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SXSW 2011 hangover: W-Z

April 20th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock |

I know Coachella ended yesterday and SXSW ended a few weeks ago so I promise this is the last I mention how many dope artists were at that event, not mention on twitter how much I wished I could have gone to Coachella, SXSW and basically any music festival. Time to contact these festivals and demand press passes?

Anyways last leg of my SXSW 2011 coverage includes female Asian rockers, some hip-hop over video game beats and my favorite song with the word “Whale” in it.

Female Asian rockers!!! Wonfu are cute because you don’t understand what their saying but you just like how catchy and pleasant they sound for a retro rock band.
WonFu – Do Re Mi
Next is a band that seems to have the ingredients to blow up and be heard on rock radio stations throughout the US. Walk The Moon is catchy, vocals sound unique yet appealing, overall an enjoyable sound.
Walk The Moon – Anna Sun
YTCracker is a website hacker (breaking into several US government sites), DJ, nerdcore hip-hop artist and owns his own independent record label. When I mean nerdcore I’m talking big nerdy hip-hop style with real dope nintendo instrumentals.
YTCracker – the link
The build-up is one of the best I have heard for a non-electronic song. Well I can’t really think of many other songs and remember a great build-up but with Yellow Ostrich‘s “Whale”, I enjoy how it all starts from one sound and evolves with many more sounds as the song progresses.
Yellow Ostritch – WHALE
Lastly for an upbeat alternative electronic/hip-hop sound is WICKER with “People Going Crazy”. This group already sounds better than 3OH!3 and All Out, two other artists that have a similar sound.
WICKER – People Going Crazy

SXSW 2011 hangover: R-T

April 17th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Rock |

Our SXSW 2011 hangover continues with several great songs from artists that start with the letter’s R-T.

First let’s start off with a funny alternative hip-hop song by Rob Cantrell. I don’t know much about this rapper although I think if this is his side job while doing something else, then he’s the man! I love the beginning lines to this song, listen closely.
Rob Cantrell – Coffee and Weed
Next we put on our pumped up kicks for Slam Donahue with “Where Were We On The Weekend”. I could see this indie band easily making a hit with similar popularity of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People. 5-star!
Slam Donahue – Where Were We On The Weekend
Sunbears! have a great instrumental build-up to the vocals which are solid but I’m mostly a fan of the instrumentals that build a real good song.
Sunbears! – Little Baby Pines
Next for some rap from Tedashii with “Bury Me”. Look him up, he’s got an interesting flow and background.
Tedashii – Bury Me
Los Angeles Alternative rockers The Tender Box have an interesting solid upbeat sound. Also interesting because all members are of Mexican American descent and they performed the theme song to this Spiderman animated series on television.
The Tender Box – Signs of Fire
Lastly we got These United States with “I Want You To Keep Everything” which has the chill road trip kind of sound. It’s not the song you and your friends are jamming to the whole road trip but an essential piece to open up your trip.
These United States – I Want You To Keep Everything

SXSW hangover 2011: D-P

April 15th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock |

SXSW 2011 hangover continues with artists D-P… Dip-Set?

First we got Dexter Freebish who sounds like a heterosexual version of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham or if Wham had children it would be Dexter Freebish producing catchy fun ElectroPop.

Dexter Freebish – Wide Awake

With Holger, we don’t quite understand anything they are singing in this song but isn’t it just so interesting with the wonderful build-up through the catchy instrumentals and then lyrics that I assume might be about a “Beaver”, the title of the song.
Holger – Beaver
One of the better under 2 minute rock songs is “Wristwatch” by Hungry Kids of Hungary. If they are from Hungary, I wonder if people ask if they can donate to their cause. Either way these guys sound a lot like some of the best Vampire Weekend songs and I look forward to more from this indie rock band.
Hungry Kids of Hungary – Wristwatch
Just because the song doesn’t have complete English in it and has some Spanish rap, I’m digging the upbeat instrumentals, the boom boom boom lyrics, and how danceable this song is.
Johanan (Don Yojan & La Frescura) – Exagerao
Now if your reading this post on Saturday and overall the day/night ain’t going so well then listen to “Saturday Let Me Down Again” by Muck and the Mires. This is a song that won’t make you feel better listening to on a Sunday but maybe listen to it on a Friday to give yourself low expectations for Saturday.
Muck and the Mires – Saturday Let Me Down Again
Prima Donna have that old school punk rock sound. You can dance to it, bob your head to it, I can dig it!
Prima Doll – Stray Doll

SXSW hangover 2011: A-C

April 15th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Pop, Rock |

So either you will hate me or you will like me for this. They put out a 2nd SXSW 2011 torrent, this time with about 300+ songs. I found about 25-30 I really liked and decided I should present though to you. Here’s artists that start with A-C.

AgesandAges are a folk rock band who have this great way to harmonize their vocals sounding a bit retro while having instrumentals and a style that is modern.
AgesandAges – No Nostalgia
Fairly simple yet so catchy with this pop/rock song, The American Secrets are a band that I could easily smile to. Remind me slightly of indie band Spoon or Counting Crows with much different vocals.
The American Secrets – Mr. Cloud
Andy Grammer is another one of those pop/soul singers that you can just tell is going to break out. Reminds me of Jason Mraz but with his own unique style that consists with a bit of Train’s vocals. You can’t dislike how positive this song is!
Andy Grammer – Keep Your Head Up
The Black Cloud Collective are a bit raw but they got a such a catchy chorus and have a sound that KROQ would just eat up with their emo/alternative rock crowd they draw.
The Black Cloud Collective – Hail Mary!
Now for some fun with “Baby Rain” by Brite Futures. Indie ElectroPop with a flavor of some upbeat dance melodies to it. 5-star!
Brite Futures – Baby Rain
BRONCHO is one a punk rock band from­ ­­Oklahoma. I don’t understand the lyrics so much in “Try Me Out Sometime” but I love the instrumentals, the lyrics are catchy and overall I would try to start some extreme sport like skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding while listening to this song.
BRONCHO – Try Me Out Sometime
Ending the post with an acoustic song from Cas Haley who has a unique singer/songwriter sound that you can listen to on a Sunday and forgot for a little while that you don’t have to go back to work the next day.
Cas Haley – Better
Sorry for no hip-hop in this post, I promise at least one hip-hop song for artists in D-M. You can DM me your feelings about this post if your not satisfied.

Guide to SXSW 2011: T-Z artists

March 16th, 2011 by | Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B, Rock |

Final chapter of my guide to SXSW 2011 posts. I might do a 5 artists to watch out for at SXSW post or we might give you something special leading up to something else really special that involves a mixtape and artists you might not have heard of but you will like once you do.

While I’m deciding that, here’s best T-Z artists from SXSW 2011 Torrent with one artist who starts with a number.

Thee Attacks is a Scandanavian band with a classic rock sound. If your in Austin, they are playing tonight!
Thee Attacks – Love In Disguise
The best artists I have discovered from this SXSW 2011 torrent have been ones from Australia. Australian Punk rockers The ThoughtCriminals have been around since 1977 and take the name from one of my favorite novels, Nineteen Eighty-Four. In 1981 these guys disbanded but formed back up in the 21st century to create new awesome music!
The ThoughtCriminas – Radical Ish
Tokyo Sex Destruction describes themselves as a soul/punk band. I think they have a great sound, remind me a bit of older rock with soul/pop elements.
Tokyo Sex Destruction – The Sounds from your soul
TroubleSum is a hip-hop/R&B group from Houston. Some female rap and female vocals that are solid and some male rapping which is ok. The instrumentals are dope, the chorus is catchy, this should be played in the club.
TroubleSum – Rather Be Alone
I love The Vaudeville Smash in how they have this great retro funky instrumentals with more contemporary vocals. This gets a 5-star for the title and the funny lyrics.
The Vaudeville Smash – Drunken Cowgirl
Alabama rock and roll band Vulture Whale has a catchy rocking sound. I love the groove of this song.
VULTURE WHALE – Hey Midas, That’s Fantastic
One of the few hard rock songs I heard that I enjoyed on this torrent was from We Are The Ocean. Rarely heard any screaming crap from this UK band and the chorus is so catchy with the harmonized vocals telling you to “get up get up woah oh oh oh”.
We Are The Ocean – Lucky Ones
The Wonderful Sound of Induce! sounds so similar to Prince and guess what, I funky love it! Love the funky instrumentals and the vocals are nice too.
The Wondeful Sound of Induce! – Love Letter 2 U
This is the first artist we have written about from South Africa. Zubz has this catchy hip-hop feel to his music and “Part Time Lover – Full Time Freak” is a great song. 5-star!
Zubz – Part Time Lover – Full Time Freek
Lastly we got 4th Pyramid with “It’s So Hot” featuring Greg Nice & Cosmo Baker. I’m pretty sure one of the people in this song is also on Cartoon Network’s show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Even if I’m wrong with that, this song is still got a catchy old school funk line with some dope beats and the rapping is pretty good too.
4th Pyramid – It’s So Hot Ft. Greg Nice & Cosmo Baker

S artists: Guide to SXSW 2011

March 15th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock |

I’m more than half-way through the best songs on the SXSW 2011 Torrent. Today is just S artists performing in SXSW which is quite a lot so I had to single out the S’s.

First we got Satchel Grande, who are a funk/soul/pop band from Omaha, Nebraska. I love the funky retro, the smooth instrumentals. This band reminds me a bit of Chromeo but more funk/soul.
Satchel Grande – Transition Haircut
Canadian band Sex With Strangers has an upbeat indie rock/pop feel. They have a really interesting sound and I like them because the sounds that come out of “New City Anthem” are unpredictable in a sense and the build up is great. 5-star!
Sex With Strangers – New City Anthem
If you want some good old fashioned rock & roll, The Sheepdogs are what you need. This song should be on the Rock Band video game.
The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know
Sims of alternative/hip-hop group Doomtree has some swagged out instrumentals in “Burn It Down”. The rapping is pretty good too but what I like most is how this song is so upbeat with dope instrumentals.
Sims – Burn it Down
One of my new favorite artists I have discovered through downloading the 700+ song SXSW 2011 Torrent is Snob Scrilla aka Sean Ray. He was born in the States, moved to Australia when he was young and today is one of the more popular singer-songwriting musicians there. His sound is a mix of indie, hip-hop and electronic. “Heartbreak Scorsese” reminds me of a future hit single from B.o.B. 5-star!!!
Snob Scrilla – Heartbreak Scorsese
Snowdroppers is a 1920’s Australian slang term for cocaine addicts. This is also the name of Australian rock group The Snowdroppers. “Do The Stomp” is one of those rock songs that would get everybody dancing if they heard it live.
The Snowdroppers – Do The Stomp
Something Fierce is an punk band from Houston. The vocals are good, the instrumentals are really good and adding that all up makes “Empty Screens” a pretty good song.
Something Fierce – Empty Screens
Sore Losers are an alternative/hip-hop group from Dallas. “The Deadly Intro” is officially the best song with intro in the title, honorable mention is The XX though. The instrumentals in this song are crazy and I look forward to more from these guys.
Sore Losers – The Deadly Intro
Lastly we got The Stripminers who remind me of Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters with a nice male/female vocal dynamic. I like the upbeat pace and rocking instrumentals.
The Stripminers – No Luck

(P-R artists) Guide to SXSW 2011

March 14th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock |

There’s so many great artists that start with a P or R that this post only contains artists whose name starts with either of those letters. 12 artists and songs below, let’s gooooo!

First we got Peelander-Z’s track “Go! Rio!”. Reminds of old punk rock with a modern flair to it. I love the energy in this song, reminds me of Bouncing Souls, basically rock to party to.
Peelander-Z – Go! Rio!
Next we got some international flavor with Poirier’s Latin rap track “Que Viva” featuring Boogat. The beat techno bass beat is dope, the lyricism sounds pretty good even though I don’t understand much of it.
Poirier – Que Viva feat. Boogat
I don’t know much about Prof except that “Animal” is a weird but catchy rap song. I don’t understand the chorus at all but this chill rap song just gets to me. 5-star!
Prof – Animal
Colombia’s Profetas have a latin hip-hop/R&B sound. Again I don’t understand much of the lyrics with the Spanish but this is a good dance track. Baila Baila Baila!
Profetas – Baila
Canadian indie rock band Rah Rah have a great interesting rocking sound with good lyrics and remind me of Lights On, a band we featured in BYNH pt. 1.
Rah Rah – Arrows
Random Axe is a collaboration rap group with Sean Price, Black Milk and Guilty Simpson. I have always enjoyed Black Milk’s production in his songs, Sean Price is pretty good and overall this is like an underground Slaughterhouse.
Random Axe – Monster Babies
RAS aka Riders Against the Storm is a hip-hop/soul duo who are married featuring JBro (husband) and Tiger Lily (wife). “Is It?” is a great political hip-hop track with dopeness from JBro rapping and Tiger Lily with the singing.
(RAS) Riders Against the Storm – IS IT?
A great name for a musician that wants to bring back some of the good old alternative rock with some modern swag would be The Refreshments, an Arizona band. If they sound a little familiar, that’s because they did the theme song for TV show King of the Hill.
The Refreshments – A Bands Gotta Do What A bands Gotta Do
Rheteric Ramirez has some interesting hip-hop that seems to have influences from a variety of hip-hop around the world. That’s just my feeling from the song.
Rheteric Ramirez – Hard Feelings
Rich Aucoin is cool because he’s got a youthful chorus mixed into his electro-pop. I guess this would be considered indie electro-pop, a genre we have featured several times.
Rich Aucoin – Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E
Roach Gigz is a popular underground rapper from the Bay Area. His rapping is surprisingly really good, the beat is pretty good and overall I can jump around to his music.
Roach Gigz – Can I Rap
Lastly we got Rockwell Knuckles “Silly Human” in which he samples a Rick James song, flipping it and throwing in some other beats to create such a catchy instrumental. I could easily see this song on the radio if a bigger rapper went in over the song.
Rockwell Knuckles – Silly Human

(L-O artists) Guide to SXSW 2011

March 14th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock |

I have been super busy lately and I wanted to get you all my favorite songs from the SXSW 2011 torrent before the music part of SXSW starts tomorrow. So here’s L-N artists to check out at SXSW 2011 and later today I will bring you P-R artists.

First we got League510 who have an electronic pop hop sound that’s more on the pop/R&B side of things. The song is pretty good, the rapping is solid, the female vocals are alright, overall everything added up makes this a good song. If it’s any consolation, I love the diversity in the artists they like on facebook with Oatkast, Passion Pit and Ghostland Observatory.
League510 – Last Shot
The Limousines are electro-pop from the Bay area like League510 (woops forgot to mention that above). However their sound is interesting and I only see this group getting better since their release of their debut album last Summer.
The Limousines – Internet Killed The Video Star
UK indie rock quartet Little Comets are so catchy in “Joanna”. It reminds me of alternative rock Maroon 5 with Kings of Leon vocals.
Little Comets – Joanna
Makeshift Prodigy is kind of emo rock and remind me of Dashboard Confessional, Motion City Soundtrack and Third Eye Blind.
Makeshift Prodigy – Alive
Matt Shadetek is like futuristic reggae with club hip-hop mixed together. Hard to explain the diversity that evolves through the song but I like it and want more.
Matt Shadetek – Dem Nuh Like It
Mean Jeans sound so F’ing similar to The Ramones and I love it because The Ramones were the most awesome anti-conformist rebels out there in my opinion. “Steve Don’t Party No More” is less than 2 minutes, perfect length to not find anything I dislike about the band.
Mean Jeans – Steve Don’t Party No More
Mega Ran and K-Murdock have chill hip-hop over some old school video game sounding beats. However, unlike a ton of hip-hop instrumentals with video-game beat influences, this song has a dreamy, kick it with your friends feel.
Mega Ran and K-Murdock – Dream Master
With the drum-kit beat and overall catchy instrumentals combined with awesome flow from Moe Green, makes “Search Party” pretty darn close to a 5-star on my iTunes. Moe Green is a must watch artist!
Moe Green – Search Party
More Or Les is a Canadian rapper who reminds me of Del Tha Funky Homosapian and Jurassic 5. He’s a underground rapper to watch out for as I love the rapping he does over his song “Nice Guys Are Coming To Get You”.
More Or Les – Nice Guys Are Coming To Get You
Award for most interesting “how does he do that” vocals goes to front man, Tiger, from Kentucky alternative rock band Morning Teleportation. Love the instrumentals, intrigued by the unusual vocals, and really like how the song builds up.
Morning Teleportation – Expanding Anyway
Lastly here’s a song from a band we blogged about last year, The Niceguys, a rap/rock band from Houston. Even though I love hip-hop bands, I haven’t enjoyed all Niceguys songs but “Die Later” is really interesting.
The Niceguys – Die Later

(F-K) Guide to SXSW

March 10th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B, Rock |

Another edition of my guide to SXSW 2011 continues with artists starting from F through K. Monday I did A-B and Tuesday I did C-E artists.

Just a reminder that almost all the artists I blog about on these guides I have never blogged about and many I haven’t heard before until I downloaded this SXSW 2011 torrent.

Fake Problems has a chill indie rock feel, “Soulless” is a catchy song, that I could easily hear on a film soundtrack. However this Florida-based rock band is influenced by a variety of rock music and is a band that you will probably hear more of on here.
Fake Problems – Soulless
Canadien band The Flatliners remind me a big of Less Than Jake with their punk rock sound but with a bit less ska. “Monumental” is a catchy rock song, I like the instrumentals, the lyrics ain’t band and the chorus is super catchy.
The Flatliners – Monumental
Indie Electro band Gemini Club has an interesting sound. Not the biggest fan of the vocals except for the chorus. Mostly a huge fan of their electronic rock/pop instrumentals.
Gemini Club – Mirrors
God-Does and She is an interesting hip-pop/soul duo from the Midwest that has music I can see a lot of people dancing to at SXSW.
God-Does & She – Love Machine
Guitar Shorty is a 71-year old blues aritst with a rocking sound. If you can’t jam with Guitar Shorty, you need to dig down and find yourself some soul.
Guitar Shorty – We The People
Hadag Nahash is my favorite artist from Israel, which isn’t saying much since I know of probably 4-5 other artists in Israel. Even though the song is in Hebrew, not English, the instrumentals are great, you can tell Hadag has some good rap skills much like Tony Parker in French.
Hadag Nahash – Not Enough
Hector Ward & The Big Time has a chill jam band kind of vibe. You might stumble upon them if you were going to SXSW and be surprised how much you like them.
Hector Ward & the Big Time – Dirty Soul Shaker
Jesse Malin & The St Marks Social have an alternative punk  feel. “Burning The Bowery” takes a little time to pick up but once you get to the chorus you will be singing along at the irish pub. Remind of of Dropkick Murphys, which remind me of getting drunk at an irish pub or partying in Boston.
Jesse Malin & The St Marks Social – Burning The Bowery
JIM-E-O is an R&B/Rap artist. More a fan of his R&B vocals and the chill lounge beat than the rapping.
Lastly Kid Carnaveral gives us a fun alternative song with what sounds like children singing in the simple chorus. I love the title of this song and the instrumentals are cool and you can along to the chorus.
Kid Canaveral – You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night
Tomorrow I will do L-N artists.

Guide to SXSW 2011 (C-E)

March 8th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B, Rock |

SXSW torrent 2011 best of artists C through E. Yesterday I posted best artists from A to B and got some good responses. Unlike yesterday’s post, I think I will save you from another long intro.

The Chevelles are an Australian pop/rock band that has been around since 1989 and have toured all over the world. Below is a catchy song and trust me if this band has been around for over 20 years, probably good to keep an eye on.
The Chevelles – Stacey Loves Cocaine
Collie Buddz is reggae/R&B and “Playback” is a relaxing song with a fairly catchy chorus, pause playback rewind.
Collie Buddz – Playback
This is one of several artists who I knew about in the torrent but hadn’t heard the song before. Once I heard Dame Fifty5‘s “Savor The Moment”, I knew this artist was for real. 5-star!
Dame Fifty5 – Savor The Moment
DZ is a hard rock band whose song “Gebbie Street” takes a bit of time to pick up (about 1:40 when things start rocking out), but overall a good song. The instrumentals are good upbeat fun.
DZ – Gebbie Street
El Da Sensei reminds me of Jurassic 5 with interesting beats, clever rapping. May never be mainstream but always should be respected even if he’s from New Jersey.
El Da Sensei – Crowd Pleasa
Googled Electra and found out they are a Greek-American rock/pop group, but I would consider them more alternative with a side of punk in “Coming To Get You”.
Electra – Coming To Get You!
Electric Touch is one of the many local Texas bands taking the stage at SXSW. They could be one of the best local rock bands coming to SXSW this year especially with “Dominos”, I can see this getting rock radio attention.
Electric Touch – Dominos
Elephant Stone is an interesting Canadian indie rock band that incorporates a sitar! If you don’t know what that is, I suggest you listen to this Beatles song. “Strangers” is fairly catchy, sounds a little retro rock & roll.
Elephant Stone – Strangers
Eli “Paperboy” Reed and The True Loves are funk, rock, soul awesome-ness. I love artists that can sound retro while incorporating their own contemporary originality. 5-star!
Eli “Paperboy” Reed and The True Loves – Come and Get It
Empress Hotel is alternative with this odd, interesting song. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but it picks up pretty well and those interesting instrumentals throughout are dope.
Empress Hotel – Here Comes the New Challenger
If Estados Alterados (Spanish for “altered states”) was in English, this song would most likely be a 5-star. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics, this Colombian electronic rock/pop band has great instrumentals and if I knew Spanish I would probably be singing along.
Estados Alterados – Contenme

Tomorrow I will bring you SXSW 2011 torrent best of artists from F-K.

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