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Download: Savoy – SUPERTRAIL *Epic FREE album

August 29th, 2012 by | Album/Mixtape/EP Review, Electro |

Here’s a new 7-track FREE album from Savoy.I had the pleasure of hearing a few of these tracks when I saw Savoy live last month and am so happy to hear they released this project for FREE as it’s a must-download!

Stream this epic electro-dance album below and DOWNLOAD on facebook.

Savoy, Jupiter & More Rock Dim Mak Studios

August 3rd, 2012 by | Concert/Festival Review, Dance, Dubstep, Electro, Electronic Dance Music, House, Trance |

Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood have been known for their great shows on Tuesdays and this past one further explains why they are so great. EDM duo Savoy, Jupiter and Burn Unit, among others rocked a pack house of energetic party goers. Apparently  LA Riots, performed as a secret guest. I did not see that part of the show but I bet it was awesome.

I started my night with Burn Unit. He is a house DJ based in Los Angeles. The place wasn’t super packed yet but there were still a lot of people watching him spin. He was not amazing but still pretty solid. Below is his 30 minute set called “Part I: The Afterparty” which has a very similar vibe to what he played at Dim Mak the other night.

Next I saw Jupiter, an Electro Disco Funk duo originally from Paris France. They put on a great show and their vibe really set up the night perfectly for Savoy to come on stage next. Check out a mini-mix of Jupiter’s upcoming album Juicy Lucy. Many of these tracks were played during their set.

The night really got popping off was when Savoy came on stage. Not only did the venue fill up faster than college kids passing around a bong, but they even brought on a very talented female vocalist by the name of Heather Bright to add authenticity to their performance.

I’ve been saying it for a while and I’ll mention it again, DJ’s need to start bringing singers on stage with them. It brings their shows to a whole new level and it was apparent last night. Check out my favorite song of there’s live called “We Are The Sun”. Enjoy!

As a whole, a very enjoyable show. Wish I could’ve stayed longer to see LA Riots but I still had an amazing time!

Zombie Nation – kernkraft 400 (SAVOY Bootleg) *electro rock banger

April 14th, 2012 by | Electro, Electronic Rock, Remix |

SAVOY just uploaded this to soundcloud. It’s an electro rock remix to the Zombie Nation classic enjoyed at plenty of sporting events around the country. Play this before you go out, play this during the party, play this after the party when you still wanna rage and your friends are being bitches. But most importantly, PLAY THIS SONG, you won’t be disappointed.

Party music with CHUCKIE, DOSVEC, SAVOY, AP Bop, and Tievoli

September 7th, 2011 by | Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Mashup, Pop, Remix |

Five songs that are guaranteed ready for playing at the party. Also these had party listed in the genre which is another reason why I bunched these songs together.

First we got Chuckie‘s bootleg which mixes the beat and vocals from the Kanye West/Jay-Z track “Niggas In Paris” with a variety of sounds extracted from the classic Benny Benassi track “Satisfaction”. Chuckie is truly a talented DJ y’all need to be following.
Kanye West & JAY Z vs Benny Benassi -Paris satisfaction ( Chuckie Pass That Dutch Bootleg) by DJCHUCKIE

Next DOSVEC makes “Sunshine Lights” mixing instrumentals from the Avicii/David Guetta track “Sunshine” with the vocals from Ellie Goulding‘s “Lights”. It seems pretty easy to throw Ellie Goulding‘s vocals in any mashup but being a huge fan of “Sunshine” makes this sound like a catchy club banger.
Ellie Goulding vs Avicii & David Guetta (DOSVEC Mashup) “Sunshine Lights” by DjWhatt

Savoy makes a Dance Sex Remix to the catchy dance pop hit “Dancing in the Dark” by Dev. I’m loving how much of a banger Savoy turns it into, can easily see this playing at clubs and parties.
DEV – Dancing in the Dark (SAVOY DanceSex Remix) by Savoy

Now for some Party Rap from AP Bop and MattyFee. The rapping isn’t spectacular but the instrumentals are banging. Yo frat bros, book these guys at your next party, this is a solid good party sound.

AP Bop ft. MattyFee – Blessed Bounce

Lastly we end with Tievoli‘s party mashup “Party Shots”. I don’t hear a ton of techno in mashups these days yet it works as it’s not the most complex mashup but there’s not too much complex about party mashups.
Party Shots | LMFAO and N.O.R.E by TIEVOLI

Review: Glowfest at University of Colorado

April 26th, 2011 by | Concert/Festival Review, Dance, Dubstep, Electronic Tuesday, House, Mashup, Remix, Reviews, Techno |

Pretty much every school has an end of the year music festival to reward their students for a good year of homework, partying, etc, and it’s a great thing when they bring really good music to their students. The University of Colorado did just that when they brought Glowfest to campus this past Friday night. Colorado is huge into electronic music, and it was great to see that the CU Program Council not only catered to their audience, but had enough of a budget to throw such a big show that they were so passionate about. A lot of other schools can learn a thing or two from this group. Glowfest promised to be a big night of electronic music with promising local acts as well as some real big names. Read the rest of the review after the jump (more…)

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