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Video: Dave Patten – This Ledge

April 4th, 2014 by | Music Video, Pop |

My favorite Philly singer/songwriter Dave Patten is back with a new video, “This Ledge”. It’s a smooth track, not my favorite from him as it’s a little more laid back than his other material but I absolutely love the storytelling in all his videos and this video is no exception to how easy it is for Dave Patten to turn his songs into intricate short stories. The best way to describe Dave Patten‘s music is “feel good pop” because even if the story starts out negative, it always ends up becoming positive and uplifting as you can tell when you reach past the 3 minute mark in the song, but don’t skip ahead or the story is ruined!

“This Ledge” is off Patten’s EP, “Off This Ledge” (iTunes). Watch “This Ledge” below.

Tayyib Ali – “Keystone State of Mind 2” – MIXTAPE

March 4th, 2013 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Miscellaneous |

Hey kids,
Got some exciting news for you!!! Coming right out of Philly, Tayyib Ali has finally dropped the second installment of his Keystone State mix tapes. Keystone State of Mind 2 is the same smart Tayyib you know and love, with a little more edge. I recently met up with him at a live show here in Denver, and can honestly say he deserves the best.

Check out the free download on DatPiff right here: DOWNLOAD.

Make sure to show some love over on Facebook: HERE. And on Twitter (he actually responds on here) right HERE.

Til our next affair,

Hidden Gem: DRGN King *Philadelphia psychedelic indie everything

April 15th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Before Bigs Exclusive, Hidden Gem, Music Video, Rock |

Dragon King began as the studio project of Philly singer/songwriter Dominic Angelella (pictured above) and producer Ritz Reynolds. You have heard of Ritz Reynolds from his work with The Roots, Wale, Mac Miller, OCD: Moosh & Twist and much more.

DRGN King is from Philadelphia, started as a duo, now a young quartet with many special guests. My three favorite songs from this up-and-coming band include “Holy Ghost” (5-star track), “Wild Night”, and “Altamont Sunrise”. I have included those three below.

Want more from the band, watch the official music video to “Holy Ghost” my all time favorite track from the band. (more…)

Dave Patten – Gone (album) *feel good music

March 2nd, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Pop |

Dave Patten is out with his new album, Gone (iTunes / Amazon), which was released earlier this week.

It’s 13 tracks, all produced by Dave, except: The One (featuring Meek Mill, produced by Jahlil Beats) and Believe Me (featuring Meek Mill, produced by Sap).

There are songs of fun, songs of frustration, songs of humor and songs of heartbreak. There’s even a dubstep influenced type track on here. Several of these songs have been featured on Before Bigs in the past (“Just for Me“, “Miserable“, “Come Over” and “Believe Me” as we are big fans and believers in Dave Patten‘s potential. This album is a must-listen and will prove to you that Patten will be heard on national airwaves this year!

Stream and DOWNLOAD my favorite song from Gone, “Believe Me”.

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Justin Baron – Change Your Mind (Live) *MUST-WATCH video!

December 9th, 2011 by | Music Video |

Instruments, vocals, background vocals, everything, Justin Baron does it all in this video. It’s crazy when you hear how it all comes together and I have seen very few do this. “Change Your Mind” was looped live in one take!

The song is about trying to get a girl to change her mind and instead of being scared and alone, she should take a chance and fall in love with you. Asking her to “take your time, but change your mind.”

Justin Baron was the official opener of Dave Patten‘s Exposure Tour this Fall and is gearing up to release his next project in 2012.

Stream “Change Your Mind” (Live) below and click more to watch the official video to Justin Baron putting it all together to create such a soulful unique sound through looping. DOWNLOAD
Change Your Mind (Live) by JustinBaron (more…)

Ground Up – “Romantic Comedy” (Mini-Mixtape)

November 29th, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Hip-Hop/Rap |

On Sunday, I posted Ground Up‘s track “Boulevard” which is off their mini-mixtape Romantic Comedy. Well today, I give you the full thing. This 7 track project is a good one. The duo has really matured as artists providing great tracks to vibe and chill to. Their rapping is great and the instrumentals are legit as well. Listen to the full mini-mixtape below. I am sure you will enjoy it!

“Intro” [Download]

“Boulevard” [Download]

“One Chance” [Download]

“All Night” [Download]

“Yesterday” [Download]

“Secret” [Download]

“Outro” [Download]

Download: Romantic Comedy (Entire Mini-Mixtape)



Like Ground Up on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @therealgroundup


Ground Up – “Boulevard”

November 27th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

New leak from Philly hip-hop duo Ground Up. The name of the track is “Boulevard” and is on their upcoming mini-mixtape, Romantic Comedy which is set to drop this Tuesday. This is quite an enjoyable track to listen to, with legit rapping and amazing instrumentals. This is perfect for cruising down the street with the windows down.

We’ve been following Ground Up for well over a year now and each time they come out with a new track, they continue to mature and improve in all aspects of their music. I look forward to Romantic Comedy!

Download: Ground Up – “Boulevard”

Ground Up – “The Get Down” (Mixtape)

September 29th, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Hip-Hop/Rap |

Last week, Philadelphia hip-hop duo Ground Up released their most recent project, The Get Down. Once again they provide a very laid-back and relaxing feel to their music. Their lyricism is great and the chill instrumentals all around create a great vibe to listen to.

This 16-track mixtape is filled with slow, smooth head-nodding all throughout. Great to cruise down the streets with the windows down in your car. They continue to impress with their old-school style. As this type of hip-hop has slowly faded away over the years, Ground Up continues to keep it relevant and makes it even better.

My favorite tracks off The Get Down are below. If you like what you hearing (which I know you will), then download the entire mixtape.

“No Thanks” (prod. Bij Lincs) (Download)

“Fucked Up” (prod. Melee) (Download)

“Going on” (featuring Aziz) (prod. Bij Lincs) (Download)

“13 Floor” (featuring Farz & Bij Lincs) (Download)

“Scars” (prod. Big Z) (Download)

Download: The Get Down (Entire Mixtape)


Theodore Grams – Great Job! 3 (Sponsored by

May 15th, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Before Bigs Exclusive, Hip-Hop/Rap |

Our first sponsored mixtape and for sure not our last! Here’s Philadelphia MC Theodore Grams latest project, Great Job! 3, a mixtape that features quality production mostly from Theodore, some dope samples, some solid features from some rising artists and overall some dope rapping from Theodore Grams.

Here’s my three favorites off Great Job! 3 (DOWNLOAD).
Theodore Grams – A New Born’s Theme [Prod. By Theodore Grams]
Theodore Grams – Lust On It ft. Jay D [Prod. by Theodore Grams]
Theodore Grams – Someday [Prod. By Most Famous] (Passion Pit sample!)
Make sure to follow Theodore Grams on facebook and twitter.

Theodore Grams – Zombieland (BtB exclusive + blog news)

May 12th, 2011 by | Before Bigs Exclusive, Hip-Hop/Rap |

First the great news and then the good news. We are officially sponsoring Philadelphia rapper/producer Theodore Grams upcoming mixtape, Great Job! 3. I have been following this artist ever since I heard he was connected to my all-time favorite artists out of Philly, Chiddy Bang and since have kept in close contact, constantly asking for more.

Theodore Grams is a rising artist and after hearing almost all of the project, minus a few last minute tracks, I believe this is his best project yet. That is saying quite a bit too as he has put out over 5 mixtapes and put out dope song with Xaphoon Jones early this year that samples Kanye West.

Now for the good news. Here’s our first exclusive leak off the mixtape for you, “Zombieland”. The hip-hop sounds like a song that would make zombies dance. I think it’s a solid track but I guarantee there are better tracks on this upcoming mixtape than this.
Theodore Grams – Zombieland [Produced by Theodore Grams]
Folow Theo Grams on facebook and twitter. The mixtape comes out at 12:00am on Sunday May 15th, which you can download from Theodore Grams tumblr.

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