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Concert Review: Machine Gun Kelly at The Key Club (Hollywood)

August 30th, 2011 by | Before Bigs Exclusive, Concert/Festival Review, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Reviews |

Lace-Up, the popular term used by cleveland bred rapper Machine Gun Kelly. I’ll admit, at first I was not the biggest fan of the kid. However, slowly over time his music started growing on me. Once I saw him live, I immediately realized how big he is going to get.

I got to the Key Club in Hollywood where he was performing late and only saw him on stage for about 20 minutes. However, that’s all I needed to see. He is so electrifying when he performs as he enjoys climbing walls,  spraying water into the crowd and joining his fans by stage diving all while spitting his awesome rhythms.

The place was packed to near capacity; and it was on a Sunday night. Mat Musto and Mike Posner added to the fun with their contribution to the show as well. I didn’t get to the club in time to see Mike Posner perform and did not even know he was there. However, Mat Musto added as a great feature to MGK’s set.

Below are a few of the songs I heard from MGK which I especially liked the most. Enjoy!

“End Of The Road” (featuring Mat Musto) (Download)

“All Alone” (featuring Collin Hinton) (Download)

“Chip Off The Block” (Download)

Covers by Collin McLoughlin, PK, Mat Musto, My Double My Brother & Eric Holljes

June 11th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Pop, R&B, Rock |

Five covers that take the original song and turn it into a more acoustic turn with emphasis on vocals and rock and/or pop instrumentals including a tiny bit folk maybe. Anyway time for familiar songs covered by awesomely talented artists.

First is Collin McLoughlin who I am always on the fence with. Some of his songs I really like and others are boring to me. However in doing an acoustic cover of Swedish House Mafia‘s “Save The World Tonight”, I look forward to more from Collin and can’t wait for some original tracks from the R&B/pop artist.

Next we go with a group who had a great song in 2010 with “London” which we featured on BYNH 1 last summer. Recently PK did a cover of Kid Cudi‘s “Up Up and Away”. It’s got a chill acoustic indie rock melody and I mostly like it because they are covering Cudders! I pulled the audio from a video they did of the cover so the quality isn’t top-notch. Watch the music video on youtube.

We featured Mat Musto on here for the first time earlier this month. Recently he dropped a cover to Lady Gaga‘s latest hit, “Born This Way”. Musto goes real chill acoustic here, which is really cool since Lady Gaga is almost the opposite with her upbeat radio-friendly pop tracks.

A cover of Phoenix… fuck yes, sign me up! At the time the band who did this cover was called The Fragrance but has since changed their name to My Double, My Brother. I like this indie rock version, still a bigger fan of the original but a cover/remix/mashup or whatever using Phoenix is awesome! Here’s the video of My Double, My Brother performing it live.

Last track is the slowest, shows tons of talent and is a cover to an artist who was one of my favorites, Mike Posner. Anyways, Eric Holljes, who recorded several tracks with Posner while he was at Duke and who also is in Delta Rae, has tremendous talent. I’m surprised it took him this long to do the cover of this song but maybe he wanted to wait til the radio stopped playing the Gilgamesh remix of Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me”.

Hidden Gem: Mat Musto *future Pop star!

June 5th, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Pop |

For that smooth relaxing futuristic pop/R&B, look no further than Mat Musto. His music is the type of songs that would get on Vh1’s top 20 countdown show. Mat Musto would be a part of their five minute look at a rising musician with mainstream potential.

Great way to know how well an artist will do is what other artists have worked with him, which includes Vonnegutt which had Musto on the hook for “Over Being Sober” and “Gone” off their latest mixtape, Free.99.

Here’s my three favorites from Mat Musto.
Mat Musto – Same Stars
Mat Musto – Summertime
Mat Musto – Dreams 2.0 (b-side)
Follow Mat Musto on: facebook / twitter

Kyle Lucas x MGK, Mat Musto x Nate Walka – Over Being Sober

January 28th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Pop |

It’s really cool Nate Walka, Mat Musto, Kyle Lucas (MC of Vonnegutt) and Machine Gun Kelly all collaborated on this track because it’s dope and really shows their talent.  Plus I’m sure they got some good money from Ciroc for the promotional material they pushed in the music video.

Anybody catch Machine Gun Kelly say “Mazel Tov all night when it ain’t nothing but it’s Kosher”… love it!

Download “Over Being Sober”

Bonus: Kyle Lucas recently put out an awesome freestyle. “The Funeral Freestyle” further shows why Kyle Lucas will have a successful career not only individually but with his hip-pop band Vonnegutt. By the way, Big Boi agrees as he signed Vonnegutt to his Purple Ribbon record label.

“So rest in peace / I just murdered this beat” What a dope ending to a dope song.

Download “The Funeral Freestyle”, which is off his latest mixtape, It’s Always Sunny in Marietta (Download).

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