This is about 6 months old, but a great song to listen to before you go out. Enjoy!

Free sample Friday

July 30th, 2010 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Miscellaneous |

Today we decided that we want you to hear a few new songs that sample popular songs of the past like DJ Felli Fel samples “Jump” by Van Halen, CurT@!n$ samples “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who, Tijon samples “Use Me” by Bill Withers, and Marky samples “Rocket Man” by Elton John. However they don’t just sample the song, they change it up a bit, add some beats to it, and make it sound like a really good song.  DJ Felli Fel – I Wanna Get Drunk (Feat. Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon & Fatman Scoop) by BeforeTheBigsZach  CurT@!n$ – Teenage Wasteland (Prod. M. Stacks) by BeforeTheBigsZach  Tijon – Use Me by BeforeTheBigsZach  Marky – Rocket Man by BeforeTheBigsZach 

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