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Mister Mistress – “Heartbeat” X “We Found Love” Covers

January 11th, 2012 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock |

Hey Kids,
So this week, I’m getting high off my own supply. Luckily, I deal music and not coke. Anyways, in this post we have Mister Mistress covering both “Heartbeat” by Childish Gambino, and “We Found Love” by Rihanna. Mister Mistress is currently busy recording their new EP, and wanted to give a nice treat during the wait. (more…)

All of the Lights music *Delta Rae, Lil Wayne Big Sean Drake, Play N Skillz

March 23rd, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Remix, Rock |

I know I posted the above video already but it’s such an epic song and the video can be described in the same light plus it recently got deemed unsafe for people with epilepsy which I’m not surprised by. It happened to a video by Gnarls Barkley.

Anyways after watching the video, I got a few “All of the Lights” songs for you including one with Lil Wayne, Big Sean and Drake rapping to the beat, then Play N Skillz create a slowed up electronic pop hop cover/remix.

All Of The Lights (rmx) f. Big Sean, Drake & Lil Wayne


However I saved the best for last with a rocking cover of “All Of The Lights” that I absolutely love. Folk/Soul/Pop band Delta Rae captures the power of the original but takes it into a more acoustic rock direction. Follow Delta Rae on facebook and twitter if you like the cover below. I think Kanye would give a standing ovation to this song.

Delta Rae – All of the Lights

Mashup Monday: The Friendly Giant, John Marr, Party Ben

February 21st, 2011 by | Mashup, Mashup Monday |

For this week’s mashup monday I decided to dedicate it to three emerging mashup DJ’s: The Friendly Giant, John Marr, and Party Ben. I have 2 songs I like a lot from each artist below to listen and download.

First we got John Marr, a UK DJ whose first mashup below adds a more elelectronic feel to Snow Patrol’s hit single “Chasing Cars”. In the second mashup it’s more a remix as Mike Posner originally used the Miami Horror song in another song of his. I like the party feel of it.
John Marr – Chasing Kylie (Snow Patrol vs Kylie Minogue)
John Marr – Sometimes Cooler Than Me (Mike Posner vs Miami Horror)
Next DJ is LA-based The Friendly Giant who is really good at mixing two catchy songs into a dope mashup. Two examples below.
The Friendly Giant – Forever (Drake vs Jack Johnson)
The Friendly Giant – Don’t Stop This Plane (Wiz Khalifa vs Journey)
Lastly Party Ben is probably my favorite of the three just because he’s been around the longest from what I know. Here’s two of my favorites by him, they are kind of old but still great.
Party Ben – Shame (At Nite) (Evelyn Chamagne King vs. Kid Cudi)
Party Ben – Live Your Life Punk (Rihanna/T.I. vs Vampire Weekend)

Kanye West – All Of The Lights (video)

February 19th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Music Video, Pop |

Colors! One word to describe why this video is so interesting is how colorful it is. Once again Kanye West gives us a music video with amazing colorful visuals, lots of quick cuts and most of the lyrics to the song in a very interesting way. Plus Rihanna looks hot in that outfit and Kanye West looks pretty bad ass rapping on top of a cop car. If I had the video on mute or couldn’t hear the music, I would still be tuned in by how intriguing this video is. Download


Speaking of Rihanna, if you are looking for Rihanna tickets, visit Big Ticket Shop for the best prices. Although I’ve never seen her live, I heard she does a smashing show with dancers and a big band.

Rihanna ft. Eminem – Love the Way You Lie Pt. 2

November 2nd, 2010 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

“Love the Way You Lie (Part II)” is a song by Barbadian recording artist Rihanna from her fifth studio album Loud (2010). It features guest vocals from American rapper Eminem, who wrote the song alongside Skylar Grey and the producer Alex da Kid. It is the sequel to the 2010 hit single “Love the Way You Lie”, which appears on Eminem’s seventh studio album Recovery.

Following the release and commercial success of “Love the Way You Lie” in 2010, Eminem wanted to record an alternative version with Rihanna as the lead vocalist, viewing aspects of a relationship from a female perspective, unlike the original, which featured Eminem as lead vocalist and was from a male perspective.

Eminem wrote the verses and chose the Barbadian singer Rihanna to sing the chorus; their past experiences in difficult relationships influenced the collaboration. Backed by guitar, piano and violin, the track is a midtempo hip hop ballad with a pop refrain and describes two lovers who refuse to separate despite being in a dangerous love–hate relationship.

The original was a huge hit so check out the sequel going on Rihanna’s new project, coming Nov 16th. Eminem drops some more sweet bars on the third verse. More of an R&B feel.

Rihanna ft. Eminem Love The Way You Lie pt. 2

To describe the difference between Part II of this song versus part I, Emily Mackay of NME commented that the vocals provided by Rihanna and Eminem in the song, is in “great contrast in Part II of ‘Love The Way You Lie’. With the balance of vocals neatly flipped and extra cavernous beats ramping up the drama, it wallows ever-deeper in the tortured relationship sketched out in Part I. Eminem at points is practically screaming with rage, and sounding, frankly, mental. The contrast with Rihanna’s smoothly pitched pain (“Maybe I’m a masochist/Try to run but I don’t wanna never leave”) is delicious.”

Rihanna is a great talent to see live and I highly recommend seeking Rihanna tickets through Big Ticket Shop as they have great prices and affordable costs.

Daily Mash – Sam Tsui, next youtube sensation?

November 2nd, 2010 by | Mashup, Pop, Remix |

[youtube HkHJ2-zoSB4]


With over 4.5 million views, I wish I could have been one of the first couple millions but that’s ok, as long as most of you haven’t seen it yet.

Sam Tsui is really good, taking three overplayed songs, (Eminem/Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie”, Taio Cruz’ “Dynamite”, and Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”), and turning it into his own.

Cover/Mashups have become a cool trend with television show, GleeNeon Hitch, Sam Tsui and many more.

For more videos of Sam Tsui, click here.

Rusko – Dubsteppin’ his way to the top

September 17th, 2010 by | Dance, Dubstep |


Rusko is a dubstep music producer and DJ from the UK. Above is the official music video for “Hold On”, a club dance song, not too much dubstep, but this is.

Rusko is not only one of the most popular dubstep artists but he has worked with M.I.A., Rihanna, T.I., Britney Spears and Sam Adams.
Why am I writing about Rusko, a dubstep artist in a genre we usually don’t cover. I think he is an awesome music producer and I really like the songs he’s made and hope you enjoy them as well.

In May 2010, Rusko released his debut album O.M.G.! which boosted his exposure further and more in the US. Here are two of my favorites by Rusko, “Da Cali Anthem”, “How Lo Can U Gizzo” and “Hold On”  Rusko- Da Cali Anthem by HighestCulture  How Lo Can U Gizzo – Rusko by sam3nk92  Hold On ft. Amber Coffman by Rusko 
I hope you enjoy and if you like Rusko, check out his myspace for tons of new music from him including remixes to many popular songs.

Prospect of the Week: Tinie Tempah

September 10th, 2010 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Prospect of the Week |

Tinie Tempah is an English rapper born in London. He plans to release his debut album, Disc-Overy on October 4 through Parlophone records. His music is considered grime hip-hop and he has collaborated recently with Kelly Rowland, Snoop Dogg, and Mr. Hudson to name a few, and even toured with Rihanna for part of her 10-date UK tour in May 2010.

Once Tinie Tempah’s album drops, I believe he is going to make a bigger impact in the US like he has already done in the UK, with “Pass Out” and “Frisky” reaching UK Gold and UK Silver, respectively.

Listen and download his latest song featuring Kelly Rowland, “Invincible”, and two of my other favorites, “Written in the Stars” and “Pass Out (Remix)” featuring Chiddy Bang.  Tinie Tempah feat. Kelly Rowland – Invincible (Produced by Ishi) by NS4Life  Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner – Written in the Stars by LoveBabyAngel  Tinie Tempah & Chiddy Bang – Pass Out Remix by kbmusic 
For more on Tinie Tempah, check out his website and facebook.
Previous Prospect’s of the Week: SomeWhere Else, Pill

New Drake and Lil Wayne

August 5th, 2010 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

Although I’m not the biggest fan of Lil Wayne or Drake, they both have songs that came out this week that are not great but good. I respect them, but cannot listen to more than a few songs at a time.

Weezy released the single “Right Above It” featuring Drake, which will be on Lil Wayne’s forthcoming EP, I’m Not a Human Being, due out on his 28th birthday, September 27. He recorded the tracks before he headed to jail on gun charges earlier this year. He will be released from Rikers Island in November.  
Drake’s “I’m Ready For You” is reportedly a reference track that Drake has written for a female artist. He’s got a part for himself in there, but this version has him singing the female parts too. Some speculate this is for Rihanna but we will update you as soon as we find out. 

Listen to and download both tracks below:  Lil Wayne – Right Above It (Ft. Drake) by BeforeTheBigsZach
Drake – I’m Ready For You by phlai


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