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MCMF – “I Can Rap” (Mixtape)

May 29th, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Remix |

New Jersey rapper and producer MCMF recently dropped his newest mixtape “I Can Rap”. MCMF has a very unique but enjoyable flow.  He fuses elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and Soul to develop the unique sound of his music. MCMF is known for his powerful and heartfelt lyrics.  In my eyes it is a perfect combination to keep the listener pleased and entertained. Hearing “I Can Rap” minutes after it dropped, I was instantly in love.

I Can Rap” is a sponsored tape on and can be downloaded for free there. Make sure to download the tape and check out his Facebook page for more info!

Download Mixtape

Watch the video for latest self produced single by MCMF entitled “Patience”  below. (more…)

Mike Gazzo – Welcome to Cloud9 *EP

May 12th, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, synthpop, Techno |

Cloud9 (Mike Gazzo) is a young up-and-coming electronic music producer from Essex County, NJ, now residing in Baltimore, MD. His signature dirty dutch synth with the upbeat and rhythmic drums creates a euphoric range of sounds that is guaranteed to make you jump. The sampling of popular songs and viral videos gives the listener an instant connection, guaranteed to put them on cloud nine.

EllisD  (@DreamChaserLSD)

Hidden Gem: Kosha Dillz *indie rap

January 30th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Hidden Gem, Hip-Hop/Rap |

Kosha Dillz will probably go down as one of the most famous jewish rappers of the 21st century. After seeing him live for the 2nd time in late 2011, I became a big fan as he’s a crowd pleaser and really a talented MC.

Recently he’s been doing lots of shows, putting out new tracks over once a month and killing the hip-hop game with press all over. Here’s my three recent favorites from the Jewish rapper from New Jersey.

Follow Kosha Dillz on facebook and twitter.

Hidden Gem: I.O.U. *everything music

July 27th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hidden Gem, Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B |

I.O.U.‘s genre is everything, meaning their music is a mixed bag, some you will really like, some not so much but overall you hear a new sound. Lots of potential from I.O.U. Here’s what their management had to say about the group on their debut album, B.O.M.Bs (Breaking Our Mind Barriers).


All the productions were done by I.O.U, meaning Inside Our Universe. With this album Jersey natives, Isaiah ‘Izee’, Andrew ‘Buck’ Buckner, and manager Charles ‘Chuck’ Ferrone set out to change mindsets in a world where genre is everything! I.O.U is soul music, it’s hip hop, it’s world music; to sum it up, it’s passion.

Download Breaking Our Mind Barriers (debut album)

Here’s my four favorites from the mixtape.

I.O.U. – Walls

I.O.U. – Mountains (mo-town sample!)

I.O.U. – Dominos

I.O.U. – Bottled Emotions ft. Evangelia

After the jump, watch the music videos for “Mountains” and “Bottled Emotions”. Follow I.O.U. on facebook, I only see their music improving.

Introducing HaTer *hip-pop chillaxing

June 13th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

I don’t exactly remember how I got three HaTer songs on my iTunes. I checked my inbox and didn’t see any email submission, so then I searched a few of my favorite blog’s and didn’t see anything.

HaTer is an artist from New Jersey and has a special flavor that doesn’t make him sound like every other white rapper out there. His sound is a bit more catchy but not frat rap where his beats are what makes him sound good; he reminds me of a less lyrical but more cathcy OnCue. Here’s a couple songs that better explain HaTer‘s sound as an artist.
In This Life by HaTeR
HaTer-Radio Sex

Follow HaTer on: facebook / twitter

Steel Train – Bullet *epic fun rock song

May 1st, 2011 by | Music Video, Pop, Rock |

I’m a huge fan of this song “Bullet” and would have featured it on our BYNH 3 tape if Steel Train hadn’t grown into how popular they are now. Listen and download “Bullet” and below watch the official music video they put out for the song back in February.
Steel Train – Bullet


Ground Up – “Lady Luck” (Official Music Video)

January 5th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video |

[youtube qxI-Eg0Y6Gk]

Earlier today, Ground Up dropped the music video for their track “Lady Luck” off their must recent mixtape, Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes. It takes place in Atlantic City, New Jersey and is a great music video to an awesome laid back hip-hop track. Download the entire mixtape with the track “Lady Luck” here. Enjoy

Hidden Gem: SoLo

October 7th, 2010 by | Hidden Gem, Hip-Hop/Rap |

For SoLo’s 19th birthday, this is the perfect day to do a post on him. From New Jersey, Patrick Jamieson aka SoLo, moved to Long Island and earned the title as one of Long Islands Most Talented Young Hip-Hop Artists.

In late September, SoLo released a mixtape, Out of the Ordinary (download), and below are a couple of my favorites off it. The mixtape is really good with production from 9th Wonder on a track and featuring Na Palm on another track.

Listen and download “Every Morning”, which samples the Sugar Ray song of the same name, and SoLo’s latest single, “Movin’ Out” ft. Young Mel.  SoLo – Movin’ Out (feat. Young Mel) by BeforeBigsZach  SoLo Every Morning by BeforeBigsZach 
For more on SoLo check out his facebook and wish him a happy birthday!

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