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Sampled Saturday *Phil Ade, David Dallas, Logic & Stranger Day

June 4th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

This week’s sampled saturday features hip-hop that samples Coldplay, Motown and electr0-pop.

First let’s go with the biggest act and the latest song from Phil Ade. “Speed of Sound” samples the Coldplay song of the same name. The beat is mostly intact with some added instrumentals and the rapping replacing the Chris Martin vocals makes for an interesting take on the original.
Phil Ade – Speed of Sound
Next we take a chill pill with David Dallas‘ “Sideline” featuring Che Fu. Super relaxing weekend chill old school sounding hip-hop with the R&B/soul sample.
David Dallas – Sideline (ft Che Fu)
Logic takes on a smooth electronic sample in “Nothing But A Hero”. I like the instrumental a lot, the rapping is solid, overall a dope sound.
Logic – Nothing But A Hero (Remix)
Lastly my favorite Southern white rapper, Stranger Day is out with a new one, sampling Gold Panda with “Marriage”. Again, I’m a huge fan of the beat, rapping is ok.
Gold Panda – Marriage (Stranger Day Rap Edit)

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Sample Saturday *Mac Miller, Kid QC, Boro, Pmac, Bei Maejor

May 28th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Sampled Saturday |

Another edition of Sampled Saturday and today I’m hitting you with five hip-hop songs with various samples which I will list with each song you are familiar how they have given the song a different direction.

First I will give you the song from one of the most popular white rappers out there, Mac Miller. He has released several tracks since Best Day Ever, some of them have been weak but his sample of The Temper Trap‘s “Love Lost” is pretty cool. They didn’t really change up the original much except with Mac jumping on the vocals instead.
Mac Miller – Love Lost (prod. Black Diamond)
What I like about Kid QC is that he uses samples a lot but doesn’t take away what we like from the original while adding something fresh with his rapping. Here QC samples my favorite disco music from the Bee Gees.
Kid QC – Staying Alive (Prod. by Young Surf)
Next comes a chill hip-hop songs that samples my favorite crooner, Michael Buble. Boro is an emerging  talent, I’m not sure I’m a fan yet but all I know is I got big respect for him for sampling Buble.
Boro ft. Michael Buble – Home (Prod. Urban Noize)
I have heard this Three Dog Night song sampled many times, yet always slightly different in how its used. Here Pmac uses “One” to create a chill hip-hop track with a sick hook using the original.
Pmac – One
Last song is more of an Pop freestyle over one of the best Third Eye Blind songs ever! Although Bei Maejor uses “Semi-Charmed Life” to showcase his vocals, I love the instrumentals so much. I mean, come on, it’s Third Eye Blind, if you don’t like Third Eye Blind, you need to check your ears.
Bei Maejor – Something Else
Hope everybody is having a great 3 day weekend!

M.I – Prep Time (mixtape)

April 26th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

Shout out to Nadav from Fab4 Music for letting me know about Austin, Texas rapper M.I’s latest mixtape, Prep Time (download). He told me it would be a real chill mixtape so my expectations were low as I look for more upbeat hip-hop with a flavor of chill. The production is superb with how he samples these non-hip-hop jams, the rapping is underrated and overall a quality project from M.I.
M.i – Closer (prod. by Tyler Keyes)
M.i – M (ft. Dj Spyda) (prod. by Tyler Keyes) (MUST download!)
M.i – Closer (prod. by Tyler Keyes)
Follow M.i on facebook.

Mixtape Monday: G-Eazy – The Outsider

April 25th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Mixtape Monday |

G-Eazy has this style where he samples chill indie songs and turns them into dope hip-hop jams. Yet he shows his dope chill flow putting together dope hip-hop productions. Not sure where I’m going with this except to say that I look forwar to more from G-Eazy and his growth as an artist. Here’s my 2 favorites from The Outsider (Download).
G-Eazy – You Were Up to Something
G-Eazy – Netflix
Shout out to my boys over at This Bonus Track and GMAD for getting the sponsorship on this dope tape.

Sampled Saturday *Huey, Henny, The Tripp, Ferragamo, Truth Himself

April 16th, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap, Sampled Saturday |

Another edition of Sampled Saturday and I’m giving this a fresh label as all of these songs have come out within the last month all are hip-hop yet sample non hip-hop songs in mostly the pop genre. Take a listen, guarantee you fall in love with at least one of these songs.

First I gotta hit you with The Tripp‘s “Pure Creation” which samples parts of the score and dialogue in the film, Inception. Shout out to GMAD on the find, loving the simple piano & hi-hat beat. One of the few chill songs I really appreciate because it sounds different.

When someone samples Queen, it’s fairly impossible for me to dislike the song. Carlos Ferragamo raps over this dope instrumental pretty well. Ferragamo was featured on an e-dubble Freestyle Friday song (FF #33) and I’m glad e-dubble’s manager hit me up with Carlos’ latest project, Shades of Blue.

Next we got Truth Himself rapping over one of my favorite songs I heard on KROQ where I immediately said, I got to find out who is performing this song. Truth Himself samples The Temper Trap‘s hit single, “Sweet Disposition” which is heard in a million films so hearing this hip-hop over the song is a dope change of pace.
Truth Himself – The Best of Me

Next we got Henny rapping over UK pop singer Daniel Bedingfield‘s “Gotta Get Thru This”. He keeps the foundation of the instrumental, throws in a simple beat and raps his ass of to make for a chill yet popping hip-hop song.

Lastly, here’s one of the newest songs from my favorite West Virginia rapper, Huey Mack. Actually Huey Mack is the only rapper I like from West Virginia (sorry Novi Novak). In this he samples La Roux (who hasn’t) but it’s a dope song, which I mostly enjoy because he took an electro pop song and turned it into a hip-hop jam with a La Roux hook.
Huey Mack – Looking at The Sky [Ft. La Roux]

Sampled Saturday *G-Eazy, Dean and Ravo, Cam Meekins, BliSS, Chris Young

March 26th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Remix, Sampled Saturday |

Not only useless but dumb! Yep that’s Kim Kardashian, my co-workers kept talking about her today so I had to post a picture that makes her look ugly. It’s been long overdue since I have done sampled saturday so let’s get right to it.

First we got G-Eazy who is one of the few rappers to sample non-mainstream indie music. I’m not always the biggest fan of chill rap songs, but the instrumentals are dope in how they flipped the original song by Jai Paul, “BTSU” to become G-Eazy’s “Kings”. Chill rap that’s different because of dope sampling and good rhymes.

Next we got Dean and Ravo with “Finally” which samples Journey‘s “Faithfully”, not the song most of you would expect. This came off Dean and Ravo debut mixtape, A to B (download), a solid debut effort but leaving me wanting more from this hip-hop duo.
Dean and Ravo – Finally (feat. Mr. Crisis)
A teenage white rapper from suburbia, yep I’m skeptical. However Cam Meekins has a couple catchy songs but also some laughable songs (“Tonight“). In “I’m Bored” he samples Jason Mraz and adds in some nice clap beats for a fairly dope song. If you like Meekins, download his latest mixtape, 1993.
Cam Meekins – I’m Bored
This song comes as a submission from BliSS who samples the melody to “Magic” by B.o.B. “Pussy Music Alcohol (P.M.A.)” is frat rap compared to “Magic” and it’s enjoyable although the original is on a different level even though it got overplayed on the radio.
BliSS – Pussy Music Alcohol
Lastly comes a hip-hop song I heard back in late January that samples indie band Cults. Chris Young The Rapper has potential (he’s under Cisco Adler’s record label) and I think he will only get better with more experience.
Chris Young X Cults – Most Wanted Remix

Hidden Gem: Gorilla Warfare Tactics *feel good chill hip-hop

March 3rd, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, Hip-Hop/Rap |

I’m a little late on this compared to all the blogs that cover hip-hop. However I wasn’t full convinced in Gorilla Warfare Tactics and wasn’t the most attracted to their old school style until I heard their Premier EP yesterday on Fab4. This is a group that is very new, having put out their first song “Tempatations” about a month ago, and recently getting a twitter this past week.

Gorilla Warfare Tactics has a retro old school hip-hop beat but something about them just sounds fresh. Hard to explain but keep an eye on them. Below are three of my favorite GWT tracks which are all off their latest project, Premier EP.
The Tale of Mr. Street
If you like Gorilla Warfare Tactics, who I see as one of the most promising hip-hop groups to come out in 2011, follow them on facebook.

Introducing T. Ryan *next king of the ‘burbs?

March 1st, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

I kept waiting on posting T. Ryan for some reason but then the two songs I liked by him were about to come off my blog about playlist on iTunes so I knew it was finally time to do a post on him.

Anyway’s heres my two favorite T. Ryan songs; I think he could become the next Chris Webby with rap experience under his belt.
T. Ryan – Trumpettts
T. Ryan – closing time (semisonic sample)
If you liked T. Ryan’s second song, check out The Five One’s cover/remix of Semisonic’s 1990’s one-hit wonder, “Closing Time“.

Also if you like T. Ryan, follow him on facebook to hear more of his music.

e-dubble – Written Thursdays (mixtape) *DOOOPPPPPEEEEE

February 23rd, 2011 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap |

My favorite six foot plus white rapper is e-dubble, hands down. His Freestyle Friday series was bold and lasted a year long full of awesome freestyles sampling or freestyling over some great songs you wouldn’t expect an MC to use in a hip-hop song. He truly stands out and in his latest mixtape, Written Thursday (DOWNLOAD), he impresses once again.

He took most of his best songs from his Freestyle Friday series minus the long rambling outro’s. This is probably the best mixtape I have heard in 2011 in terms of value with over 20 really good hip-hop songs, 10 of which are incredible. Below are five of my favorite tracks off e-dubble’s latest mixtape.
Night Table
Board Game
Take My Time

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of how dope a 2011 e-dubble is going to have.

Mixtapes you might have missed *Erik Paul, Kid Sister, Justin W, QuESt

February 13th, 2011 by | Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B, Remix |

I feel a little bad bunching four mixtapes into one post but the mixtapes below don’t stand out as amazing however have some songs that are really enjoyable that people may not have heard before. I listed them below in order of preference (least favorite to most favorite).

Erik Paul released his latest mixtape, The EPiphany, around mid January to some solid reviews. However the mixtape didn’t make it on datpiff. Erik Paul has a hip-pop feel, with catchy hooks, decent rapping, but has potential to improve as he develops his niche more.
Erik Paul – Insult 2 Injury [Ft. Olu]
Erik Paul – I’da Told You Anything
Next is Kid Sister, whose latest mixtape, Kiss Kiss Kiss, was mixed by Nick Catchdubs and released through Fools Gold Records. I like Kid Sister in doses, can’t listen to her music all the time but with the music from her mixtape, you can listen and enjoy it a lot at a club or dance party. Here’s two of my favorites.
Kid Sister – Lookout Weekend f. Nina Sky
Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)
Justin W is an artist to keep an eye out for, because track to track you hear differences and wonder what direction Justin W will take next based on the current material we have seen from him. His latest mixtape, Gone ‘Til November, has solid rapping, really good hooks but what I like most is the instrumentals with almost every song.
Here’s my two favorites off the mixtape.
JUSTIN W – Cloud 9
JUSTIN W – Lost In The Night
Lastly, one of the most underrated mixtapes that dropped in early 2011 was from Miami MC QuESt. I’m a big fan of QuESt because of The Reason: A Defense Mechanism, his latest mixtape that has a very relaxed vibe with his chill rap, great production and overall dope lyricism. I only see QuESt getting better and this mixtape is a big reason why.
Here’s my two favorites from QuESt.
Today (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
Were Going Down (Prod. By Ace2euce)

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