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more black & yellow madness *reggae cover + 3 new mashups

February 17th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Mashup |

Uh oh, more “Black & Yellow” remixes. However the above song is an awesome cover by Cris Cab with a reggae feel.

Anyways, the first song below is the dope alternative/reggae cover by Cris Cab (video above). I love the acoustic guitar, the reggae drums and overall the different direction Cris Cab takes it.
Cris Cab – Black & Yellow
Then we got 3 mashups, a superbowl mashup from Mother Earth Remixes, The Hood Internet mixing “Black & Yellow” with The Go! Team and Cake Effect mashing “Black & Yellow” with Rusko.

The Hood Internet – Brigade & Yellow [Wiz Khalifa x The Go! Team]
Mother Earth Remixes – Black and Yellow vs Green and Yellow (Superbowl Mashup)
Cake Effect – Say Black & Yellow Everyday (Rusko x Wiz)

e-dubble – Make Like A Tree (ff #52 = 1yr!)

January 21st, 2011 by | Hip-Hop/Rap |

Above is a funny video of Aziz Ansari and the cast of Parks & Recreation. Can you guess whose song is playing? It’s e-dubble’s freestyle friday #7, “Hampden Parks“.

Back to freestyle friday, where we are in week 52! That makes it the one-year aniversery for e-dubble’s Frestyle Friday series! That’s beyond impressive for an artist to release one new song a week for a year… just amazing. The best part is e-dubble has produced, wrote and recorded all these songs and they have all been really good!

For e-dubble’s week 52 freestyle friday, Canadian hip-hop/R&B artist iSH joined e-dubble in the song, “Make Like A Tree”, which samples The Go! Team’s “Bust Out Brigade”. “Make Like A Tree” has epic-sounding instrumentals with the dope horns/drum mix, the rapping is dope from e-dubble and iSH and the vocals are awesome too.

For all of e-dubble’s music, check out his soundcloud page.

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