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Soundcloud’s Best: May ’12 *Jakato, Elevation, Legal Divide, Miele Isa

May 31st, 2012 by | Ambient, Dance, Disco, Drum & Bass, Electro, Pop, Rock, Soundcloud's Best |

Our soundcloud submissions this month consisted of mostly EDM, some really bad rap and some miscellaneous crap I’d rather not attempt to categorize. Below are the four best soundcloud submissions we got this month. (more…)

Soundcloud’s Best: December *VVS1, BAKER, Damien J. Carter, Brother K, DJ Onlii1

January 5th, 2012 by | Soundcloud's Best |

A little late on this but I couldn’t forget to provide a shout out to our best soundcloud submissions of December 2011. Once again, I’m digging that we are getting submissions from all sorts of musicians and encourage all musicians out there to send us your music.

VVS1 is an all original dubstep-hip/hop collaborative consisting of emcees Soupa and Dean Swift, singer Renzo, and producer/DJ Mike Irish. The group immediately sets an impressive tone with their first official release, “Pearl Harbor”, as they aim to pioneer a sound for the imminent fusion of the two genres of dubstep and hip-hop. The balance of crisp orchestration, fast-paced lyrical delivery and filthy drops provide a first look into the upcoming sounds of this genre-fusing group as they get ready for the release of their first EP in early February. Skys the limit with this group in terms of potential.
Pearl Harbor by VVS1

BAKER is an upcoming, unsigned pop/electronica musician in NYC. Already creating a heavy buzz with his high energy live shows, BAKER is coming up quick in the NYC pop scene. With collaborations with music industry heavy weights such as Kylie Minogue and J.Lo producers Cutfather and Damon Shape, BAKER is sure to garner attention from a large audience. Here’s my favorite BAKER track, “Convince Me” (DOWNLOAD).

Next comes another bootleg/mashup kind of song from DJ OnLii1. It mixes Daft Punk with Felguk and is called “Bassive Technologic”. Look out for some exclusive stuff between OnLii1 and BtB!
Bassive Technologic (DJ Onlii1 MashBass-up!)- Daft Punk vs Felguk

Brother K is an NYC-based garage/punk/blues outfit. Their songs draw on their experiences over the past five years: friends departing to the hereafter, others arriving out of the blue, out-of-control interior monologues. They also write songs about tiger moms – hence, the title track of their new EP, Claws and Stripes Forever.
Claws and Stripes Forever by Brother K

Which song did you like the most? Click more to vote and comment on your favorites. (more…)

Soundcloud’s Best: June *Leann Grimes, Hollidayrain, Burnout, Silver Medallion, Abandoned Pools

July 1st, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Before Bigs Exclusive, Dance, Mashup, Pop, Remix, Rock, Soundcloud's Best |

It’s July, which means were about half-way through 2011. It’s been a great year so far, but I cannot wait for more great new music. Here’s our five best soundcloud submissions of June:

First we go with Leann Grimes with “Private Baller (Buffet). I just love how all these instrumentals are utilized and are mixed so well by Grimes. If you like this song, check out our last post on Leann Grimes. Find more on Soundcloud.
Private Baller (Buffet)
Next comes a hip-pop song from Hollidayrain featuring Kenton Dunson. “Up” is basically like the song title, an upbeat dance hip-hop/pop track that’s real catchy.
Up (ft. Kenton Dunson) by Hollidayrain
Next comes a bangin’ electro/house mashup from DJ Burnout. He sent me several tracks and out of all of them, “Last Cinema Bass Levels” turned out to be my favorite. Forgot to mention this is a Before the Bigs exclusive, so let us know if you like it and want more from him. Also check out more DJ Burnout on soundcloud.
DJ Burnout – Last Cinema Bass Levels (mashup)
Next comes Silver Medallion with a solid electro-pop track, “Lost Ones”. It’s not my favorite track from him, but still enjoyable, wish there was a little rap on it though. Find more Silver Medallion on soundcloud.
Lost Ones
Lastly comes a chill pop/rock song that starts off a bit slow but then picks up a little bit more as the song moves along. It’s a solid song but I have a feeling they have potential for better songs. Download “In Silence”.
Abandoned Pools – In Silence

Soundcloud’s Best: May *Miraculous & The Geneus, Stevie Grant, Chase Supreme, Kenton Dunson, Bad King

May 31st, 2011 by | Before Bigs Exclusive, Soundcloud's Best |

Our best Soundcloud submissions of May with the exception of 1 song that we missed on that came out in April that we just jumped on. Anyways, guaranteed to like at least 1 of these artists, let me know which you like the most.

I’m super excited to have received this dope submission from a duo from my school!

Duo Gene Feliz and Bradford Hester (from the Bronx, NY attending Syracuse university class of 2013) are releasing a mixtape called “ultraviolet” in late August mainly consisting of hype electro-hop type tracks. We’ll be releasing one single on the first of each month up to August 1st. The first single is called “Break It Down”.

Follow Miraculous & The Geneus on twitter.
Miraculous & The Geneus – Break It Down
Not exactly a submission but we featured Stevie Grant back in our first Soundcloud’s best list. Recently he dropped “When You See Me”, which is a nice step up from “Fly” which sampled Rihanna and didn’t feature exactly the greatest rapping but showed some potential with how catchy the beat is. In “When You See Me”, the production is quality and the rapping is improved. Follow on: facebook
Stevie Grant – When You See Me
Chase Supreme‘s “Falling In Lust” shows how the rappers lyrics just flow out of him, this is an alternative almost emo-type hip-hop song with a chill dark vibe. However it’s all these elements that make this song fairly cool and worth checking out. Follow on: facebook / twitter
Chase Supreme – Falling In Lust
Next comes an artist I have been following since early May. However it wasn’t until “Rolling Stone” that I became a fan of Kenton Dunson, who has this solid chill hip-hop vibe. The production on this track is what put it over the edge for me in enjoying this song. I think Kenton’s got potential and I look forward to more from the hip-hop/R&B artist. Follow on: facebook / twitter
Rolling Stone Feat. Garrett Anderson
Lastly let’s get this rock party started with “Roll Me Over” by Bad King. The song is considered sounding like “sex-rock” and I say why not, this song is fun. Big potential from these Finnish rockers! Follow on: facebook / twitter
Bad King – Roll Me Over

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Soundcloud’s best: April *Elevated, Tievoli, Frantic Sunday, Yournalist, Hunter Reece

May 1st, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Before Bigs Exclusive, Hip-Hop/Rap, Mashup, Pop, Soundcloud's Best |

For our April edition of our best soundcloud submissions, we give you 5 different artists that each have diverse sounds and show us potential to provide more quality tunes. Award for longest message in their soundcloud submission goes to Elevated. Since I don’t read lifetime bio’s, I skipped straight to the song and was impressed by what they called a “newly orchestarated boom-bap” electronic hip-hop style in “Feel Like We Do”. If you like this follow Elevated on facebook / twitter Next comes Tievoli who sent us his first ever mashup and it’s actually good! He told me he’s got more mashups coming so great ready for more tracks from this mashup rookie. Follow Tievoli on: facebook / twitter Tonight (Lady Gaga + Eminem + Daft Punk + Wiz Khalifa +Train + Deadmau5 + more) Next we got Swedish indie pop group Frantic Sunday with “I’m Your Volunteer”. It’s fun, catchy and definately a pop/rock song you can groove to. Follow Frantic Sunday on: facebook. I’m Your Volunteer by Frantic Sunday A group with a real chill altnerative sound is Finnish band Yournalist. I’m not too sure why the song is called “Nigerian Girl”, maybe they have a thing for Nigerian girl’s but either way it’s a chill song that reminds me of a raw Vampire Weekend. Follow Yournalist on: facebook. Lastly we got Hunter Reece with a hip-pop, electronica ska kind of style. Not sure really what this dudes style is but this song is a chill simple song that just works for me. In the song he talks about “FoCo girls” which are ladies from Fort Collins, Colorado, where Hunter Reece is based. Follow Hunter Reece on: facebook.

Soundcloud’s best: March *T.I.M.E., Justin W, The Rubbish Zoo, Left Step Band

March 31st, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Soundcloud's Best |

I think this month was a bit better in terms of quantity with five tracks that I certify 4-stars on my iTunes. Yes I put star ratings on all songs, with 1 stars usually finding the trash and 4-stars and above getting blog attention.

First comes T.I.M.E., an alternative hip-hop group from DC & Richmond, Virginia. They got a soulful sound and reminds me of The Roots. Below is “Da Astronaut” and if you want more of their music, check out their soundcloud.

Next we got Justin W with “I Can’t Sleep” featuring Uno Hype. If there’s one guarantee with Justin W, it’s that the production value of his songs are top notch which is noteworthy since he’s producing most of his own songs. The beat bumps, the flow is good, the hook is solid. Follow Justin W on facebook and twitter.

Sorry to spotlight the same artist in one post but Justin W sent me this in early March, and I didn’t think he would send me two great tracks in one month but I have been proven wrong. “Awesome Sound”, dope production, flow is good and catchy hook. Plus the vocals getting stretched out and turned into part of the instrumentals is clever.

The Rubbish Zoo are an alternative band from Wyoming who recently moved to LA. They have an alternative sound similar to Mouth’s Cradle but not electronic and with great instrumentals that keep you into the song. Look forward to more from these cowboys.

Lastly comes UK Left Step Band, who calls their music “wild style”, which is pretty accurate to me. They are influenced by reggae, dub and old school ska. They have a truly unique sound and interesting instrumentals. Follow LSB on facebook and twitter.

Top soundcloud submissions

February 11th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Electropop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B, Remix, Soundcloud's Best |

Artists send us your tracks to our soundcloud, because I listen to all the submissions and most of the time provide some feedback. The five songs below are my favorite submissions we have gotten in the last month:

First song is by Stevie Grant and it’s called “FLY”. The rapping is so-so, the instrumentals are good but really my favorite part is when the piano comes in with Rihanna’s voice. I was on the fence about posting this but the last minute of the song changed my mind.

Next song is by Chicago MC K. Vincent called “Ain’t A Thing Change” which I like mostly because of the instrumentals and lyrics. Keep an eye out on K. Vincent.

Next we got HOVAT with “Let Them Die” which is a triple remix similar to the latest iSH song, “Let Them“. This has a good party flow to it, the hook by jj is dope and overall HOVAT makes this his own for a good catchy alternative hip-hop song. If you like this song, go download HOVAT’s latest mixtape, Out of Nowhere, which has a lot of non hip-hop samples. I would call HOVAT a poor-man’s Hoodie Allen at this point.

LectroLips are an electro-pop duo that sent us “What We Came For” which has interesting instrumentals and synthed up vocals. If your a fan of electro-pop then take a listen.

Lastly, the Electronic Pop Hop jam, “Ekkies in my pocket” by AlteRego & Baldylox. I hadn’t heard of them before.

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