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FREE album: DJ Burnout – #hashtag *tomfoolery* #MusicFutureNow

April 21st, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Daily Mix, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro, Electronic Dance Music, Mashup |

One of our awesome writers, DJ Burnout, dropped #hashtag yesterday, a 19-track mashup album. Here’s what he had to say about it:

I am extremely proud to bring to you #hashtag. The theme of the album is obscurity. These tracks, despite having ridiculous track titles, contain incredible vibes that will instantaneously strike a nerve in your brain that makes you want to RAGE! With obscurity comes insanity, and that’s exactly what these tracks bring. Mostly with heavy bass and old school lyrics, #hashtag combines the best music from the past and present to produce the future of music.

Full Album Download

Dotcom – Eyes On The Prize (Mashup Album)

March 28th, 2012 by | Mashup |

My homie Dotcom just dropped this INSANE 10 track Mashup Album and it is a must download immediately type thing. DOWNLOAD THIS IMMEDIATELY!

“Time to Celebrate” is by far my favorite and I have been playing out in my sets for quite some time now. Listen & Download Below!

Click To Download: Dotcom – Eyes On The Prize

Mashup Monday: The White Panda – Bambooyah! (FREE album mix)

March 12th, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Daily Mix, Mashup, Mashup Monday |

Mashup banger after mashup banger, The White Panda continues to create party mashup tracks that get everybody moving. The White Panda have released a new project, Bambooyah! This mix one hour mix is filled with filthy high energy tracks and is a mash of some of the best club hits from last year and some classic vocals from the past couple of years.

I appreciate TWP letting people download the continuous mix or separated tracks. Stream it below.

DOWNLOAD Continuous Mix
DOWNLOAD Separated Tracks

Ridgewood Social Club – RSC (Mashup Album)

February 13th, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Mashup, Mashup Monday |

For the past couple of months, I have been hanging out and spinnin venues with Ben & Zach from the Ridgewood Social Club. Today, I am proud to bring to your their newest album, RSC. For more about the album, here’s what they had to say.

“We’re really excited to release “RSC”, our second full-length mashup album. “RSC” consists of 10 tracks and features 48 different samples, and in many ways it reflects our growth as a mashup duo. Given the state of mashups these days when everyone and their mom can throw a pop acapella over a house track at 128 bpm, we thought long and hard about how to approach our sophomore album.

Using a handful of DC venues as our test lab, we worked tirelessly over the last two months to develop a sound that provides listeners with a unique mashup experience. We were overwhelmed by the positive responses to our first album release, so as we aspire to play bigger venues, we’ve incorporated much bigger sounds into our tracks.

To celebrate the album’s release, we’ll be participating in a party on Monday, February 13 at 8:30 PM EST, and we hope you can join us on Friday February 24th at Liv in Washington DC, where we’ll be hosting a mashup party with some friends that include Bruneaux, DJ Strongarm, DJ Burnout, ten.sense, SEA apparel, and C4 Belts. Details here.

We also want to send out a huge thanks to Ben’s little brother Zeke for the cover art, you can see more of his artwork here:

For the free download, we’re asking folks to head to our Facebook page for it.”


Mashup Monday: DJ Kontrol – Mashter Chef (album)

December 5th, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Mashup, Mashup Monday |

For this week’s edition of Mashup Monday we got a new mashup album from DJ Kontrol, aka The Remix Junkie who has worked with Lil’ Jon and many others. Kontrol’s new mashup album, Mashter Chef, is 20 tracks with a little something for everything. Out of the 20 tracks there’s at least 7 that I love so you know this is a must-download if you like mashups or just love to dance.

Stream it below and purchase it on bandcamp (name your price). Alternative DJ Kontrol sent us a link to download here.

Mashup Monday: Wugazi (Wu-Tang Clan vs Alt/Indie Rock)

August 22nd, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Mashup, Mashup Monday, Mixtape Monday |

Wugazi made a mashup featuring alternative rock songs instrumentals with Wu-Tang Clan vocals/rapping in the mashup mixtape, 13 Chambers (DOWNLOAD). Loving how the classic lyrics from Wu-Tang gets thrown into a variety of alternative/indie rock songs. Stream and download the mixtape below. My three favorites include “Sweet Release”, “Killa Hill” and “Forensic Shimmy”.
Wugazi • 13 Chambers

Basic Physics – Nightlife in the Northwoods (mixtape)

June 9th, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Dance, Mashup |

Thirsty Thursday is in full effect and to start your night off right, here’s some banging electronica mashups that are sure to get your butt shaking, your hips moving and your head boppin’. Basic Physics put out Nightlife in the Northwoods, a mashup mixtape featuring 14 banging mashups. Here’s 3 of my favorites.

If you like this, DOWNLOAD the mixtape on bandcamp or listen and download the whole mix below if the party already started.

Previous: Basic Physics – Daft and Yellow (Daft Punk x Wiz Khalifa)

The White Panda – Pandamonium (album) *killer mashup mix

March 3rd, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Daily Mix, Mashup |

This week, The White Panda released their latest album, Pandamonium, a 40-track mix featuring some of their past mashups, tons of new mashup’s and overall a MUST DOWNLOAD if you like mashups. Once again, The White Panda show why they are possibly the best 2 song mashup artist, always seeming to find 2-3 songs that fit in so well to mashup.

There’s tons of great mashups on this mix, but here’s my top four favorites.
Bust A Love (Haddaway x Young MC)

Damn I Can’t Stop (Red Hot Chili Peppers x Youngbloodz)

D.R.E Don’t Go (Mike Posner x Dr. Dre)

Walking On Al (Paul Simon x Empire Of The Sun)

Mashup Monday – Milkman

February 7th, 2011 by | Mashup, Mashup Monday |

Milkman has a little less music ADD than some of the most popular mashup artists out there. With Milkman you get to enjoy the specific vocals and/or instrumentals a bit more before it gets mixed to the next one.

Milkman has a strong following to back up his dope mashups with over 10,000 facebook fans and various college campus tours and past performances with artists such as Lil Jon and Three Six Mafia.

On January 25th, Milkman released his third full length project, Algorithms (download), to complete the Milkman: Mashup Trilogy. Below are four of my favorite mashups by him, they are upbeat while mixing oldies with new music behind interesting mixed up instrumentals.
Sky High
Let’s Go
Another One
Love Struck
For more on Milkman including tour dates, check out his facebook and twitter.

Introducing Dankasaurus Rex *the next Girl Talk

February 5th, 2011 by | Mashup |

Dankasaurus Rex hit us up a while back with his latest 6-track mashup project, I Heart Docking (download), and after listening to the whole thing, I enjoyed all the mashups. Dankasaurus Rex is perfect if you have music ADD and/or enjoy mashups.

I think Dankasaurus has potential to become the next Girl Talk and with mashup artists, you have no where to go but up, so I can only seeing Dankasaurus Rex getting better. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Let ‘Er Rip
Everclear: Beverage of the Champions
Who’s Rawnchee? I’m Rawnchee

For more on Dankasaurus Rex, check out his bandcamp and follow him on facebook.

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